can an unlicensed nursing assistant empty foley's?


Can an "unlicensed" nursing assistant empty foley's? or do you have to be certified to do that?


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Don't see why not, as long as they have demonstrated that they know how to do it........:)


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I have no idea but I don't see why not. I actually never did it until after I was certified and had my first job (somehow missed that during clinicals). It took two minutes for someone to show me how to do it.

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Why would you need a license to empty a foley?


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That's what the nursing assistant training is all about. Nothing more pretty much.

I think this is a task that personal care workers can perform. They are not certified or licensed.


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i dont think you have to be licensed o do that. its very simple as long as you dont pull on it.


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yes anyone can empty a foley, it does not hurt or touch the pt

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Gonna make your answers 9 for 9 - yes, with the caveat that you may need to document amount on an I and O sheet and/or describe the color/clarity/odor of the urine and report abnormal findings.


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I will answer your question with a question........

Does a bird have wings? Do cows go moo? Does the earth spin? you get the picture


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they can , and they do- where I work