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How are you darkening your room to sleep during the day? :sleep: I found some blackout drapes at but it'll be around $155 for the drapes and valance. :eek: I'll spend it, but i'd rather find a better deal! :rotfl: I put curtains up in my room, and they are WOEFULLY inadequate. Short of painting my window black (just kiddin! :chuckle ) any suggestions??



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Tacky, but it works - tinfoil? Black construction paper. Dark colored sheets thrown over the curtains. I don't darken my room too much, it throws me off and I wake up confused! I just have "light blocking" mini blinds with curtains over them. You can also get black out pull down shades. They may be less expensive than the drapes.

I am so used to working night shift that I don't darken my room. I am often tired enough to fall asleep without the light bothering me.


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I used two old bedsheets and tucked them over my blinds. :)

I am so used to working night shift that I don't darken my room. I am often tired enough to fall asleep without the light bothering me.


:roll I hear that....

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Oversized comforter over the window. Not very fashionable, but works well.

Otherwise you can get a nice sleep mask at Target for about 2.99.

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Room-darkening shades are a lot cheaper than drapes.

Another option--get your hands on discarded appliance boxes or other large pieces of corrugated cardboard. Press the cardboard up against the window frame. The outline should leave an impression. Cut out the shape and push inside the window frame. Cheap. Easy. Effective. Removable when someone will see the bedroom. And simple to replace. The only downside I can think of is that the outside might show. If that matters, cover the back with paint, fabric or contact paper.

A mask is probably the most efficient solution but I could never sleep with anything covering my face like that.

Good luck,



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I got some wooden (basswood perhaps?) blinds from Home Depot. they look nice and do a pretty good job of darkening too. they were not cheap but for the looks and effectiveness are well worth the investment.


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I use some black blinds. They work great.

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I use a room darkening shade.

I also occasionally use ear plugs. I find the noise more of a problem then light.

Good Luck

Mary Ann


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I wear an eyemask. Cheap, comfy and DARK!. I also have dark drapes in my room which helps when I wake up to use the bathroom or to get a drink. Thus, no blinding white light.

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...I use one of my husband's dark tee-shirts. I drape some gently over just my eyes and forehead so it is not like a mask. The cat finally got used to me "hiding" under the shirt. AND if anyone breaks in, hopefully it will scare 'em away :)

I just use a dark sheet over the window now, but used to use aluminum foil and it worked great was pitch black in my room except my glow in the dark stars (man I miss those!). :imbar

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