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nursemary9 is a BSN, RN and specializes in Psych, Med/Surg, Home Health, Oncology.

RN for 43 yrs

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  1. nursemary9

    Blood Transfusion and Infusion Pump use

    I work Hem/Onc We use IVAC's for blood; we do not use on platelets. We VERY seldom use gravity for anything. We don't run any fluids without a pump. That's the policy here.
  2. nursemary9

    Should we chart in 24-hour time?

    Hi At our Hospital, we have used the 24-hour clock for about 20+ yrs. We use Kg for wt. and C. for Temp. cm fot ht.
  3. nursemary9

    A Nurse to the End

    Thank you for posting this. I remember reading this when it happened. He was a true HERO!!
  4. nursemary9

    Night Shift...

    Hi I worked 2300- 0730 for 35 years!! I LOVE NIGHT SHIFT!! Right now, I am on restricted duty and I'm working 0900-1730. I HATE IT!! Oh well--nothing I can do about it. Wish I could do this at nite, tho!!
  5. nursemary9

    Do Nurses have to do the following??

    I hate to admit it, but, yes, I've seen those types of nurses, too. In fact when I had my hip replacements, I had a few of them!! In all my 43 years at the bedside, I've always tried to do my best for patients!! Please remember, as someone else...
  6. nursemary9

    My Needlestick, I'm crazy!

    I think, even tho it's late, that you should report it. ALL NEEDLESTICKS SHOULD ALWAYS BE REPORTED!!! You and the patient should be tested, even tho the pt. has no history or risks. It would definitely help you relax. I know this can be a very...
  7. nursemary9

    Why did his nurses do this?

    I am so sorry for your loss. I have been a Nurse for almost 45 years--for the last 35 years I have worked the adult oncology floor. This is just what we do; I still have a little cry each time I lose any patient. The thing is, I think that's why...
  8. nursemary9

    Day shift vs Night shift...the battle continues???

    I worked Night Shift for over 30 years. I can't speak for your co-workers, but we work incredibly hard on my unit at night. I work Hem/Onc/Renal. We let people sleep as much as possible; however, we also do plenty of the AM Cares to help the day s...
  9. nursemary9

    Can't get a job in chicago

    Hi I work in a Teaching Hospital on the Northside. They are hiring right now--we are hoping to open a couple of new units. Right now, they would prefer experience for those floors. However, we also have a WONDERFUL orientation for new grads---the Ver...
  10. nursemary9

    My First Nursing Instructor

    Angio, You're article was wonderful; so touching!! The lesson you learning that day is the absolute essence of nursing!!! Now, if only all of us could learn this lesson!! So many people forget that we communicate in many ways, not just by speaking!!
  11. nursemary9

    Burned out?? ALREADY??

    Hi As you can see, I'm quite a bit older then most of you. For a few years I worked as a Manager--in Psych. Because of LOTS of politics, I resigned that position. I had REALLY changed for the worse by the time I left there---My husband was even read...
  12. nursemary9

    Culture of Violence

    EXCELLENT ARTICLE!! I really did enjoy your article--Very well done. You have my admiration, working in that part of the world.
  13. nursemary9

    Half brained management

    Hi When we had the state come in last year, we had to do the exact same thing@!!! Kind of stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MANAGEMENT!!
  14. nursemary9

    What about my pain!?

    Sorry Hon, These days it's all about patient satisfaction. There is NO excuse for a pt. being kept waiting that long for a pain med---CODE or NO CODE!! Are you saying that 100% of your staff was involved in the code situation???????????? When we have...
  15. nursemary9


    Well, I work in a large, Chicago teaching Hospital. We do self-scheduling. Our guidelines: We work everyother weekend; We have every other Holiday off We need a certain number of nurses per shift and 2 CNA's per shift, plus a Clerk. If we don't sch...