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  1. rn/writer

    Brian Short News

    To those who didn't know Brian, this is just a story. To those of us who knew and loved him and his family, it's a deep heartache and a nearly unfathomable mystery. "Sources" can be wrong or incomplete, but regardless of the the outcome of the invest...
  2. rn/writer

    Brian Short News

    This is unspeakably sad. I was a moderator and guide here for a number of years and helped with the AN booth and the ATI conventions several times. My husband participated, as well, and would periodically trade pictures of fishing and turtles with Br...
  3. rn/writer

    allnurses will continue

    Good to know that in the face of such unfathomable news the community will go on. What Brian created has lasting value that should endure. Thank you for this reassurance.
  4. rn/writer

    Crying babies

    Not sure how old this kiddo is, but if mom smokes, she might have been going through nicotine withdrawal. I've noticed that breastfeeding seems to help with that, as they get a little nicotine in the milk. Definitely a mixed message--breastfeeding ...
  5. We use all of the above, depending on the situation. I would also encourage you to consider the source of the pain. Is the patient sore from pushing? Did she pull a groin muscle? Did she have episiotomy or a tear? I have seen some 4th degree tea...
  6. rn/writer

    How Not to Get Taken Advantage Of

    It's fine to share possessions, food, clothing, etc. freely and without reservation, because no one is going to be graded on eating the casserole or wearing the donated jeans. Patient safety won't be riding on the box of dishes you gave a friend. T...
  7. rn/writer

    What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    Most often when people post about these legendary names, it's a second- or third-hand account (or more). They know someone who knew someone who had a co-worker who took care of the unfortunate child (or children, in the case of the Jello twins). On...
  8. rn/writer

    How Not to Get Taken Advantage Of

    Generosity does not require you to enable poor study habits. Sharing your notes, calendars, concept maps and other materials without a darn good reason could mean that, far from being a better person, you could be helping someone else to become a le...
  9. rn/writer

    Possible termination for HIPAA violations

    If you were asked to assist or cover for another nurse and you looked up information for that purpose you should sign the chart and also note what you did. This covers you by showing that you had a legitimate reason for accessing the patient's infor...
  10. rn/writer

    HIPAA Violation?

    I was thinking more along the lines of giving a new med or doing discharge teaching. I agree with you that it isn't necessary to go through the whole shebang each time. Sorry that wasn't expressed better.
  11. rn/writer

    HIPAA Violation?

    If the bracelet can be used to verify name and date of birth, that part of the review does not need to be stated out loud. But the rest of the med review--name, action, dosage, times, and other pertinent info--should still be done verbally (unless t...
  12. rn/writer

    HIPAA Violation?

    Wow. I was not expecting such common sense in a government directive. Good information to have. Thanks, EricJRN and GrnTea.
  13. rn/writer

    Losing respect for nursing students

    It isn't about age so much as maturity level. Some folks are level-headed and responsible at twenty. Some are still self-centered and undisciplined at forty. Maybe it's time for clinical sites to dust off (or come up with) their expectations fo...
  14. rn/writer

    Let RN license lapse to get out of "Old" new grad rut?

    I would check with your state BON. Letting your license lapse is a pretty extreme measure. Some states do not allow an easy reinstatement. They may require more education or have other hoops for your to jump through.i And, think about it--if you a...
  15. rn/writer

    Can a pt hyperventilate themselves into resp failure?

    Five seconds of not breathing does not constitute apnea. Think about it. A low-normal respiratory rate of 12 breaths per minute would mean five seconds between one breath and the next, and that certainly isn't apnea. If the patient had been hyperv...