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  1. Nurse for the Railroad

    I am currently in the process of hiring for a railroad. I'm not quiet sure what all is involved, but they look for nurses that are strong clinically and prefer acute ER/ICU experiences. My assumption on that is there's a sense of autonomy that has to...
  2. International Nursing

    I know this has been discussed so forgive me. i'm looking to do something non-US related. I have a friend whom i've lost contact with who did a 6 week job in Viet Nam and talked about how enlightening it was. I'm at a crossroads in my professional li...
  3. Unions

    I disagree. i worked for Exempla (St. Joes, Lutheran, etc..) and they are not unionized. Not sure about VA.
  4. Suicidal patients who are discharged from the ER

    All of our patients have to have a psych eval, then the LSW deems whether or not they are a danger to themselves. Many times, people have a feeling of hopelessness or despair and state they want to commit suicide, however when discussing their feelin...
  5. Alternative Loans - here's what I've found

    I'm reading thru all of this and need to know, which one of these loans would be good for my husband. Our credit is not so great, but we are working on it. So to put it bluntly, who will do loans other than Stafford for him without good credit??
  6. I think I might have plantar fascitis! :(

    I have it too and saw my doc last month, not a podi, but my PCP. He put me on NSAIDS (Naproxen 500mg bid) and gave me some stretches to do and said if in a month its not better to come back and he'll inject me. Well its better but not great so i'm go...
  7. Short-term assignments

    So how do you find any of these outpost nursing stations? or what agencies/companies staff these? any ideas?
  8. SHort assignments?

    I'm looking to supplement my income a little here and there, maybe my DH too. Is there any agencies or places that offer 2-4 week assignments?
  9. Provigil for shift workers

    Wasn't directed to you...just a general statement!
  10. Provigil for shift workers

    It amazes me that people who don't consistently work night shifts think this is a hoax or for money. I went ot my dr crying begging for help because i'm like a zombie after about 6 hours, and then can't sleep!!! I have to do a sleep study, THEN he sa...
  11. Insurance

    We have Kaiser, and i pay around 350 a month for health/dental/vision and life. Its too pricey IMO.
  12. CRNA school without a BSN

    Don't know, but would be interested to see if there was one.
  13. Where do i apply?

    I'm curious...i was thinking of applying as a School nurse in my county but am unsure where i should look for an application. Any ideas? i'm going to call my son's Kindegarten tomorrow and ask for some direction but i thought i'd ask here as well. T...
  14. SO Exhausted

    Beats the heck outta me! lol I'd love to know why all my area hospitals DON'T have waiting lists! lol:lol2:
  15. SO Exhausted

    My point is...OUCH! lol My bones is achin'! lol