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  1. ACLS In outpt HDUs??

    It isn't required at my clinic. Our crash cart doesn't even have ACLS meds on it.
  2. babykitty - you work in a dialysis clinic that allows you to cannulate and perform dialysis through a native vein? I wouldn't think any of the major dialysis providers would have a policy like that.
  3. bfr return rate for hypotensive episode

    A. the tech shouldn't have done anything except turn the pt to her side to allow her to vomit without your instruction. B. look up your policy on BFR with catheters. I'm pretty sure it's 350-400. There's really no need to increase the BFR beyond ...
  4. How often do you draw Troponins at your hospital?

    My experience has been either 6 or 8 hours, usually in sets of 3. I've never had them ordered every 3.
  5. the correct way to Sunction

    NT suctioning definitely requires skill! Performing it incorrectly or unnecessarily can cause considerable harm and distress to your patient. Please read up on the technique or ask your facility's respiratory department to help you.
  6. Rhythm Analysis

    Give yourself some time. If you have some good monitor techs, learn from them - they've seen everything!
  7. Shift Assignments - Who bugs you the most?

    Hey! What's wrong with the "Mellow Drifter?" When I worked resource pool, I always tried to be that. Maybe you're misinterpreting the "she will make you feel like she doesn't care what you saying" part. You DO have all the characters down to a T,...
  8. Wearing masks

    Geez, calm need to get yourself so worked up and defensive. If you feel like you need to wear a mask because you can't deal with odors, be my guest. I still think it's unprofessional, and while it may or may not further embarass patients,...
  9. Wearing masks

    Sorry, Mochabean, I just totally disagree. I've seen and smelled some really, really bad stuff - and never seen a team of health care providers wear masks because of any "intolerable" smell. As Fuzzywuzzy pointed out, masks do very little to elimin...
  10. Wearing masks

    I have never worn a mask because of odor. I have never made a patient feel bad because of something they have absolutely no control over. Yeah, stuff stinks. And there are even worse things than C-Diff. Like I said, if you "need" a mask, you belo...
  11. Wearing masks

    Maybe you should find another line of work if you can't deal with the smells of health care. Believe me, there are much worse smells and sights than a soaked diaper.
  12. incontinent NH pts

    Kind of an unnecessary comment. Have you ever worked in an outpatient HD unit? If you had, you would understand the frustration of having an incontinent patient in a RECLINER who probably cannot stand or be repositioned without several people, poop...
  13. Please define "bedside" Nursing.

    I'd add in office/clinic nursing, possibly dialysis, school nursing, home health, case management... Most nursing jobs do involve "direct" patient care, in other words, "having contact with patients." But"bedside nursing" really refers to hospital/...
  14. What would you have said to this CNA

    I'm not sure how a short note with a few tasks is improper delegating. I receive written orders all day from doctors, I can't just not do them because I feel that I was treated unfairly. It doesn't matter, anyway. Please understand that the point ...
  15. Why did I go to school to be a nurse?

    (((((((JB2007))))))) I'm sorry. Sometimes I wish I had gone into archeology. I have felt like I was banging my head against a wall for most of the 9 years I've been nursing.