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Roy Fokker is a BSN, RN and specializes in ER/Trauma.

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  1. JayHanig: "I don't understand what your reticence was about telling her you had major GI symptoms. " Its the principle of the thing - why have sick days if you can't use them? I also don't think it would've mattered - I worked there for 2 years and...
  2. As opposed to my old job: when I called out sick, sitting on my toilet because I couldn't get OFF of it (nasty GI bug - doing good both ends) - I was berated for calling out "on a weekend", demands asked as to "why/what reason" I was calling out for ...
  3. Karen!!! How ARE you?? ? ?
  4. Roy Fokker

    New grad nurse in Emergency Department

    1. THINK FIRST. ACT SECOND!! I can't stress this enough! Never forget - it is not about you, it is about the patient! 2. If you are in doubt about ANYTHING - meds, procedure, patient condition, whatever - ask another nurse or talk to the Doc! If you...
  5. Charger? My gaming computer decided to die on me. Right before Christmas... Best of luck to us finding our electronic needs! ?
  6. Possum Mom!!! ? Each time I drive up to see my cousins, I pass by Opossum Lane. And each time I see it, I'm reminded of you! And each time I'm reminded of you, I forget to stop and take a picture! ☹️ Hope you're doing well!!
  7. Any "downtime" outside of work is "ok time" in this ER nurse's book!! How are you doing Ms. "traumaRUs"? Still in the B/N area? It has been a while...
  8. That sounds absolutely lovely Ruby Vee! Glad you had a great time! ?
  9. Are we allowed to post pictures? HIPAA compliant ofcourse?
  10. Patient brought in by BLS. 0830 am. Sunday. Beautiful weather outside. Chief complaint? Vaginal discharge. Times 10 days. Before triaging patient to the waiting room, made the mistake of asking "why" she waited 10 days to be seen.... "Well, I would'v...
  11. Roy Fokker

    Mandated Nurse-Patient Ratios

    BINGO! Managers get a "bonus" for staying under budget. I know this because my best friend was a department director for years. (funny, all the hospitals I've worked for are non-profits. Somehow, the STAFF never got bonuses. You know, the same staff ...
  12. Roy Fokker

    Mandated Nurse-Patient Ratios

    I do this ALL the time. Admin wants "informed" patients, well that is exactly what they're going to get!
  13. It used to annoy me as a new ED nurse (And I transitioned from Med-Surg to the ED!!!) Now it doesn't bother me as much. I say "Sorry, I don't know" and leave it at that. I do get annoyed when a NURSE or Radiology Tech etc. would call me (about an ADM...
  14. Roy Fokker

    Verbal order-Denied by resident

    I got burned over a verbal order for 2 mg Morphine IVP on a stable patient. Since I was dealing with a new arrival, I asked a colleague to administer the 2mg Morphine. Nurse gives the meds and goes to sign it off in the chart. Doc, who was standing t...
  15. Roy Fokker

    Why use compression bags when transfusing blood?

    Did not known that! Awesome!