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Avill has 4 years experience as a BSN and specializes in School Nursing, Home Health.

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  1. Avill

    FMLA/Maternity Summer? Question!

    Thank you so much for making yourself available. I want to take as much time off as we can afford with this baby. Last pregnancy most of the time I took off was not paid, this time I have more sick days and I think I'm gong to apply for long term disability which will cover about 60% of my pay according to HR. I will definitely reach out if I need to. Thank you! Congrats on your little one by the way
  2. Avill

    "huge puddle of blood!"....oh boy

    I had a teacher send me a kid because he had gum on his shoe.... So every year I send out a list with reasons to send a student to the nurse.
  3. Avill

    FMLA/Maternity Summer? Question!

    Hi guys! Just wanted to let you all know I recently had a positive pregnancy test. So if all goes well we will be having a summer baby!
  4. Oh my goodness Dimple58! So it was a complete accident? Wow HazelLPN, wow, kuddos to that nurse!
  5. Avill

    Is my (50K) BSN worthless?

    Ugh, I can't imagine what you may be feeling. To answer your question, no , it is not nursing. Personally I do think that there are some people who aren't cut out to be a bed side nurse, me being one of them. It was just too fast paced for me. The lovely thing about nursing is that you can do something else with your BSN. Chin up buttercup. It wasn't a worthless degree!
  6. Avill

    Feeling burnt out already

    Hi! Just know that it takes time to gain confidence in any area of nursing. The lovely lovely part of nursing is that you can do SO many things. If floor nursing isn't your cup of tea, do something else. Take a look under "specialties" on this website to get an idea of different nursing fields if you need them! Personally, I never liked floor nursing, too fast paced, I love home health though! You can do it! You made it through nursing school! Remember that.
  7. Avill

    BAD first day at assisted living as a new nurse

    Hey! You did fine! Sometimes the way we learn is by getting thrown in. Personally I don't think it was too bad on her behalf just because she was in the building (right?) and because you luckily had another nurse to bounce your ideas/assessment on. My first job was also at a nursing home and the RNs and LVNs were great. They always answered my questions and I learned a lot. They never made me feel bad or dumb. So don't be so hard on yourself. You did great. And at a nursing home you'll get to know the residents in no time PM me if you need to k?! Best of luck!
  8. Oh my goodness! Are you okay? And geesh, I understand that these things are scary but if somebody is asking you to just turn somebody over, do it! Hey guys, did you guys see about the little boy in California who just passed away because he sustained a brain injury during a fight? That could have been the kid here! But luckily it wasn't and it was just a concussion. Still, kids don't realize death can seriously happen after a fight...
  9. Avill

    Sped Diabetic Student Requesting Escort

    This is so hard because we aren't hired to be babysitters... I had a diabetic who kept skipping school before getting her insulin. One time she was in the 400's and at home alone. Mom asked how she left school. I just replied "ma'am, we have 1.400 students, 3 principles, 3 security guards and 1 nurse. We can't keep an eye on one student in particular". I firmly believe we can't force the kids to do anything. You can only educate the best you can (and document). So you are basically giving them a platter with options, yet, you can't force them to take anything. As far as an escort, for my kids we saw they require an escort if they aren't feeling well.
  10. I looked for it but didn't find it?
  11. Avill

    Mon-Fri Rn Jobs no weekends or holidays

    School nursing, department of health jobs (contraceptive nurse ect), Home health nursing is flexible but you have to take call at times. You will get a pay cut in almost any of them but worth it! I'm a school nurse and do home health on a PRN basis.
  12. Thank you, that means a lot! I'm better today after talking to an EMT who re-assured there was nothing else I could do.
  13. Why?! Because he was an athlete?
  14. Avill

    Increase in bad student behavior.

    Same same same! No fear or respect for authority! They don't get expelled!
  15. Avill

    Making the switch from Elementary to High School?

    I've loved it the last 4 years, but not I am starting to wondering if I should go to the elementary school just because of the increasing violence at my school. Gangs ect. I guess it depends on your area and how it is. I love HS nursing because you can talk to them like adults, joke with them, be sarcastic, call them out when they lie (lol). No more screenings for every grade, just the SPED kiddos. So yeah, it definitely has a bright side.
  16. Avill


    It is so bad here. I've called the ambulance once because a kid was basically in a drug induced psychosis. Had another one who had a seizure because of it. They are using the vape pens for concentrated THC, there's been talk about it being mixed with heroin too.