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  1. believeallispossible

    For those of you who are having feelings of failure about the nclex..check this out..

    well no DUHHHH. just the positive thoughts helps.
  2. http://thesecret.tv/thesecretbook/ http://thesecret.tv/stories/ My friend just told me about this book tonight. I find it to be soo true. Earlier today i was so discouraged and had feelings of failure, like i didn't care anymore. Now tonight I KNOW I'M GOING TO PASS and believe that you are. Keep the negative failing thoughts out. It's not happening. "Everything is possible, nothing is impossible." Check it out.:redbeathe
  3. I had a breakdown last night and just bawled because I was so stressed out and depressed over this. I changed my test date like 4-5 times now. Finally, got up this morning and went on to pearsonvue and just found the test center where I can take it as soon as possible. I am done with this anxiety and worry. I studied nclex3500 (even tho i feel like i don't remem it), exam cram & lacharity in the past. I just came to the conclusion that I cannot fit everything in my brain. I'm really relying on good guessing skills, prayers, God, guardian angels, praying that I get the questions that I have went over & feel confident about. All i need is the questions in which i know and i'll be good. I'm going to take it on this date and sticking with it. whatever happens happens. POSITIVE VIBES.
  4. believeallispossible

    Pearson Trick Said that I passed, BUT...................

    O my o my i hope and pray that I get easy questions, or at least questions that I know!
  5. believeallispossible

    ...This whole Nclex thing...is making me depressed...

    I failed twice. once in the fall and once in march. I payed to take it a 3rd time, haven't taken it yet because I don't feel confident at all. i'm very sick of studying. I used nclex3500 and don't freaking remember it. Also studied exam cram and lacharity in the past. I'm sick of this, and i'm sick of ignoring my friends and i'm sick of failure. I feel like im in a depression with this whole career choice I have made in my life & i just wanna quit!!! I am starting to hate this whole nursing thing really. Just wanna say screw it and screw everything. Just venting.
  6. believeallispossible

    i just need opinions. i used nclex 3500, Exam Cram, & lacharity.

    Neil, I just PM you.
  7. It's really coming down to the wire. I swear I've changed my dates like 4 times now. I have used exam cram & lacharity when i studied before...which went all the way to 205 questions. Failed it but was near passing on everything. So this time I answered nclex 3500 questions. Honestly don't feel like I remember much from it...probably answered 2500 from it. I wrote notes but i don't know what to do. I am freaking out. I guess I'll just read thru my notes a couple times ? I was kinda planning on making notecards for it but people say you can't memorize info. I just need opinions pleaseeee. Maybe change the test date AGAIN...
  8. believeallispossible

    I got done answering about 3000 or some questions...

    AND I completely feel like I don't know anything. Well, I know I know some stuff but I know there's lots that I forgot. I answered almost all of Nclex 3500, and questions from a different website. (I have also used exam cram & lacharity from the last 2 times I tested) I have a notebook full of notes from answering these questions and I don't know how the hell to organize it so I can study from it. AHHHH. Is this normal after answering a crap load of questions?! I am sooo stressed. ....:crying2::crying2::crying2::crying2::crying2:
  9. believeallispossible

    I need opinions please on nclex 3500 . . . . .

    God Bless you too. We can do it!!!
  10. believeallispossible

    I need opinions please on nclex 3500 . . . . .

    I was the same way i thought there was no way i could get thru this, but i just started on one section and kept going..now i'm halfway done. I don't have the cd, i am just doing it on the website that I found. I guess i'm not a fresh new grad anymore...i graduated last July 2010. Practically a year out... holy cow time goes by fast. I have taken this exam 2 times now and this is going to be the LAST time i take it because i am going to pass it. I am using this website, i have done exam cram & lacharity in the past. I think all 3 of these materials are good to use. Gooooood luck!!!!
  11. believeallispossible

    I need opinions please on nclex 3500 . . . . .

    MISS MJ, I would just start straight in on the med surg sections. There are 10 sections to complete on that.. really good rationales and feel like it's helping me with content. once I got those done i felt pretty good about myself... then I started on basic physical care n such which I thought were easy so it didn't take me that long to complete. But i know OB & Peds & Meds are gonna be a killer because those are my weakness ... ;( I answer between 150-300 questions a day. It's a long program. I'm ready to be done! Yeah i know i shouldn't skip anything that was probably a dumb question to ask, but oh well, worth a shot at asking! ha.
  12. believeallispossible

    I need opinions please on nclex 3500 . . . . .

    I have done all of the med-surg sections (Cardio, Oncologic, GI, Skin, Immune, Endocrine, Musculoskeletal, Neuro, Resp., and Urinary). I have also answered the questions on the sections "Basic Physical Care", "Basic Psychosocial Needs", "Basic Physical Assess", and "Nursing Process". So what I have left to do are the OB sections & Pediatric sections, plus the medication section...which should take about 4-5 days to do. I am wondering if it would be bad of me to skip the section on "Foundations of Psych, and Psych disorder"... This is just a really long & overwhelming program to complete and I just don't want to waste my time on something. I just need advice. I really just wish I was done with this program so I can study notecards, lab values, infection control, and my medications... I am just so ready for this to be over:crying2:
  13. I am using nclex 3500 now and i am learning from it and praying that i'll make it this time. Congrats on passing. and btw i wouldn't mind working for that supervisor she sounds really really awesome! ; )
  14. believeallispossible

    O . M . G! SO frusterated.

    ok now it works nevermind! ughhh this is ridiculous and i cannot wait til this huge migraine is over.
  15. believeallispossible

    O . M . G! SO frusterated.

    I was in the middle of doing NCLEX 3500 and now the freaking site doesn't work!!!! Why does this crap happen to me? I swear this nclex is evil stuff. I cannot be dealing with a broken link right now!! Anyone have the link that works??? So irritated! this is the one i was using: http://nursing.slcc.edu/nclexrn3500/mainMenu.do;jsessionid=20D721724A16FE55BB72B233991C0E6B
  16. believeallispossible

    How many questions do you do a day... 300Q reasonable?

    Is doing 300 Questions a day do'able? How many do you answer / day? I don't work right now..this nclex is my job at this point. NEED to PASS. .....or maybe 300 would be cramming....