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  1. 2bnurseforce1

    Will I be shunned?

    First congrats on getting accepted. If study groups work for you great, if not then study alone. No one is going to look down on you for that. Everyone learns differently. Study groups can be great, but it can also be a waist of time just as someone on here already said it seems to be more of social hour. I say when you start you will figure out what works best for you.
  2. 2bnurseforce1

    I just failed nursing school

    You still have a chance, don't give up on your dream.
  3. 2bnurseforce1

    Grades are In, I'm officially a second year Nursing Student

    Congrats :yelclap:. I have 4 months left. I finish in October and graduate in December. Just think of this as the last stretch.
  4. 2bnurseforce1

    Help with Dosage Calculations

    I have no idea if I am working it right. I normally would use dimensional anaylsis but with this problem i am just not really sure. I found that some of the IV calculations that I have been doing don't really work well with a formula.
  5. 2bnurseforce1

    Help with Dosage Calculations

    So far I converted 200mg to 200mcg and got 200000 mcg. Then i did 200000mcg times 9ml/hr / 250ml x 60min x 100kg= 1800000/ 1500000= 1.2
  6. 2bnurseforce1

    Help with Dosage Calculations

    Hellllppppp. Hi everyone I really need help with this dosage calculation. I have been trying to work this problem and don't know where to begin. My calculations test is tomorrow. Please help. A 100 kg patient is receiving Dopamine @ 9ml/hr. The Dopamine that is hanging is 200 mg in 250 ml. What dose of Dopamine (mcg/kg-min) is the patient receiving? This was a practice question that my instructor gave us, but she didn't give an answer, so I don't know if I am working the problem right or not.
  7. 2bnurseforce1

    Personality Test for Specialty

    Never thought of any of these 1 occupational med 46 2 med oncology 46 3 radiation oncology 46 4 allergy & immunology 45 5 hematology 45 6 ophthalmology 45 7 preventive med 45 8 physical med & rehabilitation 44 9 endocrinology 44 10 rheumatology 44
  8. 2bnurseforce1

    How do you stay sexy in nursing school

    Yeah I know what you mean, I'm from South Carolina.
  9. 2bnurseforce1

    not looking "put together"

    I started a thread very similar to this a few weeks ago, I just wanted to know how women continue to feel feminine while working as a nurse, whether it's having your eyebrows waxed, or just wearing matching underwear and bra sets. The comments on my thread got pretty heated, and mean and some had to be deleted. So in short I say whatever makes you feel put together is what you go for. Everyone is not going to feel the same as you about this topic. I don't think looking fresh and clean takes away from your professionalism. So just do what makes you happy.
  10. 2bnurseforce1

    not looking "put together"

    I think I know where you are going with this, I think its just a person's personal preference.
  11. 2bnurseforce1

    TCC Portsmouth students, uniforms?

    Hi Congrats on starting in March, they just recently changed the uniforms, so your cohort will be getting newer better looking uniforms, but I have heard they are a lot more expensive. When you go to orientation they will give you information about how to order your uniform since its done through a company the school uses. My cohort is stuck with the old uniforms. Good luck to you.
  12. 2bnurseforce1

    How do you stay sexy in nursing school

    Yeah I work in the ER and the techs wear fake nails.
  13. 2bnurseforce1

    Am I too young?

    Go for it, don't let your age stop you.
  14. 2bnurseforce1

    How do you stay sexy in nursing school

    I just think its important for a woman to always feel her best no matter what kind of work you do. Not saying you have to show your best, or wearing tight fitting clothes etc. Working in the hospital I hear comments from patients like "Oh my gosh, that nurse looks nasty. I hope she is not my nurse." (meaning they look dirty, etc) So appearance, and hygiene is important.
  15. 2bnurseforce1

    How do you stay sexy in nursing school

    Thanks you understand what I'm trying to say.