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evolvingrn is a BSN, RN and specializes in Hospice.

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  1. evolvingrn

    A Headache is not an emergency

    Perhaps in some places.... Where I work we will get you in same day.... And this behavior still happens. ( or they make an appointment ... No show..... And then go to the Er )
  2. evolvingrn

    A Headache is not an emergency

    If you had it " for awhile" it should have addressed elsewhere than the Er...we can argue back and forth but this misuse of our medical system when compiled all together is a huge issue. I'm glad your earache was addressed ....I just wish you had used a non-acute modality to do it.
  3. evolvingrn

    A Headache is not an emergency

    Yes! You should have! You don't need to treat the majority of ear infections in adults....
  4. evolvingrn

    FNP Student , Need Preceptorship Advice

    Good luck! It's good to start early.
  5. evolvingrn

    Doctor's negative view of NP / Psych NP

    Shrug I have always liked nurse practitioners and used them instead of mds .... Even before I was a nurse. ( I now have a Md who I found to deliver my children and stuck with her because she is fabulous) I am a conservative prescriber and think I follow guidelines and best practice to the best of my ability. I can't imagine being part of a profession that I didn't think highly of my colleagues . I
  6. evolvingrn

    New grad ER FNP salary expectations

    I was offered 84000 as a new grad and then within a few months they bumped it to 96000 as they changed their structure. No bonus or Rvu based pay
  7. evolvingrn

    anyone know of any other jobs

    Come now..... How much one on one do you actually spend with a pt???? I will take my 40 bucks an hour with the occasional challenging pt compared to making 8 dollars an hour standing constantly on my feet with even more people still being rude and challenging. The advantage of having pts for a few days is usually you can figure out how to get along with even difficult pts..... It's okay to want to be treated better but your comparisons show you haven't walked in their shoes . (Spoken from a former waitress and gas station cashier/truck stop shower cleaner)
  8. evolvingrn

    anyone know of any other jobs

    Care mgt, nurse practitioner, psych nurse...... There are less stressful jobs to be had
  9. evolvingrn

    1st time as camp nurse and have a few questions.

    When I was a camp nurse, meds were camper responsibility..... We had labeled pill enveloped (name, med, dose, scheduled time) that we pre filled. I would sit in dining hall with dixi cups and juice during meals and they came and got them at their leisure. At end of meal before campers were dismissed those who had forgotten were asked to come see me. Worked great.
  10. evolvingrn

    Can NPs delegate to PAs?

    That is perhaps collaboration? A pa must be supervised by a md in all 50 states..... I think the question was more if a np in a state of independent practice could fill that role
  11. To think that most programs are that methodical in their placements would be naive... IMHO.
  12. evolvingrn

    DEA wait time

    2 weeks
  13. evolvingrn

    Acute Care NP vs FNP--advice, experiences?

    Sounds like acute Care. I do not like codes! I am an fnp and it's perfect for me. I still see crazy stuff but I rarely get the adrenaline rush
  14. evolvingrn

    Tips for really strict clinical instructor?

    Hang in there! I get your frustration. I am a clinical instructor and word on the street is I'm rather tough.:) but My goal is to help every person get to where they need to be so they are successful and prepared. Rise up to her expectations. Clarify when needed and you will do great. I love to help an underdog...... But I have no patience when students try to argue I should lower expectations because other instructors did
  15. evolvingrn

    Can NPs delegate to PAs?

    A pa is supervised by a md so I would guess no?
  16. evolvingrn

    Bad situation and mad coworker? What could I have done?

    There is a lot that has to be done at the start of a shift. If it can be done by the leaving shift....... It should be.......... If it can't ....no biggie..... But let's not act like we all wouldn't roll our eyes if we got left with this pt....

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