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I am currently a CNA, but I am in the middle of nursing school to become a LPN.

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  1. jolly_tamale

    can an unlicensed nursing assistant empty foley's?

    I have no idea but I don't see why not. I actually never did it until after I was certified and had my first job (somehow missed that during clinicals). It took two minutes for someone to show me how to do it.
  2. jolly_tamale

    Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

    I graduate in January so still have a bit. I am currently a CNA and do okay with pain management. Right now I am able to manage pain with Lidocaine and Flector patches so I am not having to take any narcotics (too terrified to after reading stories on here). They told us at the beginning of school that everything that could go wrong will during nursing school. So far my son has broke his nose (had to have surgery), I've had an abscessed tooth and sinus infection, now this...sometimes you just have to step back and laugh I guess :)
  3. jolly_tamale

    Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

    I was diagnosed with Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome today after an EMG. I am right in the middle of LPN school and am feeling a little discouraged. I have had pain issues for so long with my feet and I've always known that nursing would be challenging for me but it's the only thing I want to do. They are wanting to do surgery but I just don't have the time to take off of clinicals and school. I guess not really looking for anything specific just a little encouragement.
  4. jolly_tamale

    Love Class...Hate Clinicals! Help!

    I hated clinicals when I did them to get my CNA but I love working as a CNA. I think clinicals are a good start but I wouldn't judge whether or not you are going to like being a nurse just yet. Clinicals are very stressful (never know when an instructor is going to be peeking over your shoulder, don't know the facility real well, learning a lot of stuff for the first time, getting checked off, etc). I don't love my LPN clinicals but I'm not as nervous because I know that clinicals are a good snapshot of what it will be like but not the whole picture. Give yourself some time to get adjusted and get comfortable and don't stress too much (easier said than done). I think the fact that you like the classroom learning is a good sign that you at least find this career field interesting. Stick with it!
  5. jolly_tamale

    Immune system down

    My immune system sucks since I've started nursing school. I'm on my third sinus infection since starting school back in January. I think my immune system hates the studying all night and school 5x's a week all day. Anyone else going through anything like this?
  6. jolly_tamale

    Yikes! I'm scared!

    I'm 28, but there is one man and one woman in my class over 50. They are both doing very well. The woman actually sits next to me everyday and that woman aces everything!!! This is her first time back to school since she was 19. Good luck!
  7. jolly_tamale

    Disabled CNA student-Skills questions

    How's it going now?
  8. jolly_tamale

    New specialist today

    Short back story: A few years ago I had an accessory navicular removed that was attached to my posterior tibial tendon. They reconstructed my foot and made a new "home" for the tendon. Then a little bit after that the tendon tore off the bone. I had a tendon debridement and screws put in my foot. Now I am having massive pain again. EMG shows nerve damage and compression. MRI "found" a new extra bone we didn't know about, tendon damage, and now also diagnosed with tarsal tunnel syndrome and neuropathy. A lot of damage on this foot for nursing. The doctor told me I needed to be realistic about working. While I have no restrictions (as my dr put it, the damage is already done). I am now looking at a surgery to put in a synthetic tendon and some plates, as well as moving a few bones over and reseting my ankle. Painful, long surgery/recovery. I am trying to be realistic about what my capabilities and disabilities are. I love bedside nursing, it's just standing on my feet (okay, walking I never get a chance to just stand, lol) really hurts. I come home after every shift and head straight for the pain medicine to try to get on top of the pain. I guess I just need some encouragement. I felt like the doctor was telling me to give up my nursing dreams but I just love it too much and have no idea what else I would do. He told me to get my RN and be a phone nurse. Not my ideal, but at least it's still nursing. Any words of wisdom?!?
  9. jolly_tamale

    Disabled CNA student-Skills questions

    How did it go today?
  10. jolly_tamale

    Should I have worn gloves?

    I give a back rub every day to one of my residents that is undergoing very tough chemotherapy. The rub helps her with her nausea she says. I always wear gloves. Not just to protect myself, but because her immune system is already compromised so much I don't want to risk anything with her. I would definitely follow the facilty and your school's procedure for whatever their protocol is.
  11. jolly_tamale

    feeling like im not going to make it

    Just know that it is overwhelming for everyone in the beginning. Don't throw in the towel yet. You will find a routine and schedule (for studying and everything else) and get more comfortable. In the beginning you are getting a lot thrown at you at once but you will adapt. Take it one day, one test at a time. If I think about everything I still have ahead I would be thinking the same thing. However, if I break it down and think, "Can I get through this skeleton system test?" (just some sort of question like that) then it's much easier!
  12. jolly_tamale

    Hit the LTC facility jackpot

    I started a new job at a LTC facility (I'm a CNA) closer to home while I go to school. The staff is absolutely wonderful and very supportive of me working towards becoming a LPN. The nurses keep pulling me to show me procedures and teach me (of course I am not doing anything, just watching them). I would have never gotten this at my last job. I was worried about going to school all day, working nights, and studying, but they are all really helping me. How's everyone doing in school so far?
  13. jolly_tamale

    I will keep asking for help!

    Bottom line is that if you are uncomfortable you shouldn't do it. I agree with everyone else that everything else should be done first so that all that is left is the transfer, but I have a feeling that person would still give you attitude. I would do exactly as you did.
  14. jolly_tamale

    New job

    I'm working 35 hours. I'm not too worried about this trimester since it's A & P (already had it once) and CNA (which I already obviously have), it's next trimester I'm worried about. I go to school Mon-Thurs and am working Fri-Mon so the hours don't overlap too bad, but we'll see. If it comes between school and work, then work is going to have to go, but I'd really like to do both.
  15. jolly_tamale

    New job

    Oh quick question. I've only worked the 6a-2p shift. Now I am working the 2p-10p shift. For those of you that work nights what types of duties do you have?