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Avill has 7 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in School Nursing, Home Health.

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  1. Avill

    Tired of School nursing?

    I agree with all you have said. I’m in a slightly different boat because my husband finishes his degree up in June, so I can officially leave the school system shortly after that. im basically sticking it out unless I can get a remote job...
  2. Avill

    My Home Health Patient Died

    Thank you JLK. I did, I feel good about the care I gave him. That’s for sure. thank you for replying to my post. ❤️
  3. I’ve always been one that deals with moments of shock/sadness last. As in I almost get numb in a way, and then it catches up to me. Well, I had a home health patient pass away about 2 weeks ago. I had seen him on an off for about 3-4 years ...
  4. Avill

    Tired of School nursing?

    Just want to clarify and say I was never board during nursing school , this was referring to my job as a school nurse z Im also very saddened to hear about your situation and I hope you get your kiddos back. Abuse (no matter what form ) i...
  5. Avill

    Tired of School nursing?

    Thank you for all that replied! To answer the first question - no there isn’t a way to advance in this role. Also , just so you guys know , I’m finishing up the school year and then going part-time for a bit. My kids are small and...
  6. Avill

    Work From Home

    How did you get your foot in the door for utilization review? Is it boring?
  7. Avill

    Tired of School nursing?

    Point proven about being more mature in your career LOL!! I am taking a break from full-time work come next August (husband will be done with school and start working full-time) but an opportunity has come up where I could be doing something el...
  8. Avill

    Tired of School nursing?

    Hello all, Hope your school year is going great! I'm kind of starting to hit a point in my career where I'm kind of bored/not satisfied with my career/where I'm at. I've only worked as a school nurse since I've worked as a nurse (minus 6 ...
  9. Oh don't mind him, its a new nurse. We told him next time he said the "Q" word he would have to take the charge nurse around the unit.
  10. All I did was tell him the new Covid-19 guidelines
  11. “Hey since you finished nursing school I have a few medical questions for you “
  12. Avill

    Insecurities new Job ?

    Hi ! Thank you for replying ! The interview process is pretty tedious so I’m sure I won’t get it if I can’t do the job (has several practice exercises to do ect ect ) It’s also not a clinical job just so you know. I ended up rereadi...
  13. Avill

    Insecurities new Job ?

    So I’m interviewing for a this job that I feel I’m qualified for and think my passion and motivation can help me fill in the gaps on things I don’t know - or push me to learn. I’m in the second stage in the interview and I’m feeling like I’m not...
  14. Avill

    PTSD from COVID Deaths - Help getting back

    Hi OP, This is so sad to read, I am so so sorry for all the trauma you’ve endured but so very thankful you were there working those floors. I haven’t experienced anything like this so I can’t say I understand, but I can say you’re not alone...
  15. Avill

    I Don’t Want To Be A Nurse

    I see what you mean TheRN, but if it’s making you feel this way maybe you should just leave. I don’t think anything is worth you feeling so down , you know what I mean ?