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  1. believeallispossible

    failed nclex-pn 2x- how can i pass it next time?

    Well, I'm in the same boat also. Failed once in november... and failed the second time in march... planning on taking it a 3rd time sometime. This is not fun.
  2. believeallispossible

    Has anyone ever failed the nclex using exam cram? Curious.

    That is goooood to know, because I'm using nclex 3500 now. Thank you for your input.
  3. believeallispossible

    Has anyone ever failed the nclex using exam cram? Curious.

    Hello. I agree, I found that Exam Cram was very useful, however I needed another source... So this time around I am answering questions on a website and hopefully will finish nclex3500. Best of luck to you too!
  4. Just taking a break with studying and thought i'd post this. Just Curious. I'm taking the nclex for the 3rd time sometime soon...just don't exactly know when, because i'm not ready yet.
  5. believeallispossible

    Facebook almost cost me my job

    I think our world is corrupt now that literally everyone has facebook. not gonna lie, i'm a user of it too. But I do wish i wouldn't have ever signed up for it 5 years ago when it used to be just a 'college' network. Now i'm too far into it, and it's hard to let it go.. ahhh dumb! But honestly, right now I like this site allnurses wayyy more than facebook..haha. theres a lot of valuable info on this site and it's good to know that there are a lot of us going through the same thing, depending on different situations. I think that your job took it way out of hand too, really? you getting fired for that?? ridiculous. but anyway, at least now you know not to put anything like that on fb ever again. lesson learned.
  6. believeallispossible

    NCLEX 3500.. what do you think of it??

    Good to know. I think i'm going to try using it. Thanks!
  7. believeallispossible

    NCLEX 3500.. what do you think of it??

    What do you think of NCLEX 3500?? Any responses about it are greatly appreciated!!
  8. believeallispossible

    Will you delete your Facebook account of you get into nursing school?

    You guys, if you think about it, this site (allnurses) is kinda another form of facebook... for nurses. ha ha ha. it's addictive.
  9. believeallispossible

    Took NCELX-RN yesterday, graduated a YEAR AGO...

    O M G I Envy you!!!! lol, but Congratsssss!!!!! the relief is over for you! Please share the book you used! Did you feel like it helped?
  10. believeallispossible

    Took NCELX-RN yesterday, graduated a YEAR AGO...

    Ha, your post made me laugh. good written. lol. Good luck! If you pass (which i'm sure you will), i'll be entirely jealous due to the fact of little studying involved. I've almost been out a whole year too once July hits! Hopefully i'll pass before then. Already taken it twice and bombed:smackingf. Ahhh life.... such is life. how ravishing.
  11. believeallispossible

    I just failed nursing school

    I really liked your post. It made me realize that life could be a whole lot worse and that I should count my blessings. Sometimes I get down, sad, and depressed about life because of not passing the nclex twice...but i realize that there are a lot of others that have it worse than me. And remember to never take anything for granted. THank you for sharing. :redbeathe and exactly, don't loose sight and your goal..the people around you who love you will never ever judge.
  12. believeallispossible

    ATTN NCLEX TAKERS: Only book you need...

    HEY. I guess I already have the Prentice Hall Nursing - Review & Rationales for Medical Surgical Nursing... DO you think this would help me with my studies? Even though it's only Med-Surg? This book really did help me pass my med-surg class. BUT i wish I had the comprehensive:(((( This makes total sense... since it's made by Pearsonvue!
  13. believeallispossible

    What do you think of -*Saunders*- for the NCLEX-PN?

    This will be my 3rd time taking it so I def know what the Nclex questions are like, my question is, do you think Saunders is a good study tool to use even though the nclex questions are not like Saunders? I have already studied Exam Cram (which in my option is very similiar to nclex questions) and LaCharity. I NEED TO PASS THIS TIME!! Right now, i am going over questions on a site called r n p e d i a . c o m. But I don't know, maybe I should switch to Saunders. I need all the advice i can get. Thank youuu.
  14. believeallispossible

    After Taking The NCLEX...I Passed My 5th Time!

    GRRR. I'm just going to give you my share of cents, and then I'll toss your unnecessary comment out of the window. If I was soooo dumb and sooooo bad at taking care of my patients, WOULDN'T YOU THINK THAT I WOULD BE KICKED OUT of the dang program a long time ago?! Seriously. I have horrible test anxiety too, horrible. OH, wait did I mention to you that I got A's in clinical care though, just like the OP? I think that makes a WHOLE lot of difference. Believe me, I would def rethink about my career IF i had failed clinicals or barely passed. But that didn't happen. I can't believe a person would be so low to even downgrade people who didn't pass one test to make them a nurse, esp. when all of us went through the whole nursing program, studied so incredibly hard, and made it. Nursing school isn't and wasn't a jolly easy ride! Did you know that about 90% of what you learned in the classroom doesn't even compare to what you will know in the REAL WORLD of working! Once again, talked to lots of nurses saying that nursing school (classroom) is totally different that working in a real job, and you'll learn SOOOOO much more when your actually working as a nurse. TONS of nurses say that. I talked to a girl just recently that graduated back in 09, she works at a hospital. Totally says real world life working as a nurse is totally different than nursing school. Nursing school is just a foundation.....just like taking this dang test is. I would also like to point out that in a job interview, they are NOT going to ask you how many times you failed or if you passed the nclex on the first try!! With that being said, if it was that big of a deal that people did not pass the nclex on their 1st or 5th try, wouldn't the job interviewer ask that sort of question then?? If you haven't taken the NCLEX yet... i would be a little worried. KARMA really is a biocth so I would just be prepared. You're probably going to be one of 'those' nurses someday who always comes into work with a negative attitude on life, and brings there troubles to work. I can totally picture it. I wouldn't want some nurse with a negative attitude taking care of me that's for sure, or work with one! (I mean, I do have every right to assume that, since your assuming that people who fail the nclex are not going to be good nurses.) It's almost like you WANT to make us angry & argue with us---->(Another red-flag of bad attitude if you ask me) There's always time to change, and look at life in a positive way:)
  15. believeallispossible

    I just failed nursing school

    Oh hun, you are not alone. Because I was EXACTLY in your shoes two years ago. I failed my med-surg final and had to sit out a WHOLE year to retake that class over. But trust me, life goes on...and i made it through!! You can too. It's not the end of the world. Now i'm passed that, and currently at the moment, i am just struggling with the nclex. blahhh. will it ever end? Just don't give up, because obviously I haven't yet. You should go through all of my postings...there were times I was seriously depressed. But you'll get through it. HUGS!! I know what you are going through!