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  1. To think that most programs are that methodical in their placements would be naive... IMHO.
  2. I don't know about that..... I had no problem finding jobs.....and I know my org is struggling to fill fnp roles
  3. It stinks to have to find your own preceptors ..... But it is what it is. Life is unfair there will always be people with better connections. I had none and found preceptors. They all payed it forward because someone did that for them.
  4. evolvingrn

    Do Other Professionals Skip Restroom Breaks And Meals?

    I generally get my lunch and about half the time i get my breaks... I work on one of the busiest floors in the hospital and most of us get our lunches...most days. I think its a mindset. there is always something more to do.....when i first started i didn't get breaks most days and rarely lunch... but now that i am effecient i'm also reasonable...that peeing and eating are a necessary thing for me. If a patient gets d/c right at 11 am that means i won't get lunch because I'm going to have to d/c them and immediately get assiged a new pt. But if they are d/c after my break i can do all the d/c foot work in the am eat a lunch and then d/c them and get my next patient.... win/win for everyone. I have found wh en i get d/c orders i 'feel' out the patient...if they really want to go home right away i try to get them out but most people i find don't want to be pushed out, they want to eat lunch, have help gettng cleaned up one last time, really review the instructions. I fit my lunch in as a priority too, i can get everything done and then not have to apologize to my patients about a growly stomach.
  5. evolvingrn

    Stuck in the rumor mill at work...

    When you yourself describe the relationship between your boss as 'flirtatious' it makes me cringe a bit......it doesn't speak much to the professionalism of the environment. and if your boss is telling you things that your not supposed to be told there is obviously some inappropriate boundaries. I'm ALL for having fun at work but i think that professionalism needs to stay at the center of that. Sorry you are having to deal with rumors though...that is always unfair .
  6. evolvingrn

    Staffing Sucks

    wow....i feel like i have it great now. night shift. usually 6 to 7 pts for an rn or lpn and each rn has a cna that 'teams' with them. usually not to bad.
  7. evolvingrn

    Inpatient Hospice Nurses ..I need your advice on pharmacy situation

    If people are coming to our IPU in the middle of the night we call and get orders, (we have standing orders) but if they are coming in the middle of the night they have already had our 'emergency team' out to their home and have gotten some meds and need more specific orders. We then fax the order to our pharmacy at some time but once we have the order were free to get the meds from the pyxis
  8. evolvingrn

    How fast did you find your first job?

    graduated a year ago, offer 1 month after graduation started just under two months after graduation.
  9. evolvingrn

    people seem uninformed....

    Im pretty spoiled, were held to pretty high esteem but i also have pts that think im their one on one
  10. evolvingrn

    Family wants to transport body.

    in my state family can take the body, we recently had a family that was going to be doing this we just had our social work go over the legalities with them.
  11. evolvingrn

    New Grad Float Pool

    yikes without any real floor experience that is a big task. My hope is that they will keep you on one floor at a time until you get your bearings and the progressively add other specialties. Good luck!
  12. evolvingrn

    What is your attendance policy?

    We don't have a strict policy but i know that it will now affect your raises , reviews as well as your ability to transfer to other departments. a co-worker was just denied transfer for that reason.......
  13. evolvingrn

    Ok, what's the real deal with new grads?

    Its hard to get an acute care job in my town, but there are still lots of LTC nursing jobs out there ........ My preception on the difficulty for our area is mainly because we have a lot of smaller towns and lots of nurses commute the hour in because we pay the best in the state.....That being said as a new grad i had a job offer within a month of graduating i have been there a year , love it and plan on staying ( i work in acute care). I also panicked reading post on here as i came up on graduation. I found that it was not nearly as I thought it would be but we just hired a new grad who graduated a year ago (she has been working in an lpn role) It seems like the ADN grads are having a slightly harder time finding work around here but they are finding work too in my experience. Good luck to you.
  14. evolvingrn

    4 medication errors in 11 months

    hang in there. most of your medication errors can be solved with a little re-organization. as another person mentioned your 'brain-sheet/assignment' sheet should have all the med times listed. mine has all 24 hours written across the bottome of each pt's 'area' i circle in red the time that meds are due on my shift. i think cross it out in black when i have given it (and only after i have given it, not just drawn it up) Looking at each mar is the first thing i do at the beginning of each shift.