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realnursealso/LPN has 34 years experience as a LPN and specializes in Peds Homecare.

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  1. This is what happened in Syracuse, NY. The owners were making money hand over fist while employees were slaving and not able to give acceptable care. The former owners were prosecuted and have since sold the nursing home. I believe there is a class action lawsuit from patients families, and patients themselves. The place was raided. https://www.syracuse.com/crime/2017/06/new_york_ag_raids_syracuse_nursing_home_in_patient_care_investigation.html https://cnycentral.com/news/local/feds-find-new-violations-at-troubled-james-square-nursing-home https://cnycentral.com/news/local/troubled-nursing-home-sold-to-new-owner-will-drop-james-square-name Not just hospitals have staffing issues.
  2. realnursealso/LPN

    Dropped Pill - Do you give it?

    WOW, I must be part of that crusty old bat thing. I am retired, but I can't believe that any of you would consider giving a dropped pill. What are nursing students being taught? Back in prehistoric times, you'd know the answer without asking. Back to my bat cave, ta ta.
  3. realnursealso/LPN

    Does our BON System Need to be Reformed?

    I am retired, and my license is inactive, so I had no qualms about writing my BON. I sent them the articles from the paper that told what she had done. I copied and pasted her name and licensing info from the webpage. I told them that for 34 years I had followed the rules and did so because I valued my profession. I checked her the other day, she still has her license. My aunt has now been dead a year, still nothing. She was sentenced to the county jail, was fined and ordered to do community service, why she got off so easily, I don't know, but why does she still have her license, I just don't get it.
  4. realnursealso/LPN

    Does our BON System Need to be Reformed?

    The RN, who was drunk, and driving her car, while drinking wine, that smashed into my aunt and killed her, still has her license. She has suffered no consequences for her actions regarding her RN license. I looked her up just the other day, her license is still valid and nothing about suspension. My aunt was killed by this nurse, one year ago!
  5. realnursealso/LPN

    Nursing License Revoked 12 years ago

    Good luck in your quest. I bet if you go to this section https://allnurses.com/nurses-recovery/ you will maybe find answers.
  6. realnursealso/LPN

    Surveillance cameras in pedi patient's home?

    I'm retired now, but did high tech peds home care for years. I was never taped, and would have left the case if I was. Another thing, all my patients were not in their rooms 24/7. They were in their home, so after bathing, dressing, yadda, yadda, we went to the living room like most people do in their homes. My patients, big or little were not on bed rest and we interacted with their family. A PP on here certainly has a sad attitude about home care nurses. I could hear her shrill voice in my head as I read. I loved my patients and their families, and they loved me. I still have contact with my first kid, he's in his 30's now. Guess I'm kind of glad I am retired if it has come to this.
  7. realnursealso/LPN

    Hand Sanitizer and Asthma

    I am not allergic to hand sanitizer, but I hate it. I see staff just about bathe in it when visiting my parents when they are in the hospital. When I used it in the past, before retiring, it made my hands feel dirty, not clean. I prefer good old soap and water. Hospitals are the worst offenders, they have that crap outside of every room, like it's some kind of magic potion. If I feel my hands need washing, I look for a sink. Sorry that some of you have such ill effects from it. By the way, it does kind of burn my nose when I smell it.
  8. realnursealso/LPN

    Attending school with client?

    When I attended school with my Peds patients, all that was required of me at school was to monitor their medical needs. The school district had a one on one that was in charge of the pts educational needs. I was required to spend all time with my patient, never leaving them in the classroom, except for a quick trip to the bathroom.
  9. realnursealso/LPN

    Nurses behavior towards CNA's?

    If she was so concerned about his BP, why didn't she take it herself, especially if she wanted it rechecked. Advise to other nurses, don't be mean just because you can. If I had concerns about a patient's BP, I'd take it myself.
  10. realnursealso/LPN

    Is Vista College an accredited school?

    What she said^
  11. realnursealso/LPN

    New vent, old topic

    I always found those communication books annoying. I wrote my notes once and writing them over in that #%€€ book drove me crazy. There was no need for them, and some of the nurses I encountered wrote books, whole pages! No need for them on a case with one shift a day. I finally just quit writing in them. And as a PP said, some used them for nasty grams to others. My agency forbid us to use them eventually, thank goodness.
  12. realnursealso/LPN

    Keeping License Active?

    My license was up for renewal in July, tears ran down my cheeks when I hit the inactivate space. If I had renewed I would have had to take the infection control course, my CPR had expired, so decided seeing as I retired, and hadn't worked since last July, I didn't renew. I can reactivate it any time by contacting them for the form. No hours of practice required in NYS, no CEU's, just infection control. It was kind of like a chapter in my life was through, and I miss the kids I cared for, but time to relax. No more alarm clocks, no more driving in the snow, unless I want too. Love the freedom.
  13. realnursealso/LPN

    Are you really not a "real nurse" unless you work in acute care?

    Blah, blah, blah. I don't listen or care what someone says about people being "real nurses". I was a real nurse the day my little patient died and the mom called me and wanted me to come tell her goodbye. I've been a real nurse for 35 years, and I'll be one until the day I die. Initials, credentials, and advanced degrees, don't make anyone more of a nurse than me or you. I always felt that people who make comments such as that are feeling a little unsure of themselves so they try to deflect their insecurities to others by trying to inflate their own egos. Carry on fellow nurse and ignore the stupidity. Happy Fourth of July!
  14. realnursealso/LPN

    Wouldn't it make more sense to have all nurses become Rn's first?

    Who cares what the ANA has to say, as an LPN for 35 years, I don't. They have no say over any rules or regulations. Nuff said
  15. realnursealso/LPN

    Scary Territory

    I worked in the rather bad area of the city. I did shift nursing, not visits. But, everyone in the complex knew I was the little ones nurse. They knew which one was my car. Everyone treated me with kindness and respect. And if someone new moved in, they were filled in very quickly by my little patients parents. I never had any trouble at that case, or any of the other ones in "bad neighborhoods". It was actually refreshing to be treated so nicely. Now I can't quaruntee that it will always go this way for you, but it may just surprise you.
  16. realnursealso/LPN

    Walking into a mess

    My last Peds case, before I retired was like that every single day I was on the case, about 18 months worth. The little one only had day shift nurses. What was even worse was the lazy nurse that worked opposite days from me. She never restocked the cans of tube feed I carefully put in the cupboard in the kitchen, nor restocked the pile of bags I kept in there. Mom always left the bag with tube feed in it from the night before, always had to throw it away. The other nurse never checked to see if the patient needed scripts called in, or checked the bottle to see if a new script was needed from the doc. The little girl was always wet, sometimes with dried on bm, on her skin and in her diaper, Mom just figured I was getting her up, so it was up to me. I loved the little one so, but wanted to grrrr at the Mom.