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  1. suzanne4

    ITIN# is not the same as the SSN#

    There is also not one legitimate reason to be obtaining the license with the ITIN#; you cannot work with that legally. And then it only leaves questions open as to why one needed it. There are still many issues going on with nurses coming here under tourist visas and working illegally. That would be the only reason to go for the ITIN# to be submitted. No other reason at all.
  2. I would look at taking the classes where you are located in an approved school of nursing, preferably where you attended school in the first place. You will have to leave the US after completing the make-up courses, you will not be able to remain here. CA permits the courses that are done in your country in regular nursing schools, they do not accept any on-line programs that are international to make up the hours.
  3. It will be under a student visa, but to make up the classes should not take more than a few months.
  4. The majority of states are changing their requirements now. They will permit someone to sit for the NCLEX in each and every state without the SSN#, but most will not issue a license without the SSN# any longer. Since you have already tested, there is nothing that Illinois can do until you possess a SSN# and a license to endorse. You would be applying for licensure by examination and then CA would have to submit the results to them. But there is nothing that they can do so they do not want to keep an open file on you for multiple years. VT is still issuing a license without a SSN#, but do not know how much longer that this will be in place.
  5. We do not expect it to be lifted for more than seven years with the number that are already inline in front of you. The VSC is not actually needed until one is ready for their interview if going thru Consular Processing out of the country. Only passing of the NCLEX is required for an employer to offer you a job in the first place. I would wait to do anything with Visa Screen at this time. But just make sure that you go thru Illinois for licensure before your letter expires. No sense to do it now.
  6. suzanne4

    I want to be a Nurse in Germany too... but...

    We ask that you speak in English only on this site, we do not permit foreign languages to be used so that all can understand. What type of visa are you on in Germany at this time? Are you a citizen of the EU or from the US or Canada? If not from the EU, then you are going to be required to pass their language exam in most cases to get a visa to work there. So that is why I am asking right up front. It will be easier to give you an answer that will be useful to you.
  7. suzanne4

    LPN nurses and O.P.T.

    This is why I keep pushing for everyone that comes here under the F-1 visa to know everything up front as well as the fact that there are no visas for the LPN when you are done. You get the one year of the OPT that is actually under the F-1 student visa. Otherwise, there is no visa for you to remain in the US and work in that role. But even if you get into an RN program right away, this is still not going to get you a visa to work here when it is done. Since you mentioned small, private vocational school; do you know for a fact that it is approved by your BON in the first place? We are seeing quite a few that have opened up but that are not accredited by the state and hence the graduates are unable to sit for any licensing exam. Just make that this is not happening to you.
  8. suzanne4

    Any Suggestion on a Re-check?

    You will have to check directly with your program. Most are actually only given three chances to pass in the US, or then they are dropped. Not sure what you can to appeal since it looks like you have had four attempts to pass it. This was something that was done on your side, not that the uni did. Best of luck to you.
  9. suzanne4

    Old nurse trying to get my license again and need a few answers

    No, you can start. The first tip actually needs to be completed before one should send my a pm in the first place. Just do not spend more than three hours per day reviewing. Question that I cannot figure out is that endorsement means that you hold a license in another state that is currently active; so not sure how one of the recommendations is to endorse your license.
  10. The ITIN# is not the same as the SSN# and it should not be substituted for the SSN#. A state requires the SSN# to know that you can work legally in the US, the ITIN# is issued when one does not have permission to work in the US, but needs a number for taxes, such as they are here under the H-4 visa. Be aware that the state has the right to cancel out a license if they find that the ITIN# was substituted for it. Remember that one has to submit the SSN# to the BON for any state when they obtain it and how are you going to explain that you had submitted the ITIN# to get around the laws here. Please be very careful in doing this. If a state was accepting of the ITIN#, it would be listed on their application, and then they also would not require the SSN# for licensure in the first place.
  11. I moved yout thread to the International Forum since it is specific to licensure in the US and not having anything to do with the NCLEX exam which is only one step in the licensing process. CA is the only one that expires in the three years without a SSN# that I am aware of. However the majority of states in the US now will not issue a license without a SSN#. And the ITIN# does not meet the requirements if a SSN# is required.
  12. Do you actually have a SSN#? If not, then you cannot endorse your results and must use the License by Examination application. Also not sure what type of visa that you have since you are needing the VSC. You are looking at more than five years for a chance at a green card or to be able to adjust your status, chances are more than likely that the VSC will need renewing by then. If you go for licensure in Illinois first, then you will be required to obtain verification from them as well for the VSC.
  13. suzanne4

    LPN nurses and O.P.T.

    It really is a moot point. You have no choice but to pay what the school is requesting if you want the OPT. And one does not select a school based on what this fee is. At least they should not be doing so. But just noticed something, have you actually applied for the OPT? It usually is done about five months out now as it takes that long to get. It must be done before you complete your last day of classes. And one only has three months to obtain an employer or the OPT gets cancelled as well. If you are going to be graduating next month, you are going to have many issues with this. If you did not submit for the OPT already, then you need to have a little talk with your international advisor on this.
  14. The poster is a new grad. Without working, there is no way to complete the required deliveries. One needs to have training in deliveries as well as the complications associated with deliveries. Best way to get this is in an approved program since they are already out of school.
  15. suzanne4

    CA - Tested week of 2/16-2/21 - I PASSED!!!

    Congratulations on getting your results. Consider yourself fortunate, this is no longer the case for many.
  16. suzanne4

    LPN nurses and O.P.T.

    Check with your school, they are actually the ones that handle it.