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  1. pie123


    Just wondering if anyone here is applying to UNLV's Familly Nurse Practitioner program for Fall 2009?
  2. pie123

    New Pacu Nurse

    I agree about the Mega Codes. I cannot understand why this doesn't happen more often. Even in a critical care area. Everyone says a code is a team effort, but what if you're in CT scan, and it's just you. There is no time to wait for someone else to get there and run the code. I don't understand why it's such a big deal to do mock codes at least once a month.
  3. pie123

    Las Vegas - NOT new-grad friendly

    Also check out http://www.chwjobsnow.com. I just went there and there are 4 full-time positions at the Rose DeLima campus for Intermediate Care (IMC) alone. They are all nightshift, but when I worked IMC, the wait to go to dayshift was not long at all. I only checked for jobs at St. Rose DeLima campus, on IMC, so I don't know what else is available. I never even bother with HR. In my opinion, their snail's pace could possibly cost someone a potential job. Applications get lost, etc. I'm still waiting to hear back from Sunrise, and I applied there nearly 3 years ago! :chuckle Anyway, I would apply online, then maybe in a couple of days, I would call the manager directly, let him/her know you have applied and try to set up a time for an interview.
  4. pie123

    Las Vegas - NOT new-grad friendly

    Check out the St. Rose websites. Between the 3 campuses, I would think they've got to have jobs posted. Go to http://www.strosecares.com, then click on careers. My preference is the Rose DeLima campus, especially Intermediate Care Unit (IMC). I liked the manager. She hired me as a new grad. If you need anything, send me a private message. Good luck.
  5. pie123

    Finding a NAP position in Vegas?

    St. Rose DeLima Intermediate Care (IMC) unit hires NAPs. Call the DeLima main number and ask for the manager of ICU/IMC. She is wonderful. Also, from what I remember, Med. Surg at DeLima hires NAPs.
  6. pie123

    I can't do it all

    If you stay, you're probably headed for major burnout. You seem as though you're a good nurse. This is far too much for one person. Sounds like a very unsafe facility: for you and the residents.
  7. pie123

    Does home health ever take new grads?

    I sent you 2 private messages.
  8. pie123

    When do you know it's time to move on?

  9. pie123

    You can help me when you have time

  10. pie123

    Did You Change Careers And Regret It?

    Clinical rotations certainly do not. I worked as a student nurse on a Medical Surgical unit for almost 2 years. I would care for 3-4 patients, under the supervision of an RN. At the time I thought it was relatively doable. Most of the time it was quite a nice gig. I had mostly stable, walky/talky patients. Occasionally I had total care patients. BUT, I never had to deal with doctors, clarify orders, etc., not so much with families, if anything was screwed up, my RN took care of it, and ultimately, I really had no responsibility. I just had to do my bit of assessments, chart them, have my RN sign off, pass a few meds, and help other nurses. Now, when I became a nurse, that was a different story. 2 years later, I'm looking for a new career. If not a new career, at least something that does not involve acute care.
  11. pie123

    You can help me when you have time

    I dealt with something just the opposite at my new job. I was carrying linens, etc. into a patient's room. The CNA stops me and says, (with attitude), "You don't need to take that in there, I already have some there, so you can put those back." I said, "Oh, well he'll have some for tomorrow (forgetting how much I myself hate extra linens in the rooms)." Then I told her that I was going to help him bathe. She proceeds to tell me, "I don't know what they told you that I do around here, but..." Then she pulls out some wadded up paper and begins to tell me her "routine", all the while referencing this piece of paper. I told her that I was just doing my job. She insisted that I not help this man bathe, because she was going to. I would think that a little help would be appreciated, but I guess not. I proceeded to do it anyway, then it was like she was in a race to get things done faster than me. What a nutjob. I thought to myself, "Where did they find this fool..."
  12. pie123

    You can help me when you have time

    Right on!
  13. pie123

    When do you know it's time to move on?

    So true! I left my unit and went per diem on another step-down unit. While my previous unit had its problems, things were set up at least so that it could run somewhat effeciently. Plus, on most days, the teamwork was good. My new job sucks. There is so much paperwork that has to be done by each nurse on each shift. The teamwork sucks, and the paperwork is horrid. The way things are set up makes it very difficult to get even basic nursing care done. I wasn't looking for greener grass, just wanting to explore other hospitals, see what's out there, see what more I could learn, since I've only been a nurse for 2 years. But that inquisitiveness or whatever you call it is starting to fade rapidly.
  14. pie123

    Thinking of relocating to Las Vegas--please help

  15. pie123

    Thinking of relocating to Las Vegas--please help

    Sent you a private message
  16. pie123

    Male Chest Hair and Scrub Tops

    Wax it.