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I know this has been discussed so forgive me. i'm looking to do something non-US related. I have a friend whom i've lost contact with who did a 6 week job in Viet Nam and talked about how enlightening it was. I'm at a crossroads in my professional life and wondering if i do something like this it may help me decide where i'm supposed to go and what i'm supposed to do next. So i'm wondering, what agencies are out there? So far i've found out about Peyton Ogrady. But who else? or what organizations could i get in touch with to talk about nursing in other countries? Any thoughts or help are appreciated! :bowingpur



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If you're looking for very short term enlightening, how about volunteering? Globalvolunteers came to mind or longer commitments with the peacecorps?


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It would not be worth investigating licensing and immigration in another country for such a short stint. I agree - check out volunteering/international aid work.

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As the others have posted, trying to get licensed in another country as well as thru their immigration is going to be impossible at best.

Best would be to do a volunteer mission and then one is usually covered under the US license and the agency takes care of securing permission for you to enter the country and function there under them. Depending on the skills that you have, you can find all different agencies that operate programs overseas. Look at what is called an NGO, non-government organization. That is how they are called overseas.

Best of luck to you.

(p.s. Everyone that I know of that has gone thru Viet Nam has done it thru a mission if medical/nursing related.)

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