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Spidey's mom, ADN, BSN, RN

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"Nurse" is fine with me.


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Miss Nightengale as a catch all term instead of Nurse! Nurse!


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You can call me MASTER!



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"Hello Ms. Smith, I will be your lifeline today, please let me know if you need anything"!


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Registered Nurse works real well for me.

Just don't call me "too late for dinner", ya know.

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I'm not even a nurse yet and I'm lucky if i get to look at my dinner anymore. Bet it would taste good too.:stone


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lol LPN2be


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Goddess works for me.

gwenith, BSN, RN

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HEY!!! Before we went all PC and let all those males into the profession we Aussie female nurses had the title of "Sister". It went with a veil, white dress and shoes and a cape for cold weather.

I introduce myself as my fisrt name and say "I will be your nurse for the day". But Australia is a very informal society and use first name basis more than last names. Even our doctors often introduce themselves as first name then last name. Especially those medical personell working with the elderly or children.

Grace Oz

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Just call me Mate! Hahaha....

but if you really want to be formal.....

"Princess Laughing Water"! LOL

Guess NURSE is ok too! :-)

SISTER....hmmmm, reminds me of a NUN!! LOL....

Main thing is that we be RESPECTED!




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Over the years I've come to realize that people (particularly patients) have a real respect and affection for nurses. I think we ought to stay with a winning moniker.


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I think 'nurse' to a patient means 'someone I can trust'.

But I still think Goddess fits.

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