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  1. rotteluvr31

    Software for RN Oversight

    I haven't used Therap, but on a personal level I use an app called Hours Keeper. I use it to track how much time I devote to one person or activity. I use an Outlook calendar for everything else.
  2. We all benefit from position changes, and I would strongly recommend working with a PT for an evaluation. Perhaps a local DME vendor sponsors a seating clinic where a PT can work with the DME provider to try and get the right piece of equipment. Medicaid should purchase the required equipment, but you will probably need a Rx from the MD and possibly letter of necessity from the PT. the PY should be able to assist in designing some exercises and ROM specific to the person you are working with. Good luck!
  3. rotteluvr31

    What to expect

    Tell you what I know of specialized private duty nursing - very little downtime, maybe at night there is more. The cases I'm familiar with nurses were responsible for all ADL's, they help with homework if applicable, read, do ROM, reposition, assist with trips to MD offices, assist the PT/OT if they come into the home, take the child out of the home for walks when applicable... in other words, they are 100% responsible for everything when they are in the home. I know many nurses who have done some private duty and many of them really enjoy it. Good luck!
  4. rotteluvr31

    HH interview

    Yes, that was my thought too :-). Thanks for the reinforcement
  5. rotteluvr31

    HH interview

    Thanks Libby, That's a great start and I really appreciate the input. My time management skills are pretty decent and I currently manage my own schedule including home visits. Appreciate the advice about looking up the guidelines. The recruiter told me that since I don't have Oasis experience I might not be a viable candidate. But, hey, I made it into round two! Now I have something to refer to which might make me a stronger candidate. Thanks again!
  6. rotteluvr31

    HH interview

    Hello all In the very near future I will participate in a videoconference interview with a HH system in a different state. I am getting the impression this will be a panel interview. Does anyone have any tips, or suggestions for a successful interview? I have worked in community health, but not home health. I'm not so worried about the teleconference part, I'm more interested in potential topics that might crop up during the interview. Thanks in advance.
  7. rotteluvr31

    This is where I'm meant to be

    Beautiful words. May your little lady pass peacefully with you at her side. I am also a DD RN and love my folks. This is so much different from the ICU where I started, but for me, much more rewarding. Thank you for what you do everyday. We may not be among the highest paid nurses, but I think we are among the luckiest.
  8. rotteluvr31

    DDNA Certification

    Congratulations!!!!! and thanks for the study tip. Time for me to get busy!
  9. rotteluvr31

    new job/ pay

    Do I understand that you are getting paid per visit and not hourly? Is this specialized private duty nursing, or home health? I'm currently in process of applying for a home health position and the wage is hourly.
  10. rotteluvr31

    Newer nurse to DD/MR nursing

    You can always check out the DDNA (Developmental Disabilities Nursing Association) for more resources. They also hold an annual conference. Plus you can become certified! Love the job - love the field.
  11. rotteluvr31

    DDNA Certification

    I'd like to be your study buddy, but I'm 4,000 miles away I'm also interested in a recommendation for a good study text. Did you sit in on the webinar about certification?
  12. rotteluvr31

    Licensed in MI move to AK

    If you have a MI license, it will not be difficult to obtain an AK license. Just a matter of background checks, fingerprinting, and paying the cost of the license.
  13. rotteluvr31

    Health Dept. pay and work enviroment

    Although that is a really low pay rate, it's not the only place where RN's are poorly paid. Clinic nurses for a large health care provider in WI were being offered $17.00/hr a couple of years ago. I made more in an LTC as an LPN. It's too bad the pay is low, as you mention, the position doesn't get filled, and the cost to continually train staff is probably more than increasing the hourly compensation. And the people who are supposed to be served, aren't.
  14. rotteluvr31

    I'm a new grad interested in Public Health

    Follow your heart and your head. If it's what you really want to do, pursue it. If the PH agencies in your area require you to get some hospital experience first, than do so, but don't lose sight of your goal to work in Public Health. Good luck.
  15. rotteluvr31

    Educations requirements to be PHN

    Try checking your State Dept. of Health and see what the typical requirement. I've mostly seen a BSN required for PHN jobs.
  16. rotteluvr31

    Educations requirements to be PHN

    Most positions I seen require a BSN or equal amounts of work history to substitute.

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