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African American, RN Med-Surg

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  1. 2bnurseforce1

    Family Nurse Practitioner Program

    For Walden University it's $595 per quarter credit hour (includes course textbooks and materials). Each course is 5 credit hours except one class.
  2. 2bnurseforce1

    Family Nurse Practitioner Program

    Hello all I was just informed today that I have been accepted into the FNP program and start in December with Walden University, I am nervous and excited.
  3. 2bnurseforce1

    Ncsbn nclex-rn online review

    NCSBN best resembles the NCLEX. In my opinion it's the closest you will get to the NCLEX
  4. 2bnurseforce1

    Safe nurse to patient ratio

    Hi everyone. I have a question I live in VA, and work at a well know hospital here in Med-surg/stepdown. I am wondering how to find or what the state board says about the patient to nurse ratio in medsurg. My manager told me in the interview it would be 1:5 or 1:6 at the most, but I have been hearing talk about 1:7, although she denies that I would ever have 1:7 because its against state board policy, I can't find the policy on the BON website. Maybe I am looking at it wrong, but I want to see it in writing, so I can have something to back me up. Any feedback would be great.
  5. 2bnurseforce1

    Starting Salary [new grad]?

    Ok my input. I work in Norfolk, VA. I work night shift $24.60 a new grad, just finished school in October, and I work in a med-surg/stepdown unit.
  6. 2bnurseforce1

    NCBSN, so far dissappointed

    NCSBN is most like the NCLEX. It's straight to they point. It is a great tool. Just take your time and do all the questions ans read the rationales, they really do help. I used it and my NCLEX looked just like NCSBN
  7. 2bnurseforce1

    PVT works!!!!

  8. 2bnurseforce1

    Kaplan Prep? NCSBN prep? What to do?

    NCSBN is the best I think out there. It looks the most like the NCLEX and its easy on your pockets.
  9. 2bnurseforce1

    Anyone recommend NCSBN's online self-study?

    I did the NCSBN 3 week review. In my opinion if you want to pay the extra money to take Kaplan by all means do it. But I think NCSBN is the best. They have content review as well as Qbanks. Speaking from experience I did the review, read all the rationales and took the NCLEX and passed it. My NCLEX questions looked EXACTLY like NCSBN. I didn't think the kaplan qtrainer questions resemble the NCLEX. I did use the Kaplan strategies,but NCSBN is a winner and I would recommend it to everybody. and plus you can't beat $50.
  10. 2bnurseforce1

    Took the NCLEX-RN today

    Congrats to you. :cheers:
  11. 2bnurseforce1


  12. 2bnurseforce1

    NEED TO VENT! Nclex Sat. Morning~ 75Q!

    Su32 you are in my prayers. I know you have passed. Good luck to you.
  13. 2bnurseforce1

    NCLEX 02/16

    Congrats to all that passed.
  14. 2bnurseforce1

    Any Feb 2012 NCLEX takers

    Congrats February has been a good month for us so far.
  15. 2bnurseforce1

    Ncsbn nclex-rn online review

    I used NCSBN and it's great. I think the NCSBN had me really prepared for the NCLEX. As I was taking the test, I felt like I was reading the questions from NCSBN. It made the NCLEX very easy to me.
  16. 2bnurseforce1

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 3

    Congrats you did it.

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