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  1. 2.35 GPA too low for Acc Bacc BSN Program?

    I like what she does, but the OT programs are very competitive. She suggested becoming a PA.
  2. Medical Assistant in Hospital??

    Ok. We all know MA and nursing is not the same. The pay is not the same... and the education is NOT the same. BTW, MAs are only trained, therefore, a monkey can do that job. I need your advice! I've been working as a CNA for two years for a registry....
  3. Advice on Switching Careers Eventually to become PA

    Actually, some programs require some kind of direct patient experience. CNA is the perfect way to get it. Medical assistant is a bit harder to find a job...and the training is longer than the CNA. Save your energy for the PA. You may check out the Re...
  4. Ever worry about your family's safety?

    The only people you'll probably have a problem with: the other nurses. I find that the inmates are mostly respectful. The people you work with are a big problem. I once had a doctor ask me to clean his desk... what?
  5. Typical Medications Distributed

    Mary, inmates don't have access to anything sharp, pointy, hard...ect. Most meds that you'll come in contact will be oral. You're also required to keep count of all your sharps...and anything missing is to notified immediately.
  6. New to Corrections, Interview questions (Long) lots of ?

    Are you a new grad?
  7. 2.35 GPA too low for Acc Bacc BSN Program?

    I'm at the other end of the spectrum. I graduated with a B.A. in Psychology with a 3.9 and when I took my nursing prereqs I got "Cs" in a & p... and an "A" in Micro. I don't know what to do at this point.
  8. BLS vs. CPR/AED??

    The BLS is 5minutes longer and most of the time is good for 2 years. The Red Cross's is good for a years...and usually $25. Most hospitals prefer the BLS from the American Heart Association.
  9. Be Aware: Don't Go into Nursing

    Why would she want to join a nursing forum when she's an occupational therapist? I never log out of my account...and told her about all the people going into nursing.
  10. Be Aware: Don't Go into Nursing

    I let the owner of house use my account to post. Her brother and his girlfriend graduated in 2009 from a great RN program. They haven't found a job and since they all come to hang out here she's very upset. She's an occupational therapist and works...
  11. I am so sick....

    There seven people in my house, and we all use the same account to post. The owner of the house is an accupational therapist whose brother and his girlfriend graduated from an great RN program in 2009. She's tired of them sitting home with no jobs, ...
  12. Be Aware: Don't Go into Nursing

    I would encourage you..or any one to be a president! Don't tell me you wouldn't .
  13. Be Aware: Don't Go into Nursing

    I started my prereqs with my roommate and some of his classmates. They help me through Anatomy and Physio. I graduated from OT and my employer had a 60k job waiting for me. I also work for a hospital every other eve. I get frustrated when I ask m...
  14. How many New Grads from 2009 still don't have jobs?

    My roommate is the unemployed. Well, I now have two. They both graduated from a great RN program. They're now working at the school where I work as an occupational therapist. I'm trying to get them in the hospital where I work in the eves. Anyway, h...
  15. Be Aware: Don't Go into Nursing

    Why don't you go and respond to ALL the post where the new grads can't find a job...and tell them not to discourage you. When you're all done come back and tell me. Begin with the home page if you may.