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  1. I live in Southwestern Michigan. I saw an ad for Kalamazoo/Grand Rapids area doctor, named Scot Free, M.D.
  2. psalm

    Rome State School?

    This is very interesting. I thought it was always a school for mentally retarded, then for the deaf, and now a prison. Was there a behavioral unit also; is that why you were there? I always wondered about meal times, because my brothers ate so fast when we visited them or they came home for vacation...and had some interesting things to say about the attendants.
  3. psalm

    Rome State School?

    Thank you for your post. Would you be able to tell us why you were there as a patient, and what you are doing now? My brothers were mentally retarded and there from 1958-1972; then they were relocated to O.D. Heck.
  4. psalm

    So I Wore my Cap Today

    LOL! good for you! I used to like to wear a white scrub dress and white hose now and then to shake things up.
  5. psalm

    Why not admit this patient?

    ...when their living in filth spreads to the rest of the neighborhood, even minutely, how will you feel? It *is* an awful feeling "turning them in" but in most states you are able to do it anonymously. Or if you must give your name, the agency can still refuse to give your name as the person who reported. I have done it and am glad I did.
  6. psalm

    Rome State School?

    ...if you read this whole thread, you will see I initited it. Look back to what is posted; there are the addresses, and phone #s of a couple of leads. The daily newspaper may be a good idea to check but there can be $$ charges for it, maybe not. (Some authors use libraries and are charged for the research & copies of articles the librarian supplies). It's not lack of interest, I think it's just because most questions have already been answered in the thread. Let us know how it goes.
  7. psalm

    men in printed scrubs

    When I was in nursing school in 2000 I met some very masculine male nurses who wore Batman printed tops or Nascar that they had made for them. It was well received by the patients on oncology. The Pooh print cited above for a man? Why not a solid red with Pooh on a sleeve or pocket to fit in with with any theme an office or floor has?
  8. Not blaming them...but documenting who did what, who helped with what.
  9. When I was orienting on a new job, I got the impression that no matter what I did wasn't enough. One day I asked my preceptor, after she complained about something I didn't do HER way; "Is there *anything* that I do correctly?" It stopped her cold...I asked her politely, but then said..."because I seem to never get any positive feedback. I'm open to pointers to save time, but I am still learning how to assess and balance my patients." That helped a bit.
  10. psalm

    VENT - Sickle Cell Crisis patients

    I feel for my SCC patients, because the pain is real. Some self-medicate and then come in with what they call a crisis but all the tests are wnl...so the docs have to decide if the pain (which is real) is from something else...psychological, etc. But yeah, some of the behaviors of sickle cell patients can be very trying. I try to remember my ordeal with endo to have compassion for them. My horrible back pain and cramping and aches left. I was on danocrine for 9 months before my surgery and the danocrine helped about 3-4 months but the side effects were awful. Still, it may help you with less s/e than I had. PM me if you want...don't want to hijack the thread.
  11. psalm

    VENT - Sickle Cell Crisis patients

    Cherrybreeze, I sometimes feel like I should have a tee-shirt that says "I Survived Endometriosis". From the time I was 14 til my hysterectomy at 31, my "cramps" and subsequent pain every day of the month were debilitating.
  12. psalm

    No one told me....

    I wear the support knee highs at work and then the athletic arch support socks at home and to bed. Otherwise, my feet ache. I do excercises for plantar facsiitis. Elevate your feet at home when possible.
  13. psalm

    Scared to go back to work

    Hugs & prayers for you as you return to work. It was hard to go back to my med/onc floor after being with my brother in ICU when he passed.
  14. psalm

    Why scrubs?

    I used to wear scrub dresses with a tie belt that was mandatory unless pregnant. Had to wear hose and slip. i would much rather wear scrub tops and pants. More modest and comfortable with all the contorting positions I find myself in on a busy floor. Scrubs with a bit of stretch are great! And pockets. (and no more pantyhose). I would wash mine and put in dryer for about 5-7 min. and then hang dry to keep them looking new.
  15. psalm

    Dealing with an uncooperative patient?

    I hate to give IVP nausea meds when my patients insist on eating greasy fast food their fam/friends bring in. I suggest they "work with" their bodies by eating nonoffending foods to rest their tummies.
  16. Check with your state Board of Nursing.