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realnursealso/LPN has 34 years experience as a LPN and specializes in Peds Homecare.

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  1. This is what happened in Syracuse, NY. The owners were making money hand over fist while employees were slaving and not able to give acceptable care. The former owners were prosecuted and have since sold the nursing home. I believe there is a class action lawsuit from patients families, and patients themselves. The place was raided. https://www.syracuse.com/crime/index.ssf/2017/06/new_york_ag_raids_syracuse_nursing_home_in_patient_care_investigation.html https://cnycentral.com/news/local/feds-find-new-violations-at-troubled-james-square-nursing-home https://cnycentral.com/news/local/troubled-nursing-home-sold-to-new-owner-will-drop-james-square-name Not just hospitals have staffing issues.
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    Ad Hijack

    iPad and Safari
  3. realnursealso/LPN

    Ad Hijack

    It has happened 3 times in a row to me. I wasn’t going to come back, but decided to chance it. That is intolerable. Also it is impossible to get back to Allnurses without clicking out and coming back. Please fix this.
  4. realnursealso/LPN

    Dropped Pill - Do you give it?

    WOW, I must be part of that crusty old bat thing. I am retired, but I can't believe that any of you would consider giving a dropped pill. What are nursing students being taught? Back in prehistoric times, you'd know the answer without asking. Back to my bat cave, ta ta.
  5. realnursealso/LPN

    Nursing nightmares.

    Me too, I remember that name! Oramar
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    Yes, my MMR, came back negative. Was given another MMR injection and another titer was done. It came back negative again. My doctor at the time stated in a written note that I was immunized even though I had a negative titer, and that no further immunization was necessary. My blood also reacts to the preservative in the tube while my blood is being drawn, causing my platelets to clump together and resulting in results saying I don't have enough platelets. I only found that out because I ended up having to go to a hematologist. I think I have strange blood.
  7. realnursealso/LPN

    Patients Say the Darnedest Things

    Confused 90 year old male nursing home patient, to my straight laced charge nurse, as she helped clean him up. "If this was alive, I'd stick it in you!" Maybe too racy for this contest? We all laughed until the tears rolled down our cheeks.
  8. realnursealso/LPN

    Does our BON System Need to be Reformed?

    I am retired, and my license is inactive, so I had no qualms about writing my BON. I sent them the articles from the paper that told what she had done. I copied and pasted her name and licensing info from the webpage. I told them that for 34 years I had followed the rules and did so because I valued my profession. I checked her the other day, she still has her license. My aunt has now been dead a year, still nothing. She was sentenced to the county jail, was fined and ordered to do community service, why she got off so easily, I don't know, but why does she still have her license, I just don't get it.
  9. realnursealso/LPN

    Does our BON System Need to be Reformed?

    The RN, who was drunk, and driving her car, while drinking wine, that smashed into my aunt and killed her, still has her license. She has suffered no consequences for her actions regarding her RN license. I looked her up just the other day, her license is still valid and nothing about suspension. My aunt was killed by this nurse, one year ago!
  10. realnursealso/LPN

    Nursing License Revoked 12 years ago

    Good luck in your quest. I bet if you go to this section https://allnurses.com/nurses-recovery/ you will maybe find answers.
  11. realnursealso/LPN

    Disturbing Conversation on Overweight Healthcare Workers

    Please tell your "coworkers" I am retired now, but I worked for 34 years as an LPN, and we were busy doing our jobs. We didn't have time to discuss the weight of our coworkers. I was chubby then and I still am, so what.
  12. realnursealso/LPN

    Refusing a case in home care

    Hello, in NY State we all call it Home health, just because you call it private duty, which we use for nurses who do Medicaid nursing, see each area has their own definitions. If you are not comfortable with a case, you have the right to refuse. I bet no one else wants the case, or they've kicked all the other nurses to the curb and you're the next to be sent.
  13. realnursealso/LPN

    Lpn & asn are are being phased out.

    Good lord, you continue to speak of this as if it has one iota of truth to it. It was started and spread by a UNION!
  14. realnursealso/LPN

    Lpn & asn are are being phased out.

    Before I told you the true culprits of this phase out nonsense, I had to find a link to back me up. I knew some of you would jump to defend the truly culpable starters of this sentence.I am totally sick and tired of reading on Allnurses. I have been a member here since 2000. It used to make me furious, now, I just laugh at the stupidity of the statement. So, thank the elitist union, of those they promote. THE AMERICAN NURSES ASSOCIATION! They spewed this in 1965, just because that is what THEY WANTED, to happen. It's not going to happen. http://www.digitaleditionsonline.com/publication/?i=197384&article_id=1635395&view=articleBrowser&ver=html5#{"issue_id":197384,"view":"articleBrowser","article_id":"1635395"} So, read it, and never be so gullible again to even think it is something that is going to happen.
  15. realnursealso/LPN

    Lpn & asn are are being phased out.

    I graduated from LPN school in December of 1979. In 1980, some people tried to tell me that story. Guess what, in July, I have been retired for 2 years....for 34 years I worked as an LPN. Every time I hear that nonsense I want to . It's not true, it's never been true, and guess what? The Level 1 Trauma Center in this area, they hire LPN's. The other big hospitals...3 to be exact, in Syracuse NY, they hire LPN's too! Also, if that were ever come to be, all currently licensed nurses would be grandfathered in. Just stop, stop!
  16. realnursealso/LPN

    Day 1: 2016 Nurses Week Caption Contest

    Mommy says this is how it's done, she showed me. It doesn't hurt, really!