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  1. scoutsmom

    Expert!!!! WOW!!!!

    expert is a word thrown around a lot these days, I don't think no one is an "expert" on anything, there are just some poeple who know more that others, but there is always room to know more- and to continue learning.
  2. scoutsmom

    Things you wish you knew when you were young?

    I wish I would of known that I wouldn't always be "skinny" and would of started to exercise and eat better in my teens not at 50.
  3. scoutsmom


    I wonder why there is so many problems with the giving of coumidin? you seem to mention that med as the one nurses are making med errors on so much. Where I work we have 2 nurses intial the Mar. when there is a new order or a dosage change in coumidin. for the first 3 days we do that. Maybe your place should consider that.
  4. scoutsmom

    do you skip your lunch break routinely?

    amazed with the number of Nurses who don't take their breaks, that is what is so wrong with the profession,!!!!! It should not be allowed - and as long as Nurses don't demand to be treated "human", nothing will ever change!
  5. scoutsmom

    Oh no. Accidentally left work with diazepam!

    sounds like you already know what you are going to do- so what is it your really wanting to know???
  6. scoutsmom

    can an unlicensed nursing assistant empty foley's?

    they can , and they do- where I work
  7. scoutsmom

    Post mortum care mourning :(

    It always makes me reflective, you know what it does??,.. It HUMBLES me, It makes me remember we all will be there someday, it grounds me, and I always feel honored that I was with that person as they left this world, ...some nurses are there when we come in the world,..... and just as important,- some nurses have the same honor,- when we go out.
  8. scoutsmom

    what does this sign mean?

    is it a "grain"? , .. agree-- its hard to tell here.
  9. scoutsmom

    Am I approaching this in the wrong way?

    Raindrop, maybe because I have survived Breast cancer, ( lymph node involemnt) I realize that life can change for someone so fast, I think you need to just let it go, all of it is so Jr high-ish forsure,!!! but move above it, get through it, and realize you are a better person!! I have learned to let go of things that use to really bother me, and just be glad to be here, and I'm not making light of it, i just wish the best for you.. and Good LUck!
  10. scoutsmom

    HELP - employment with restrictions

    Benedryl an additive substance? Then anyone who takes tylenal PM is taking an additive substance, I guess any substance could be additive though.. You maybe should of taken something else for the allergies that didn't have the benedryl in it. , so sorry you are going through all of this.!!! could you seek employment at a hospital, or clinic?
  11. scoutsmom

    Creative ideas needed!

    I'm lost -- what do you mean?? huh?
  12. scoutsmom

    A Nurse who doesn't wash hands

    Oh my!! and with all the antibiotic resist. bugs out there, ?! I wonder what the state survey folks would say if they saw this?, Do you guys ever get an inside audit?, where someone watches you for awhile? Maybe they should do one!!! like yesterday..
  13. scoutsmom

    Favorite Dr or Nurse Name

    also this always makes me smile a nurse married a dentist, her FIRST name is Shirley, she married Dr Shirley, now her name is-- Shirley Shirley,,.. TRUE! surely! true story!
  14. scoutsmom

    Favorite Dr or Nurse Name

    urologist-- Dr PEAsley cardioligist--Dr Heart true!!
  15. scoutsmom

    Want to hear your pet peeves in LTC nursing

    this might not be just in LTC, but when you grab the thermometer, and the last person to use it didnt refill the ear caps and there is not a one left!!
  16. scoutsmom

    No She/he Did Not!!!

    I never witnessed this but sure heard about it, in the old days when this LTC place was late to get rid of nurses caps at work, this one nurse had her hat fall into the toliet when she was bending over-- and then got it back out-- dryed it with a towel and pinned it back up on her head! whew!!

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