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5cats has 17 years experience and specializes in intensive care, recovery, anesthetics.

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  1. 5cats

    rn job in germany

    You need to contact the health authorities in the Bundesland where you want to work to find out if they accept your US training and what tests or papers they need. Normally you will have to have the same amount of hours in theory and practical nursing... I would assume it's a tedious process, you need translations of everything as well. But phone them to find out. 5cats
  2. 5cats

    German Nurses anywhere?

    Urkunde= Diploma, so yes it's the RN (good old fashioned diploma), 2 years further training used to get you a certificate, that would state your further training. I heard there are some university based courses now available, but I'm not uptodate anymore with the german system, and what you would gain doing it. I only know the german system sucks. 5cats
  3. 5cats

    anyone registering for SRNA or in Saskatchewan?

    You can only practice as an RN in the Province where you are registered. So if you want to practice in Ontario you have to apply there. While CRNE is Canada wide, registration is not. And it's not an easy transfer either, costs a lot of money and takes time. They will assess everything again according to their requirements. You can write CRNE out of the province, when you get eligibility you have to fill out a form with the location where you want to write. 5cats
  4. 5cats

    SEC assessment ? A JOKE !!

    I don't know how high I scored, good enough not to need any upgrading, that's all I know. 5cats
  5. 5cats

    Nursing in Switzerland

    First of all you need to make sure that your education will be recognized. You need to contact the Swiss Red Cross and find out, plus your language depending on where you plan to live and work in Switzerland has to be sufficient (just be aware in the german part the spoken language is swiss german). Then go from there. 5cats
  6. I would not even consider nursing school there if your language is not sufficient, you could still write them an email and figure their answer out (dictionary). Another issue in Switzerland: they speak dialect= swiss german there, tricky to understand. Why are you considering Switzerland? And it used to be that you have to be a resident for a certain time to go to nursing school there, not sure about those legal requirements now. Also not sure about fees. 5cats
  7. 5cats

    Pinoy care visa center

    check Welcome Page | Page d'accueil You can only apply without the experience in case you have arranged employment. No other way around it, and it has to be full time PAID experience or the equivalent in part time. 5cats
  8. There are several threads discussing your problem here. Biggest issue is that LPN programs are not recognized in the Philippines and so you cannot get a licence, what leads to the question of quality. The main reason why people are considering it anyway is money. But what I can get out from the info here, I have the feeling at the end you are better off getting the training in the US. From my own experience with RN's who were relatively recently trained in the Philipines and then came to Canada, I would recommend the US as well. They have to catch up on many, many things, what takes a long time, so since you are a US citizen, I recommend training in the US at college that's widely accepted, so you won't have a problem should you choose to go for further training. But look at the threads existing here, and verify the info. And the end it's your decision. Good Luck 5cats
  9. Try to contact the swiss nursing association http://www.sbk-asi.ch they should have all the info you need. There used to be a master and I believe a bachelor program, but just keep in mind that the system is different compared to the US. When I left switzerland everything was just changing again. 5cats
  10. LOL 5cats
  11. We had a unit clerk during the day (8-4) and sometime assistants who would stock up and do vitals and stuff (for the HDU high dependy unit), or the floater would do that. I found it easier to work with RN's only in that unit, but maybe we also had bad luck with some of the nursing assistants. As I said I prefer nursing the whole of my patient and not only part of it :) Gives you also a better idea and even if it's sounds vain, but I still believe I wean the patients much faster from the vent that any of the RT's , just because I'm there all the time and can react quicker. 5cats
  12. Everybody is interviewed though, no? So then the employer can find out if your english is sufficient enough, plus many people do speak dialect depending on where they are from, so even if your english is fluent you might have trouble understanding some people until you get used to it, I had really trouble understanding my scottish collegue for instance, and on the phone I had trouble with my indian collegues because of their heavy accents, takes a while to get used to it. After a while I was fine. 5cats
  13. I worked in an ICU in England and our ratio was 1:1 for ventilated Patients, and 1:2 for non ventilated. I think in many ICU's in the US you have a much harder workload, but I must also say, in England the ICU nurse does everything, no RT's and whatsoever, I still prefer that though I must admit, I could do without respiratory therapists :) 5cats
  14. Because it takes time to put one in, and even then it might not be in the right place. 5cats
  15. Only in the north, lol In Switzerland you will hear swiss german and Austria also has it's dialects. You could look at www.krankenschwester.de - Online Community und Forum für Pflegeberufe for information It's a german site where you could practice your german as well. 5cats
  16. 5 years is a long time, hard to make plans for such a long timeframe, but... I loved England, who knows, if the payment would have been better compared to the extremely high costs of living, maybe I would have stayed, the weather sucks though, all that grey during wintertime. I had a good job there and could use a lot of my skills and learned some more. But if this, my personal experience will help you in making a decision? good luck 5cats ]

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