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Super_RN has 12 years experience as a BSN, RN.

I have been a RN for 12 years and am in graduate school for my FNP. Cannot wait!!!

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  1. Super_RN

    NR 503 Chamberlain College of Nursing

    Hi, It really wasn't a bad class. Definitely a lot less stats than I expected, which was a great surprise!
  2. Super_RN

    FNP March 2014

    Hi everyone! I have applied to start in July as well! I'm excited to get started and get done i may be the odd ball since I don't live in Florida
  3. Super_RN

    wearing makeup to work?

    I wear a concealer under my eyes, and on whatever surprises the Zit Fairy left me. Physician's Formula loose powder is about the only one that doesn't make my skin worse, a bit of eye shadow, and mascara. That's it. I'm pretty simple. My old standby for the last 10 years is plain ol' fashioned Carmex! I LOVE it!! FWIW, I dont' wear make up every day, but I always wear it to work. If I'm home, my hair is in a pony tail, I'm in sweats, and *SHOCK* I DO go out in public like that, LOL!
  4. Super_RN

    Nurse with Body Odor

    I've really only had this happen once, when a nurse I worked with always cames in reeking of garlic. When I say always, I mean every single time he came to work, which was 5 nights/week. It was SO strong, there was no mistaking it. One night I couldn't take it anymore and just straight up asked him why he smelled like garlic. Turns out he was taking garlic "supplements". He stopped taking them--he said he didn't realize he smelled that way, and thanked me. Whew! Granted, the approach I took may not work in every situation, but when it got to the point that our patients were noticing, I had to ask. On the flip side: If I were a patient and my nurse smelled...not good...I don't think I would want them taking care of me. Why? Because the thought runs through my head "if they can't take care of themself, how can they take care of me?" I'm sure I'll flamed for that, but it is my opinion.
  5. Super_RN

    Indiana Wesleyan for MSN?

  6. Super_RN

    Indiana Wesleyan for MSN?

    Hi all! I received my BSN from IWU's online program in 2006 and a looking to expand to my MSN in nursing education. I've been recently researching other universities, but am still feeling pulled towards IWU. One thing I LOVE is the books are included in the cost of tuition and they deliver everything to your door before classes start. Has anyone else obtained their MSN from IWU? If so, can you share the good & bad? Thanks!
  7. Super_RN

    Graduate program recommendation letters

    I obtained my ASN from a community college 7 1/2 years ago--my BSN was online through Indiana Wesleyan :) So I wonder how that would work since I am applying for my MSN through Indiana Wesleyan. Thanks for all the advice!
  8. Super_RN

    Graduate program recommendation letters

    Thanks :)
  9. Super_RN

    Graduate program recommendation letters

  10. Super_RN

    What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    I could peruse this thread for hours! My husband and I used to watch Ghost Hunters, but it seems like they've become ridiculous..we've been hooked on Ghost Adventures for a while now! LOVE them!! Speaking of, has anyone seen Ghost Lab?! Those guys are so dumb, it cracks me up! I can't stand to watch them because they just plain irritate me with, "Let's get back to the lab!" anytime they may remotely hear something, LOL!
  11. I'm applying to graduate school for my MSN geared toward education. I have to provide 3 recommendation letters--one from a former instructor, one from a pastor or someone I've worked with in the last year who can attest to my character, and a direct supervisor. I'm driving myself bonkers trying to think of a former instructor to ask--I've been out of school 7 1/2 years and I'm pretty sure none of my ADN instructors remember me. When I obtained my BSN, I did it online and never had the same instructor twice. So they would really have no clue who I am! Has anyone else ever encountered this, and if so, what did you do? Thanks in advance!
  12. Super_RN

    Average Cost of Insurance

    Oh! Our co-pays are $25 for the doctor, but it is the same for both PCP and specialists, which is nice since my husband and I both see specialists.
  13. Super_RN

    Urine test

    I'm not sure about worrying. You'll be fine on the drug screen, nicotine will show up if they test for it, but I don't know your employer's policy. Like I said, mine charges more for insurance for smokers, and have recently announced they are not hiring smokers anymore. BUT, that doesn't mean your employer does the same :)
  14. Super_RN

    Urine test

    It will not make your drug screen positive--nicotine is not a controlled substance. It will show up, however, if they are testing for nicotine.
  15. Super_RN

    Urine test

    They did test mine with my drug screen through urine! Then the once per year testing is done with the swab in cheek.
  16. Super_RN

    Average Cost of Insurance

    I pay $280 per month for family coverage with a $3000 family deductible. However, anything we have done at the hospital where I work is covered 100%, no deductible needs to be met. Including labs, xrays, ER visit, surgery--it's all covered. We might have to pay a radiologist fee or pathology fee if it's sent out, but that's it. Very nice. Once our deductible is met, everything is covered 100% everywhere else--not just our hospital.