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  1. Not just catheters. I've grabbed two of many things on the fear that if I didn't I'd screw up the first one. The extras can always go back in stock, though I admit to getting home and finding extra quickcaths, red tops, and the like in my pockets.
  2. aprilmoss

    Tell me about your sub coverage

    We have one supervisor RN who is the first pick to sub in at a school (she can supervise over phone / email from just about anywhere). After that, madame supervisor needs to get creative. We do have a couple of retired nurses that she brings in like substitute teachers (and I think at an equivalent per diem pay).
  3. aprilmoss

    What the hot fudge is going on here?!?!?

    Yeah, I've heard of "chicken pox parties" to intentionally expose kids to other sick kids. They've obviously not found out that chicken pox is not a one-time thing. It can recur both in the form of chicken pox or as shingles if you ever had been exposed to it.
  4. aprilmoss

    Medical tent for school carnival

    Take my normal first aid go bag and may be cooler with some bottled water. Anything more serious than that, we can go back to the office.
  5. aprilmoss

    Interview with athletic director

    Iiiiinteresting. Well - a non-nurse cannot tell a nurse how to practice. At least we assume this person is CPR and first-aid trained, so that's a plus! Nobody said anybody was telling any nurse how to practice. If you think you'll never be INTERVIEWED by non-clinical staff, you're going to be in for a lot of surprise in many nursing environments not just schools. Further in many districts (and in my own for a long time), we reported to a non-clinical person. You're not going to find an RN or MD at the top of a school district. I reported to a guy with an education doctorate. I was interviewed by her and I've also interviewed with every building administration (usually the principal, but a couple of times an AP) as I did transfers over the years.
  6. aprilmoss

    Interview with athletic director

    Treat it the same as any interview before a non-clinical employee. Do not assume the AD is some inferior manager. In many schools, he's #2 only to the principal.
  7. aprilmoss

    Failed Capstone clincial....

    I had a hell of a time doing venipunctures at first. I'd have hated to fail the clinical because of that. My instructor had me do some interesting practice sticks before I went back on real patients again and it helped a lot. A good instructor can get a willing student through a lot.
  8. aprilmoss

    Anti-vax parents sue to keep kids in school

    DENIED! https://thehill.com/policy/healthcare/433987-new-york-judge-denies-request-to-allow-unvaccinated-students-to-return-to
  9. aprilmoss

    Medical documentation system not HIPPA compliant

    The poster was in an "independent private school" per their admission. They're likely not subject to FERPA either.
  10. aprilmoss

    Must Have Supplies

    In addition to what I would honestly call medical supplies (bandaids, etc), I go through a lot of regular paper towels (like Bounty, not the brown stuff the school provides), kleenex, eyeglass repair kit, and some safety pins (why it is my responsibility to deal with ripped pants, etc.. I do not know. I should send them to Home Ec (sorry, consumer science now). Oh yes, and I just use plastic "solo" cups (but a smaller size than the typical foodservice size.
  11. aprilmoss

    Medical documentation system not HIPPA compliant

    FERPA only applies to schools that receive public funding (public and charter schools). Completely private ones are not subject to the law. HIPAA only applies to entities that use electronic processing of insurance claims. Most schools are not subject to HIPAA. I would however be concerned about unfettered access to medical records. If a Principal or Registrar can get at it, then probably just about any staff probably can.
  12. aprilmoss

    please reassure me...

    It's times like this I wish I still had kept a rectal thermometer (or the red probe form my old W-A electronic)
  13. aprilmoss

    HIB vaccine, 3 or 4 doses?

    HIB vaccines come in both three and four dose varieties. Normal times are 2, 4, and 6 months and then a booster at 12-15. So if it's the 6 month shot they're missing, it may be that it was the vaccine that doesn't require it. I'd be real leary if the booster was missing.
  14. aprilmoss

    Pure curiosity :)

    We have a deal with the local community college to recert our ACLS. It's kind of pointless since I can't really do anything at that level beyond CPR and trotting out the AED. Anything at that level is going to be a 911 call anyhow.
  15. aprilmoss

    School Title

    I'll answer to Mrs. Moss (sometimes Miss Moss) or Nurse. First name for some of the staff, but not the students. I know some nurses in our district with more difficult last names that go by Nurse or Miss followed by their first name.