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ghillbert has 26 years experience as a MSN, NP and specializes in CTICU.

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  1. ghillbert

    Acute Care NP Preceptor

    Local professional associations you can join as a student to network with NPs is the best, if your school doesn't provide preceptors.
  2. ghillbert

    Australian nurse wanting to work in America

    I was referring to the poster above me. I know what NY BON requires, but I think they have the terminology confused.
  3. ghillbert

    Feeling Lost As An NP

    Are you a physician or medical student? Just about every post of yours is crapping on NP preparation and professionalism. Who refers NPs to the "noctor" reddit?
  4. ghillbert

    Australian nurse wanting to work in America

    CGFNS is a company. What do you mean, NY BON doesn't require CGFNS?
  5. ghillbert

    Full Practice Authority of Nursing

    I think you sound very naive and defensive. It's quite ironic that you are advocating for further education in the form of doctoral degrees "advancing the profession", but can give no evidence for such opinion. The whole point of doctoral study is to...
  6. ghillbert

    Physician Giving Sedation Without Nurse

    I disagree. Nurses can't control physicians. They can control the substances they remove from secure storage and leave on their computer. If it wasn't there, it wouldn't have happened. The nurse's job is to safeguard the patient by following procedur...
  7. ghillbert


    Depends on your contract
  8. ghillbert

    How Do You Handle Patients That...

    Have a written agreement and if she comes up short, she doesn't get extra meds. If it's repeated, you can discharge her from your care. Getting an early refill due to a holiday, and independently changing her own dosing are two different things.
  9. ghillbert

    How does the clinical project work?

    Read the website or orientation for the programs you're thinking of doing - it is not standard across the board, but program-specific.
  10. ghillbert

    Physician Giving Sedation Without Nurse

    Why was sedation sitting around unattended? I feel the nurse made the error there.
  11. ghillbert

    Wide complexes not ventricular?

    Not discounting your clinical judgement, obviously SOB on 100% isn't stable, but WCT with normal BP is a "stable" rhythm per ACLS with regard to need for DCCV/defib. Shocking someone has it's own obvious risks, and there are a lot of things to try be...
  12. ghillbert

    Wide complexes not ventricular?

    "Unstable" in reference to rhythms means hypotensive, in which case you could cardiovert. I work in cardiac and very, very, VERY frequently a WCT is not VT but an SVT with BBB.
  13. ghillbert


    Seen it dozens of times. Sometimes they did, sometimes they didn't. Depends on the reason for the lactate elevation. A postop cardiac case who's hypotensive and hypovolemic is a lot more likely to survive than someone with a dead gut.
  14. ghillbert

    Australian nurse wanting to work in America

    No, I actually didn't do any OBGYN placements.
  15. ghillbert

    Australian nurse wanting to work in America

    So far I have been licensed in Vermont, Pennsylvania and West Virginia without issue.