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  1. krissy_mack

    The CEO said WHAT!!!!

    All I can say is wow!! That was an ignorant statement!
  2. krissy_mack

    A Funny Moment in LTC...

    "you're old"!!! That is too funny!
  3. krissy_mack

    Woohoo! Just Completed RN school

    You go girl!!!! :anpom::anpom::anpom::anpom::anpom::anpom:
  4. krissy_mack

    LPNs as Unit Managers?

    In my opinion, no one should talk down on you no matter what their education background is!! Doctor, RN, CNA etc.
  5. krissy_mack

    Everest College Ontario RN program

    Hello all I am new to this board and just wanted to ask a few questions ( sorry if they were already asked lol) what subjects do the HEsi exam cover and can I attend the school if I live in the US? If so will I be able to work in the US with a liscence from another country?
  6. krissy_mack

    Very Excited

    Good for you!!!! YAY!!
  7. krissy_mack

    I refuse to be a punching bag - NO MORE ASSAULT

    I am a CNA and I am sick of the abuse as well. I recently quit a job because it was so much absue. I was pregnant and could not jeopardize my or my unborn child's health. The place where I worked did not really care about the combative patients assaulting us either.
  8. krissy_mack

    Just Passed My HESI

    Congrats!!!! I would brag too! Any pointers for us out there who willbe taking it soon?
  9. krissy_mack

    Rocked the HESI

    Good for you!! I took hesi and did terrible! Where did u get evolve disk from?
  10. krissy_mack

    position 1hr 15 mins away..should I?

    YES DO IT! driving one hour and 15 minutes for 3 days a week is worth it! you will have the experience so just in case you aply somewhere a little closer they will see you worked in NICU! I would definitely do it even if it was 2 hours away!
  11. krissy_mack

    Going for it! RN to BSN

    Congrats!!!! Stick with it!:)
  12. krissy_mack

    helping pts after del

    Yes it is part of the job. Honestly if they complain that is them just being lazy. It is so aggravating to me when a nurse complains about things that they have to in their job description! If helping patients is o much of a problem then i suggest looking into a new career field!
  13. krissy_mack

    Shy new grad at work

    first of all you do not have to have a tough personality to be great at your job. first of all your personality is a good fit for the firld that you are in. second you need to realize that EVERYBODY that you will be working with is a person just like you!!!! all the people that you work with eat, sleep and poop just like you! NEVER change who you are especially to have a tougher personality! im not saying be a push over but understand that you are a smart beautiful hard working nurse for a reason so go out there and do your job that you worked so hard to be!!!!! remember: we are all people and i can guarantee more than half of the people that you work with who put uo a "tough exterior" is soft as pie deep down and are hiding who they really are. AT LEAST YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND NEVER CHANGE THAT!!!! DO YOUR JOB! THATS WHY YOU ARE THERE!!! :redbeathe:yeah:
  14. krissy_mack

    Boss that treats everyone like they are 4!!

    you should really have a talk with her (after you have calmed down ). when you talk to her inform her that you are an employee of the same work place she is and that her actions are highly unprofessional. not only yelling at you but also in front of family and patients is crazy and that makes the enviornment of the whole hospial look terrible. tell her that you are just following the rule that the patient has the right refuse. also in a very professional manner let her know that if her unprofessional actions happen again you will be letting someone over know! after that please let me know how her actions have changed
  15. krissy_mack

    Struggling (very long)

    you can always let the nurse know that you need help. they should be willing to help you out. how a eyou doing now at the job??