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  1. rotteluvr31

    This is where I'm meant to be

    Beautiful words. May your little lady pass peacefully with you at her side. I am also a DD RN and love my folks. This is so much different from the ICU where I started, but for me, much more rewarding. Thank you for what you do everyday. We may not be among the highest paid nurses, but I think we are among the luckiest.
  2. rotteluvr31

    Moving to alaska

    I don't think that in Anchorage itself the hospitals are hurting to bad. I only say that because someone told me many of them don't have to hire new grads. The hospital I am in is small and growing. I don't know to much about the hiring needs of MatSu. My guess would be that the hospitals that are further out like Soldotna or Fairbanks or anywhere else are probably always looking for good RN's. I would think that with your ER experience you should have a relatively easy time finding a position.
  3. rotteluvr31

    Moving to alaska

    I just moved to Anchorage. Initially we thought we would live out in the MatSu area and commute into Anchorage. I am glad it did not work out that way. It is about an hour ride from Anchorage to MatSu. And the road, altho well maintained, does get wind, snow and ice. And moose. I have been to MatSu and I think it looks like a very nice, small community hospital. Providence is the big player in town. There is also ANMC here in town. Good luck with your search.
  4. rotteluvr31

    Travel Assignment in Anchorage

    I just moved to Anchorage a couple of months ago. I can't believe all the moose around here! Good luck to you and I hope things are working out well for you.
  5. rotteluvr31

    Fluid restriction question

    Whenever we get a fluid restriction it always means po fluids. This even gets entered into our computer system as part of the diet. It never reflects IVF. If IVFs are being restricted the docs usually write the order that way "IVF to total 100cc/hr". This usually is a juggling act of TPN, maintenance fluids, antibiotics, pressors or nitro, maybe sedation.... We don't usually have pts that have both a po fluid and IVF restriction. I think sometimes you have to see who wrote the order too. I have never seen our surgeons write a po restriction, but they will write for IVF totals. Nephro has been known to address both. I guess when in doubt, ask! :)
  6. rotteluvr31

    New and having trouble

    try workplace alaska as well. there are some state jobs for LPN's posted, I think.
  7. rotteluvr31

    Phone interview

    For local positions I have had a person from HR call me to see if I was a good "fit" for a position prior to setting up an in-person interview with a clinical manager. Currently, I am interviewing for positions many miles away from where I live, and have had several phone interviews. The formats have been basically the same. I have had several clinical questions, what's the difference between rhonchi and crackles. What tx would you expect to see? What is a normal PR interview, QRS? And for a job at a school, what would I do if a child had a minor injury, what if they had an asthma attack... All interviews have asked how I deal with conflict. Conflict with co-workers, conflict with pts. How do you deal with a difficult and demanding pt or family member. How do you deal with a difficult co-worker. Also, what has been your best nursing moment. Who is your most memorable pt and why. What pt do you think you were most able to impact positively and why. Remember to take a nice deep breath and gather your thoughts prior to answering questions. Good luck to you in our search!
  8. Scratched, arm twisted, verbal threats and abuse... yeah yeah yeah - all of that and more. The incidents that stick out? Realizing that a pt who had been saying inappropriate things to me had watched me walk to my car, and had someone place a letter and flowers on my windshield. The RN's I was working with at the time had changed my assignment so I never had to work with him after the first shift, but he still watched me all week long. He was d/c'd the day after the flowers, but I got security to walk me out at night after that. It was spooky and many years ago, but still makes my skin crawl thinking he knew my car, my name and license plate number. When I was pregnant I had a MR/DD bipolar pt in a group home take a swing at me with an electric broom. Good thing I saw it coming in time to duck or he would have clocked me a good one. Just the other night I had a pt who was confused and disoriented after a recent overdose/suicide attempt, she thought we were whores working in a whore house and trying to get her to come and work with us. Let's just say she was less then cooperative with assessments. And she had a cast on her arm, that thing was a lethal weapon. We do have the recourse, and have used it, of calling in the sheriff's dept when a pt in our ICU is on a police hold. Sometimes that helps until the meds kick in.
  9. rotteluvr31

    Cell Phone Service in Anchorage and Surrounding Area

    My husband lives in Juneau and I'm in the mid-west. He also has At&T. The only time we have never had service was when he was on the ferry from Seattle last year.
  10. rotteluvr31

    What can I do in an ICU?

    We have no volunteers in our department. I am not sure volunteers would be allowed to do pt care due to liability issues. However, our dept does hire interns. They need to be a year out from graduation with the plan that they would transition into the unit after graduation. Our interns have come from both BSN and ADN programs. There is only one intern hired every 6 - 12 months so the competition is fierce. Check the job postings for your facility. Perhaps they also have the same type of program.
  11. rotteluvr31

    Giving my Resignation in 2 hrs...and want to puke

    I think the above is good advice. I believe most new employers will understand that you have to give proper notice before leaving a position. This can reflect your work ethic and professionalism. It also lets the new employer know that you will hopefully provide them with the same respect if/when the time comes that you leave them.
  12. rotteluvr31

    Suggestions for long-distance job search

    Hello folks - Hope you have some suggestions for me. Due to the economy my husband lost his job and I found him another one, 3000 miles away from where we live. So he moved and now I'm looking to relocate myself. However, I've never performed a long-distance job hunt for myself, only for him! Any tips on what to include or not include in a cover letter as to why I would leave my current position for one 3,000 miles away? Would it be ok to add that I'm looking to relocate to join my spouse? The area has some openings, but I'm just a little stuck on the appropriate verbage. Thanks for the help.
  13. rotteluvr31

    was i wrong?

    Here's my question, and I guess it would depend on where in the clinical rotation the student was... but isn't part of clinical calling the Dr and updating them, and learning to speak with the physicians? With the CI next to you and awareness of the primary RN. Reporting findings was part of our clinical experience, especially as we got closer to graduation.
  14. rotteluvr31

    Resident with End-Stage COPD

    I saw the suppositories being used in hospice pts when they could no longer swallow their meds, but certainly needed them. That then seemed to advance to the gel, which is certainly less invasive, but still seems to be effective.
  15. rotteluvr31

    KSU Online ADN-BSN, anyone?

    Anyone starting the Kent BSN completion program this summer?