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aprilmoss has 20 years experience and specializes in School Nurse.

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  1. aprilmoss

    Do you think schools will resume this year?

    They haven't officially called ours yet. We're slated to go back in April, but I tend to doubt it. The district is already working on "Continuity of Learning" plans with the assumption that we won't be back in the buildings.
  2. aprilmoss

    Which Thermometer do You Use & Why?

    I used to keep an old mercury rectal in the cabinet just for jollies. Never used it. I switched from the W-A oral (though it did also have the red probe, again never used) to a tympanic a few years ago and never went back. I always was tempted to threaten the rectal reading on some of the frequent flyers.
  3. aprilmoss

    School nurse roll in IEP + 504

    504 comes from Section 504 of the rehabilitation act that says schools can't deny services to students because they are disabled. If a student has an impairment (mental or physical) that substantially reduces their ability to learn in the educational setting. An IEP Is a requirement of students who are qualified for special education settings. You can have a student covered by both, but usually if a student is receiving special ed services, they just integrate all the stuff that would have been done in the IEP.
  4. aprilmoss

    Another lice topic :)

    If it's not rowed, use the comb-out method.
  5. aprilmoss

    Vaccine Exemption letters...

    The usual argument is vaccines that use the WI-38 or MRC-5 cell lines which came from aborted fetal tissue. The Catholic church has official guidance on the six vaccines that were prepared using this line and indicates adherents have a duty to use vaccines from other sources. In the case that an alternate vaccine is not available, the church recommends fighting for the development of an alternative but draws the line short of demanding not getting vaccinated, suggesting that given two evils, the affected vaccine is the lesser. The problematic vaccines are specifically the varicella (chicken pox) and rubella, for which there are no alternatives currently available. You have to work harder on the others because the affected rubella (and even varicella) components appear in many of the popular combination shots. Still, certainly far from an outright prohibition.
  6. aprilmoss

    Students injected with wrong item

    Wasn't a school nurse but some workers they brought in for the screening, but someone failed to read the vials and injected insulin rather than TB derivative https://www.cnn.com/2019/09/30/health/16-students-accident-indiana/index.html Fortunately, the kids are OK, but this is basic stuff people!
  7. aprilmoss

    Head lice

    I think that's a Freudian slip. Did you mean hearsay?
  8. aprilmoss

    Head lice

    Why? Read this: https://www.cdc.gov/parasites/lice/head/schools.html
  9. aprilmoss

    Narcan- Do you stock it?

    NARCAN (at least the ones I've seen) come in preload syringes like our diabetic glucagon or like epi used to before the epipens came along.
  10. aprilmoss

    I guess we're all back now

    Welcome to the fold, Trini. Yes, it's confusing and hectic when you get started but it will eventually just become hectic At least you have the guidance of an experienced colleague.
  11. aprilmoss

    Narcan- Do you stock it?

    EMS carries it on the ambulances here. They've got a pretty fast response, so we don't carry it in the clinic. An narcotic od is a 911 call anyhow (and you better get them somewhere else because NARCAN is shorter-lived (60 mins or so) than most of the things you'd administer it for. There's other patient support needed as well. NARCAN doesn't eliminate the opioid, it just preferentially bonds to the receptors that the drug does.
  12. aprilmoss

    Self Carriers

    Yep, signed by doctor and parent. Not really any different than the regular (in my office) med authorizations but on a different form. I fought hard years ago to allow my son to carry his glucometer/insulin/glucose pills with him. We had just broken the "inhaler" ice for self carry at the time.
  13. aprilmoss

    Clothing Storage

    Chortle... you mentioned this before Betty. Did they do it? I always get a chuckle of students running around with their butts hanging out of hospital gowns. That would certainly convince them to dress appropriately in the future.
  14. aprilmoss

    New School Nurse - Advice Please :)

    I got a whole bunch of "gladware" or the like plastic bins. I put the kids names on them and stack them up in a cabinet in my office. These are big enough to hold multiple med bottles, inhalers, diabetic supplies etc...
  15. aprilmoss

    Lpn or rn

    Are we talking about ending up in a school nursing situation or did you file this in the wrong thread? As for school nursing, our district employs both RNs and LPNs, but the RNs do most of the real clinical stuff. The LPNs are used to fill in jobs they want to delegate or for areas outside the general student wellness role.
  16. aprilmoss


    I've got a Canon MFC8500 printer and scanner in my office. I like it as it prints color and will print and scan on both sides of the paper automatically.

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