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I graduated in May '03 and am working FT in CCU, a dream come true for me. I'm married with 3 children.

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  1. Gator,SN

    CCRN reference book

    I too am starting to study for the CCRN and have the above mentioned book and CD's. I watched the Laura Gasparis CD's before starting to really study the book and I have to say that she really narrows it down. (anyone who has seen these tapes, you'll remember,"_ ity bity baby questions" ) It is as if she knows exactly what is on the exam. I should have used the book first I think because it is hard to concentrate on anything other than what she mentions. I was so anxious to get started, I borrowed the CD's before I had the book and I think that might not have been a good thing. If anyone has used these 2 resources and taken the exam, can you say what you think about them in relation to overall studying?
  2. Gator,SN

    Myofascial Release

    Last February, my husband had pneumonia and while coughing, heard a "pop" and felt pain that put him on his knees. After a lot of run around I finally got fed up, called a ortho. surgeon and he had an MRI. They found bilateral pleural effusions and T7-T8 disc protrusion with slight cord contact and and disc protrusion with cord contact at T9-T10. The dr. ordered him PT/myofascial release. I called a friend that is a PTA and she gave me the name of a therapist that specializes in this treatment. She agreed to see him that very afternoon, though she admitted when I talked to her that she doesn't use it all that often, she understood that he was in a lot of pain. After 2 sessions my husband felt a lot better and he commented that while her hands were cold, he could feel his back get warm during treatment. She put him some kind of chair to stretch out his back, he wasn't crazy about that, but it worked. He also had to do stretching exercises at home. She worked with him a total of 7 times. I can't tell you what a difference it made. He said that she was very gentle and it was never painful. (other than what he was feeling in the first place.) After those sessions he was able to sleep in bed and walkwith some limitations. A year later, he's still afraid and braces his back against the doorjams whenever he has to cough. He does get pain in his back from time to time and uses motrin, but during this whole thing he was taking flexeril (sp) and momentum and sometimes darvocet. My husband is not a candidate for surgery because he is a smoker and overweight and the thought that he would have surgery that opened the abdomen to fix the spine was sickening. Myofascial release was a godsend for my husband. Hope this helps.
  3. Gator,SN

    bizzaro speech today in school

    LOL, Nikki, I don't think your a prude! My husband and I were talking and he said it sounded like something out of Playboy............maybe this guy likes to read!
  4. $56 q2weeks for family medical. In network $15 co-pay per visit. $500 deductable per year. No dental offered No vision offered
  5. Gator,SN

    Aren't kids great?

    :rotfl: I have experienced #7 and 12. Thanks for the laugh!
  6. Gator,SN

    bizzaro speech today in school

    His story sounds like a bit of macho fantasy to me. A widow in her 30's wanting a 16 year old, that just sick. :stone Maybe the professor should have screened the topics before the presentation.
  7. Gator,SN

    My Impressions of NCLEX

    Jen, 75 is a very good number and even if you did fail (I'm sure you didn't!) you gave it your best shot and the worst thing that can happen is that you have to take it again. Calm down and get some rest. You are probably just emotionally drained. It does feel like a hazing ritual, but allnurses have to go through it. In a few days this will just be a bad memory. If it helps, check out some of the other threads on here about NCLEX, I have never heard of anyone failing at 75! I really wish you the best of luck, Take care of yourself! Gator
  8. Gator,SN

    Night Shift...............

    I like nightshift but I do find it hard to sleep during the day. I only work 3 days a week so its hard to switch from days to nights sometimes. Like now, Its 1am and I'm not tired. My day off tomorrow and I'll be dragging. The shift differential is nice though.
  9. Gator,SN

    Day # 3 of 6 for NCLEX review

    After a 4 day NCLEX review course last year, I remember feeling like I wanted my $250 dollars back! Hang in there, its almost over and I think that it really does help. Gator
  10. Gator,SN

    My externship is not going well

    NP2B, others on here have given you some great advice. Talk to your preceptor and try to work it out. Not because you should get used to being treated badly, but for yourself. You are spending your time and energy, so you should get the most out of it. Try to look at things from your preceptors POV too. She is taking the time and the risk of having you treat her patients without a license for $2/hr extra.
  11. Gator,SN

    My externship is not going well

    Acosmic, WHAT is this all about??? this was a rude post and some of the things that you wrote are just nasty! Do you really think that it "is only fitting" for someone to be treated with less respect just because of the initials after their name??? Why such a negative attitude about NP's?? If a doctor treats you like crap do you feel like you deserve it? I guess you just say thank you and ask for more. And your comment about being a "real RN"....well that was just inspiring Gator
  12. Gator,SN

    Does anyone ENJOY nursing school?

    YES! I actually did enjoy nursing school. Care plans and exams were very stressful, but I'd do it again. I learned a lot about myself during that time and I think its made me a better person.
  13. Gator,SN

    Rules for dating my daughter

    I will print these off for future use. My daughter is 14 and I especially liked rule 8.
  14. Gator,SN

    Your priorities

    Angela Mac, Your words are so true!!!! My job is important to me and when I'm at work I give 100% but when I leave the building, thats it! I do see a few co-workers who work long hours, double shifts, days off. While admirable at times, they are also always complaining about their homelife. Nothing is as important to me as my children and they deserve to be #1. Gator
  15. Gator,SN

    Advice Re: med surg rotation

    I agree with all the above posts. I had to go to rehab during my M/S clinical rotation and it was a good experience because I learned what the patient will be going through when they leave my unit and start rehab. From the time a patient is admitted, I start to concentrate on their discharge needs. Knowing what is available and what to expect, helps me to start educating the patient and get them ready for the next step in their recovery. True you won't get the same skills opportunities as your classmates but you will learn something valuable. Good luck and don't get discouraged! Gator
  16. Gator,SN

    I Passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Congratulations!!!!!!!!!! You did it!!!!!!