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  1. reddellrn

    what I learned my first year as an RN

    I love this, it's so true!
  2. reddellrn

    I feel so bad.

    well i called my current manager to tell her i quit, she asked if i would at least work this weekend on nights to see if i like it better, then make a descission. i told her yes ill at least do that. she said it is not as busy on nights, it usually gets quit around 2300, then u have down time to do your work. hope they dont have 8-12 admits at night! she said its better at night. well i will see. there are no unit secretaries at night either. and i will have to be charge and take pts.
  3. reddellrn

    I feel so bad.

    my rehab manager told me all i had to do was fill our a new application and turn it in to her, and i can start my regular shift next week on my days to work.
  4. reddellrn

    I feel so bad.

    I am prepared for that. I dont think staying at the med surg job is good for my sanity, im constantly worried if i did everything, did not forget something charted everything, if im going to finish all my work on time. I had a lot of anxiety and stress with this job. i did think the grass was greener on the other side, but i was wrong. i said it before and ill say it again, i made a mistake to leave rehab, im very gratefull to have the job back.
  5. reddellrn

    I feel so bad.

    this is my situation. I recently left a rehab job due to bad conditions at work, which have recently improved, so im told, i got another job in medsurge at another hospital. I was hired on the spot, that should have been a red flag, anyway ive been there a month. im still in orientation, however i realized medsurg is not for me. i made a mistake. I ve done medsurg before as a new nurse, didnt like it then, dont like it now. but i had decided to try again. shame on me. well i was on medical leave from the rehab job when i got the medsurg job. it didnt occur to me that this could be a problem. they did not tell me that when i resigned. now that i realized medsurg is definatly not for me, i asked for my old job back. the rehab manager said yes but the don and hr told her it was up to her and the only issue is that i left while on eib. that labled me as ineligible for rehire. however the rehab manager dicided to give me another chance, thank god. i only have to fill out a new application, but since it has not been 3 months since i quit, everything would just pick up from when i left, like pto and benifits. Im very happy to have my old job back. The hr director did not look too impressed when i picked up the application. Now i have to tell my boss at the medsurg job. not looking forward to that and scared. i feel like crap and im so guilty, i dont know why i feel this way. im sure she will tear me a new one when i talk to her. I am schelduled to work this weekend, but dont know if i need to put in a 2 wk notice since im still in orientation. i tried to call her early this am but she was not in yet so left a message for her to call me back. well its been 3 hours, no call back, dont even know if shes going to work today. i will get in touch with her today somehow. im just so darn scared and guilty for doing this, but i just cant work medsurge, its too much for me. i am a nervous wreck at work, have so much anxiety about it. i dont sleep well and dread going to work. does any one have advise on how to tell this manager i quit? i need help. fast.
  6. reddellrn

    I think I made a mistake

    texas u r right, its not worth the money.
  7. reddellrn

    I think I made a mistake

    i was off 7 days in a row.
  8. reddellrn

    I think I made a mistake

    ok let me explain more, i will be the only rn on the floor, there will be lpns there also, its medsurge. there will be a nursing supervisor in house too. there will be 2 lpns for up to 20 pts. with me also having a team. if more than 20 pts there is suposed to be a 3rd nurse. and yes im already in charge while orientating with another nurse. but medsurge there is too fast paced for me. . i come home 1 to 2 hours late after my shift. my body hurts so bad. but i have good news, i was able to get my old job back. . i hope i dont have to give a 2 wk notice since im still in orientation. med surg is just not for me. ive been a nurse for 7 years and did it as a new nurse. left after 2 years, but decided to try it again. well now i remember why i left in the first place. thanks for all the advise. i love allnurses!
  9. reddellrn

    I think I made a mistake

    Yes, I am. But there is another rn there. To help if I need. The place is so busy I can't learn anything. I've been there a month and still dont know where anything is. We have up to 12admits a day if not more. How can I see about my own team of pts. Rehab is a better pace I think. But when I'm off orientation I will be the only rn on the floor.
  10. reddellrn

    I think I made a mistake

    I recently left a job in rehab for a job in medsurg. At the rehab job it was a constant battle to get the help we needed on the night shift. The work was doable. I also worked 7 12's in a row which was hard. So I left thinking the grass was greener on the other side. Well I think I made a mistake. I got a job at a very busy hospital. It is for the night shift, but I have been orientating on days. I'm charge nurse and also have pts. It's so ficken busy, I almost can't keep up. I start training on the night shift this weekend. I'll see how it goes but I'm too old and slow for the fast paced world of medsurg. I know my old position in rehab is still available. I think I want to go back if I can. I'm a nervous wreck in medsurg. What do you guys think? At least I was not about to have a stroke in rehab.
  11. reddellrn

    Do you ever....

    Man I do this all the time. I see models in magazines or young men in stores and think, man I could start an iv on you so easy! Just reacently I noticed my 14y/o son has some juicy looking veins.......
  12. reddellrn

    how old is to old for medsurge

    im wondering if im to old for med surge, its so freaking busy i can barley keep up. but the pay is good where i work. there are many younger nurses compared to us older girls. is there a reason?
  13. reddellrn

    Orientation time

    This is for the seasoned nurses. How long was your training on med surge when you changed jobs?
  14. reddellrn

    do employers care if you are on xanax?

    i hope not cus i could sure use some. lol
  15. reddellrn


    I was wondering how does your routine go if you are charge nurse and have a pt load? I'm looking for suggestions please.