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  1. superramvette

    New Grad in ICU

    Got a job offer in the CCU, most other techs got Unit jobs also.
  2. superramvette

    New Grad in ICU

    Also a side note. A lot of the nurses that work with me did cardiac stepdown for a while and then transfered. If you take a flood job go for cardiac as it seems to help a lot at least in my neck of the woods
  3. superramvette

    New Grad in ICU

    I am graduating in may of this year. I am a tech in the MICU at one of our community hospitals. We had 7 techs graduating and a few positions opening. They did group interviews the other day to weed us out. However, hopefully I will have a job offer in the unit soon. I will keep you guys posted. My advice is to be a tech during school. So far its at least gotten me a good interview probably a job.
  4. superramvette


    My last clinical rotation we had 5 out 7 students that were mail. My program is 20 percent male.
  5. superramvette

    Done with 3rd

    I need a 52.5 on the final. After that I have to survive one more semester. Good job guys!
  6. superramvette

    Pay Rates 2010

    Location : Tennessee small city hospital: patient load 11-14 on most nights base pay : 14 hr with 1 dollar for 3rd shift and another 1 dollar on friday and saturday nights so 16 an hour on weekends. Full benefit package including all insurance, etc.
  7. superramvette

    can an unlicensed nursing assistant empty foley's?

    I will answer your question with a question........ Does a bird have wings? Do cows go moo? Does the earth spin? you get the picture
  8. superramvette

    So,which states ARE hiring Nurses?

    Chattanooga Tennessee is hiring nurses. I keep tabs on the hospital websites and they are hiring. Not like they were a couple years ago but some jobs none the less.
  9. superramvette

    89.90! 1 tenth from an A :(

    Thanks for the reply's everyone. Peytons mom, jbudd, and mi vida, you are absolutely correct I just want to vent. I know that there is a ton more effort that could have been put into studying for the final. However, I felt burnt out and did not study like I should which cost me the one question which made the letter grade difference. My own fault! Thanks for taking the time to reply. Oh and by the way, its a he. :)
  10. superramvette

    89.90! 1 tenth from an A :(

    Yeah I discussed it with my clinical instructor and she went over the dropped test questions to see if they helped/hurt me. They hurt me on 2 of the test but really helped me on the final. Basically without the dropping of test questions I would have an 89.5 which is well short of a 90. Oh well, just had to vent. I have 3 more semesters to make my A's(or B's or C's)
  11. superramvette

    89.90! 1 tenth from an A :(

    I just added up my points in fundamentals of nursing and I have a 89.9 . There is no rounding and I am 2 total points (one test question on any of the 5 tests) from an A. I know I should be grateful and that some of you have a 94-100A grading scale, however I still feel like I was so close. If it was a 88 or 89.4 I would accept my B but come one! one tenth?!?! Anyone else have this happen? I could try and argue 2 points but I doubt its a winning battle. Sorry for the rant I'm just dissapointed in coming so close. By the way I am a first semester student in a ADN program.(well now technically second semester)
  12. superramvette

    Premonitions- I'm sure it's been covered before....but...

    I'm a first year student so I have no experience with patient premonitions but I do on occasion have life premonitions that I cannot explain. I could spout off a dozen examples over the course of my life but I dont feel like writing a book. Just a couple examples, I predicted when and where I was going to have an accident and even though I did everything to prevent it from happening (was .5 miles from my house on a road I had to take home and yes I know that the odds of an accident are higher closer to home but I have had one accident in my life (im 28) and I knew the day before I had it that it was coming). I also knew the night my ex wife started cheating on me and when she did each night after. I call it the "gut" feeling but I have never found it to be false. My mother gets them too which is odd. Example, I was hit by a car when I was 17 one night at 3 a.m. in the morning. My mother never has any problems sleeping nor does she EVER call me late. Within 5 minutes of being hit I recieve a call from her saying she had a feeling something bad had happened to me. Maybe it was coincidence If you dont ever get those gut feelings you are probably going to think what this post and the initial post are saying is crazy, and maybe it is. Either way I find it odd that my feelings have NEVER been wrong. Now I'll just have to wait and see if I have them when I'm working or not.
  13. superramvette

    frustration with tests

    I just took my second test this semester and found out I got a 90(an A in or program). My first test was a 76 (C in our program). The only thing I changed study wise was I used Saunders NCLEX study book and did the tests related to the chapters covered. Also I bought a fundamentals success book which seemed to have very similar questions to the test so it was a breeze to me. In all honesty the fundamentals success book helped me far more than any powerpoint. Oh and one more thing, I started listening to the podcasts while working out. This also helped me know a lot of the answers. Maybe it was a fluke, I dunno, but I think I may be on to something
  14. superramvette

    Low GPA looking for schools

    Might wanna try a ADN degree. I had a low GPA and could not get into our local 4 year school. However, due to a points system at the local community college (RN program, has a better rep and pass rate than the 4 year school) I was able to get in with a 2.73 gpa. You can always go the online route later towards the bsn.
  15. superramvette

    help!!! I can't find these answers anywhere!

    I think the smaller the mammal the faster the heartbeat answer is way too broad and not specific enough, just my opinion.