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Avill has 6 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in School Nursing, Home Health.

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  1. Thank you for replying. I will contact APS to see if they have any ideas. I just needed to be directed somewhere. And the state is Texas. I will be making a formal complaint against her license. I'm not sure if this is a violation but it ...
  2. This is probably a shot in the dark, but thought I'd give it a shot anyway. My father in law was transfered into a nursing home with the assumption that he would be receiving rehab there. We were told today that it only covers one day, and the ...
  3. Hello! Just wanted some insight on full time HH nurses. I have worked PRN for YEARS, but I have been thinking of doing full time in order to have a more flexible schedule. My main thing is that I'm wondering if It's doable to have 3 heavy ...
  4. Avill

    I'm tired!

    True. Thank you!! Yesterday I called a parent to come pick up their child due to exposure and they said "mmhmm okay because ya'll messed up and got her exposed", I just said goodbye and hung up. LOL Mostly bc it wasn't my school haha. You are c...
  5. Avill

    I'm tired!

    Are you guys feeling as burnt out as I am? I wasn't planning on leaving school nursing, but now I am second guessing myself. It's been such a tough week. We've had a few cases at my school and had to quarantine over 200 students in total. I'm t...
  6. Avill

    Staying or Going?

    Staying. But next school year will hopefully be my last bc my husband will be finishing school and working fulltime as a teacher 22/23 school year and I will be home with my kids more. They gave us all a bonus around Christmas. Honestly, ...
  7. 'Should a nurse be allowed to refuse to give vaccinations? Why?' No they should not. Our jobs as nurses is to respect every individual patients desires, regardless if we agree or not. For example, if I have a 96 year old patient with lung...
  8. “All I did was ask her to tell me what the MOST correct answer was”
  9. Hi guys, So I have a student who has seizures....pulse almost always stays usually within 70-85 BPM... oxygenation has never dropped bellow 94%.... thoughts?! I just want to know what others think without knowing the student but onl...
  10. Avill

    Coronavirus and Schools

    1) Personal thoughts is the same as most nurses - Influenza is more of a concern right now and overall, we prevent infection from most sicknesses the same way. Don't touch your mouth, wash your hands ect. 2) We don't have a plan yet but ...
  11. Hi guys! So i've been assigned a nursing student in a few weeks to come shadow ect. I figured I could have them do my vision/hearing screenings and also asses students as they come in. Any ideas what else I can have them do? There are days ...
  12. Just had the worst one I've had since I've been here. Kids got into a fight, hit cement, kept hitting him while on the ground... Pinpoint pupils, in and out of consciousness, bleeding... so a head injury. Got flown to a different hospital. ...
  13. Avill

    FMLA/Maternity Summer? Question!

    You guys are awesome! I was thinking about this all wrong. You are correct. We are an annual employees, duh me! Thank you! Yes we are hoping for a summer baby 🙂
  14. Avill

    FMLA/Maternity Summer? Question!

    Just randomly thinking, what if somebody gives birth a month before school starts but still wants to go on maternity leave or FMLA? Does it still count even if you don't give birth during the actual school year. Have any of you done this? ...
  15. Guys! I ended up not going for an interview because of that question you presented and because I wouldn't be able to do on-call . I have an interview with an agency in town tomorrow, they pay per visit for a full time nurse which Im curious on ...
  16. Avill

    Those students that really get to you

    All it takes sometimes is for just ONE person to know, and for ONE person to be there. Thank you for being there!