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HH interview


Hello all

In the very near future I will participate in a videoconference interview with a HH system in a different state. I am getting the impression this will be a panel interview. Does anyone have any tips, or suggestions for a successful interview? I have worked in community health, but not home health. I'm not so worried about the teleconference part, I'm more interested in potential topics that might crop up during the interview.

Thanks in advance.

Skills: wound care modalities, infusion, catheters, ostomy, assessment, teaching.

Medicare home health guidelines (Google them before the interview) medical mecessity, skilled service..

Flexibility/tolerance for your schedule falling apart and startng over part way through your day.


Self initiative and self management

Decision making and nurse judgement

Interpersonal skills/customer service orientation (this isn't about patient satisfaction surveys, but ability to work with people in their own home..do you like people, can you mesh with a lot of different personality styles, can you build relationships with your providers, do you know how to work within a team, do you have team leading skills, precepting skills..)

Tolerance for more charting than you thought possible. Ability to write a nursing care plan.

Organizational skills/Time Management (You have to have this one, in home health you set up your own schedule, you plan the whole thing yourself and no one is going to micro manage you)

That's a start :-)

Thanks Libby,

That's a great start and I really appreciate the input. My time management skills are pretty decent and I currently manage my own schedule including home visits. Appreciate the advice about looking up the guidelines. The recruiter told me that since I don't have Oasis experience I might not be a viable candidate. But, hey, I made it into round two! Now I have something to refer to which might make me a stronger candidate.

Thanks again!

I might read everything I could about oasis so I could at least have a discussion about it.