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evolvingrn is a BSN, RN and specializes in Hospice.

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  1. The Midwest .....
  2. evolvingrn

    New Grad FNP job hunting

    First off hospital rns are much more than room service attendants.....but I get your point.
  3. I don't know about that..... I had no problem finding jobs.....and I know my org is struggling to fill fnp roles
  4. It stinks to have to find your own preceptors ..... But it is what it is. Life is unfair there will always be people with better connections. I had none and found preceptors. They all payed it forward because someone did that for them.
  5. evolvingrn

    Can NP's perform surgery legally?

    Um ..... Whatever.
  6. Hang in there.
  7. evolvingrn

    CVS Minute Clinic

    I am a clinical instructor on the side....
  8. evolvingrn

    Reassessment Nurse vs. Med-Surg

    Best wishes. I loved med surg nursing. The other job seems a smidge boring ..... But sometimes boring is good[emoji12]
  9. evolvingrn

    Stuck in the middle?

    My state did not have a provisional but if they are willing to cosign your scripts...
  10. Never heard of case western....ratings are subjective things.... Area reputation is more important imho
  11. evolvingrn

    Rescinded Contract

    Absolutely, I think that is reasonable. It seems odd to me that you are shadowing and they are saying this. It sounds more like a "fit" issue. But by there own words they are breaking the contract....that is all you need
  12. evolvingrn

    Stuck in the middle?

    My orientation as a new grad was 6 weeks long..... I don't think it's the license that takes so long ..... But the credentialing. I think you could start if your employer is okay with it
  13. evolvingrn

    Nurses with tattoos??

    Most places tolerate tattoos without issue .... If you want to be advanced practice I would put it where you can hide it
  14. evolvingrn

    How to get DOT certificate

    Not really..... I think 135?? They can't use their insurance
  15. evolvingrn

    Can you live off of a certified medical assistant salary?

    I don't know how they do it, single and young ....sure. But not easily with kids .
  16. evolvingrn

    Who still works as a floor nurse?

    I'm still new ..... It's a little odd in the clinic world but I'm not hating it. I don't need a social life at work....