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ghillbert has 20 years experience as a MSN, NP and specializes in CTICU.

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  1. ghillbert

    Critical Care Procedures

    Any critical care NPs perform perc trachs? Any reason why we couldn't? Thoughts, input etc?
  2. You usually apply for tuition assistance through HR or another separate department, not via your manager. I don't see it as a jealousy issue, but there's not much more irritating to a hiring manager and preceptors than people who flat out tell you upon hire that they plan to leave - I work in CTICU and 90% of our new staff plan to work a year for their resume, then go to NP/CRNA school. It's huge time and energy investment to train and mentor new staff, and pretty disrespectful when they can't even pretend to be interested in the unit for its own sake. (Not saying that's what you would do, just an opinion from the other side).
  3. ghillbert

    WHNP DNP Programs

  4. ghillbert

    Australian Nurse Looking to work and live in PA

    It would be much easier to find an employer and get an E3 visa than to commit to an agency. Do you have a visa or a SSN? This affects licensure.
  5. ghillbert

    Australian Nurse Looking to work and live in PA

    Hi I am an Aussie who lives in PA. Check out the International forum for better info. It's many years since I did the PA licensure, but I ended up getting a Vermont license first and then endorsing to PA so I didn't have to take the CGFNS exam (but just get the CES report). Do you have a visa for the US? Do you have a SSN? Did you do psych, paeds and OB-Gyn theory and clinicals?
  6. ghillbert

    ICU NPs in Canada?

    Does Canada utilize critical care NPs? Does anyone know what their scope of practice is, if so?
  7. ghillbert

    ECMO transducer level

    Transducer for what?
  8. ghillbert

    Bagging ETT

    Thanks for this comprehensive answer - as an adult CTICU nurse with minimal peds experience, this is super interesting!!
  9. ghillbert

    New supervisor role

    Look at your institution - we have a lot of modules available with regards to leadership, as well as mentorship. Talk to managers you respect about how to handle things. Keep up lines of communication with your reports, but be circumspect about what you share. It is certainly a different dynamic to be a supervisor to your peers, and it doesn't always make you popular.
  10. ghillbert

    Critical Care

    CMC certification would likely be useful, or at least reading their study outline. Brush up on swans and invasive hemodynamics, ACS management, mechanical devices. You have a leg up since you already have HF experience.
  11. ghillbert

    NP residency and salaries

    I don't work in a full practice authority state, so I can't speak to that. I would NOT say procedure heavy jobs necessarily command more money - most NP jobs in my area at least are based on experience and negotation rather than the job tasks, and I don't know any acute care NPs here that get anything extra based on billing (such as procedures). Whether NPs can work as a first assist depends on the state, they usually need RNFA as well.
  12. ghillbert

    NP residency and salaries

    Salary is determined more by supply and demand than specialty, and varies widely by location. In my area, acute care jobs tend to pay more than family NP jobs, but they also often involve evenings/nights/weekends/call, so they demand more $$. Again in my area, the various hospitals have had separate pay scales for "staff NP", "senior NP" based on experience, and then a separate one for "specialty NP", "surgical NP" or "critical care NP" to permit a higher range to hire into those niche roles.
  13. ghillbert

    On line NP or On-campus Np? (MA)

    Allowing schools to get away with this, and calling it "the norm" does not make it an acceptable option. The school simply cannot guarantee the quality of your education as a provider without managing who is precepting their students.
  14. ghillbert

    Acute Care NP without ICU experience?

    Yeah but they do a hell of a lot more clinical hours during their program, including critical care.
  15. ghillbert

    What was your first AGACNP job?

    My first NP job was CT surgical/transplant step-down floor with ICU cross coverage then critical care. I had offers for ICU jobs as a new grad with the system I did all my critical care clinicals with, but it was straight nights and it was a generic surgical ICU. My interest was cardiac, and I knew the nurses and docs I was working with on the floor. I did have to learn/practice invasive ICU procedures when I moved to critical care after 3 years, but my attendings were all good at and happy to do teaching. In my area (NE OH, SW PA, NW WV) there are many ACNP positions although FNPs are also utilized in hospitals a lot. I personally don't hire FNPs for critical care, even with ICU nurse experience; the gap in knowledge is too much. Physicians don't care about FNP vs ACNP because many don't know the difference, or even (I think) understand that NPs are not trained as generalists; they are much more familiar with PA training model. Being able to get hired into an acute job as FNP or vice versa doesn't mean it's appropriate to work in an area that you don't have the education/training for - I can open a chest or place ECMO, but I wouldn't know one rash or arthritis med from another.
  16. ghillbert

    FNP job search gone bad

    You took a travel NP job as a new grad, or travel RN job? I am in Pittsburgh and we have a lot of job opportunities, I would say more for ACNP than FNP but certainly for both. COL is low, and salaries can also be low though.