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  1. This is what happened in Syracuse, NY. The owners were making money hand over fist while employees were slaving and not able to give acceptable care. The former owners were prosecuted and have since sold the nursing home. I believe there is a class action lawsuit from patients families, and patients themselves. The place was raided. https://www.syracuse.com/crime/index.ssf/2017/06/new_york_ag_raids_syracuse_nursing_home_in_patient_care_investigation.html https://cnycentral.com/news/local/feds-find-new-violations-at-troubled-james-square-nursing-home https://cnycentral.com/news/local/troubled-nursing-home-sold-to-new-owner-will-drop-james-square-name Not just hospitals have staffing issues.
  2. realnursealso/LPN

    Ad Hijack

    It has happened 3 times in a row to me. I wasn’t going to come back, but decided to chance it. That is intolerable. Also it is impossible to get back to Allnurses without clicking out and coming back. Please fix this.
  3. realnursealso/LPN

    LPNs: Myths and Misconceptions (Part III)

    I live close to Syracuse,NY. Look in the Syracuse Newspaper online, you'll find lots of jobs. A lot of the places hire new grads too.
  4. realnursealso/LPN

    LPNs: Myths and Misconceptions (Part III)

    I see that some who have posted still can't let it be. Thanks Commuter for trying. I don't yearn to be an RN. I have never had a problem getting a job. Newsflash, for those of you that still don't get it, LPN'S WORK IN HOSPITALS HERE! LOTS OF JOBS! LOTS OF RN JOBS! LOTS OF LPN'S JOBS ARE AVALIBLE! Please quit saying our "numbers will decline". No reason for it!
  5. realnursealso/LPN

    Mandatory extra shift two days in advance

    I would make her show me in the policy book where it says she can randomly assign you an extra shift. If she cannot provide me with this, and she persists, I would go up the chain of command. Good luck.
  6. realnursealso/LPN

    Rehab Nursing advice please...not a real nurse?

    I find that when people say things to put you down, it's because they have low self esteem, and they are trying to pump themselves up. Ignore them! I'm a REAL NURSE! and So are you! It's not a contest, or a competition. ""Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. " ~ Dr. Seuss
  7. realnursealso/LPN

    Have you ever been insulted for what you do?

    "Have you ever been insulted for what you do?" Yes, right here on Allnurses, by uninformed nursing students and new grads. I am a real nurse, I have my own license that I work under, no LPN's are not being fazed out just because your hospital doesn't hire them now. Just to let you know, the same thing happened in the early 80's, and the tide turned. In public I just ignore the uninformed. I'm proud of my career and what I've accomplished. I've been a nurse for over 30 years now.
  8. realnursealso/LPN

    Hospital Ditches "Team Nursing" and LVNs

    You are absolutely correct Tewdles! Then the powers that be found out how expensive it was, and guess what happened?...lol Just wait, it will all come around again.
  9. realnursealso/LPN

    Are you comfortable selling BOTOX?

    I know Moogie, can you believe it? I was shocked when I saw that on TV:smackingf
  10. realnursealso/LPN

    Are you comfortable selling BOTOX?

    According to NYS BON, it is perfectly legal for you to give botox injections. "Can a Registered Professional Nurse (RN) administer botox, sclera therapy, dermabrasion, laser hair removal and other alternative or cosmetic procedures to a patient? Answer: Yes. The RN, who has been found competent in these procedures, may carry them out upon the prescription of an authorized provider who has examined the patient." I have no idea what state you live in. But it says right before, this: "Can a Registered Professional Nurse (RN) be hired by a business corporation to practice nursing? Answer: No. Business ventures such as med spas, nutrition stores and durable equipment companies may not hire licensed professionals to provide professional health care services in New York State." Seems confusing.
  11. realnursealso/LPN

    Tell me about continuing education credits

    Are you in New York State? If you are, you are correct. Those are the only two required. And Horseshoe, I've been a nurse over 30 years, never killed anyone yet.....lol, and if I were that bad, CEU's wouldn't help:yeah:
  12. realnursealso/LPN


    Here a listing asking for "New Grads" http://jobs.syracuse.com/careers/jobsearch/detail?searchType=advanced&categories=advancecategorynursing&country=United+States&state=New+York&location=New+York&sortBy=postdate&jobId=37063260&viewType=main&networkView=main&offset=140
  13. realnursealso/LPN


    I post this over and over to people seeking jobs. I feel so bad for all of you not working. I live close to Syracuse, NY. Many, many jobs are open in Syracuse. We get alot of snow, but it's a beautiful area. http://jobs.syracuse.com/careers/jobsearch/results?searchType=advanced;categories=advancecategorynursing;country=United+States;state=New+York;sortBy=postdate
  14. realnursealso/LPN

    If you could meet an AN member who would it be?

    "Realnursealso/LPN- I remember when I started LPN school and how much better I felt when she would say to be proud of being a LPN because we are real nurses also." Nurselovejoy, I am honored for you to mention my name.
  15. realnursealso/LPN

    If you could meet an AN member who would it be?

    Leslie, she was so wonderful to me when my sister died. Ruby for sure, I keep trying to picture in my head what she looks like. I just love Ruby's posts! Many others who have touched my heart or said a kind word. Tweety, he cracks me up sometimes. He always makes me remember my halloween costume from when I was a little girl, but Tweety always ends up wearing scrubs now, in my mind. Gosh, belonging to AllNurses for 10 years, I would like to meet many people on here. I've been lurking over on Central and reading the general off topic daily posts for about a month now. Sure would like to see a picture of the new cabin. Too many people to list.