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Headhurt has 15 years experience as a ADN and specializes in Oncology RN.

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  1. Headhurt

    Vaccination for clinical

    Your career path is at odds with the reality of nursing, what it is, what it means, and what will be expected of you. Do yourself (and potential patients) a favor and do not go into nursing. Don't. Look into another field of work and see how many of your credits will go towards a different degree. Someone who doesn't believe in science-based medicine has no business being a nurse.
  2. Headhurt

    Shawnee Mission med center

    I worked for SMMC for almost 8 years until I finished nursing school. I thought it was a great place to work, great bennies, the pay was comparable to other hospitals in the area, and they do a lot of extra stuff for their employees (pancake feeds, jackets, etc). The only reason I don't work their now is that right at the time I finished, they had a hiring freeze and would only take so many new grads. Units usually hire their own first before hiring someone from the another floor (the hospital encourages promotion from within). My floor didn't have any positions, and the few others open were snapped up by new grads that already worked on that particular floor. It's a shame, too. I miss the Night Shift Christmas Breakfast.
  3. Last year, I was getting a transfer from the psych unit. Pt went into a-fib and needed a drip. I brought up the patient's record on the computer to look up lab results and whatnot to get a head start (that and the reporting nurse didn't have a clue). I got an email from my manager (and he was emailed from someone else, etc) wanting to know why I accessed the patient's e-chart. After I explained my reasons, they were okay with it. I've done this in the past with new admits and transfers and no one even batted an eye. This was my first transfer from psych. I'm fairly confident that psych charts on patients are flagged in such a manner that anyone who accesses the record is going to be scrutinized.
  4. Headhurt

    Centerpoint Medical Center

    Or you could just truncate that and say it's an HCA hospital. It's just down the road from my house, but you couldn't pay me enough to work there.
  5. Headhurt

    Baxter (Makers of Heparin) being sued.

    I'm not saying I've never made an error, but when I have, I've readily admitted it and took full responsibility. I never blamed the drug company because the bottle should have had a different colored label. Don't most hospitals employ a double-check policy regarding high-risk meds? If this happened to my kid, I wouldn't be questioning the drug company. I'd be wondering if the nurse actually checked what she was giving. Then, I would wonder what else she gave my kid that she wasn't aware of. The only high-horse I ride is that of personal accountability...which apparently has left hand in hand with common sense.
  6. Headhurt

    Baxter (Makers of Heparin) being sued.

    No...it just means that there are that many nurses out there who are not paying attention to what they are doing. If the labels on the drug bottle had been checked (as they should have been), this would not have happened. Pure and simple.
  7. Headhurt

    Baxter (Makers of Heparin) being sued.

    At the end of the day, then blame falls on the nurse. No matter if Baxter changed the look of the labels and bottles, it doesn't matter if the pharmacy tech stocked the wrong vials. The buck stops with the nurse. Who depends on the color of a bottle cap to identify a drug?? The Five Rights are drilled into our heads the very first day of nursing school. Why didn't the nurse stop and read the label of what she was giving?? I don't know how many times I've encountered wrong meds delivered into our Accudose. To give them and just say, "well, they were in the right bin..." is a weak excuse for not being vigilent. And I would think that those nurses who work with babies would be more vigilent. Blaming a drug company for another nurse's incompetence is disgusting, and the Pandora's box that will open is even more frightening. Anytime you screw up on the job, blame the drug company. The only way a drug company should be liable is if they put the higher strength heparin in a the low dose bottle.
  8. Headhurt

    penn valley in kc

    I got that same letter...but I graduated in 2004. The thought of having to go through nursing school again gave me the willies.:uhoh21: I'm not surprised that the wait it so long. Lots of applicants, not enough teachers.
  9. Headhurt

    Tele at Heartland in St. Joseph, MO??

    My SIL had her baby there. Not a bad little place. My stepdad had his pacemaker done there a few years back. The doctor was great, the nurses were hags. I never mentioned I was a nurse, so I just kept my head low and observed. I was amazed at how rude they were to visitors and patients. I've not heard much about Heartland, but they are community-based. Sorry this doesn't help much.
  10. Headhurt

    Any Penn Valley grads and/or students?

    I graduated a little over 2 years ago from PVCC. I thought it was a good program, and prepared me well for the workforce. I can't remember how long it took me from the time I applied to the time I actually got in (I don't recall the wait being forever). Good luck!
  11. Headhurt


    He usually wears scrub tops with a t-shirt underneath. Hopefully, that will be enough because neither of us are the type of people anyone would suspect of having body piercings, and we would prefer it if no one knew.
  12. Headhurt


    These articales were EXTREMELY helpful. Thanks, Reno!!! I asked about the Tygon and acrylic. While my piercer prefers not to use them, he would if there were no other options. From what I read, titanium is not magnetic at all, although we are going to be spending a little more for it.
  13. Headhurt


    For something fun and spicy, I got my "girls" pierced fairly recently. Because I am a floor nurse, and I very seldom find myself in MRI, I don't have any issues. However, my other half now wants to have his nips pierced, and he works in a different department, often finding himself having to travel with ER patients to MRI. I know MRI affects metals that are ferromagnetic. I also know that the guy who did my piercing (and will also do that of BF), is very particular when it comes to the metals he uses in his work: implantable grade surgical steel or titanium. I know SS has some element of iron in it, but not certain about the titanium. So, I was hoping to find out from you guys, who have had experience with it, or just have more info, how much of a problem this is going to be. S.O. would really like to have it done and healed by the time we go on vacation next year. I'd hate to hear that he went down to MRI with a patient only to have the rings pulled out by unseen force. And it's not feasible to expect him to take the rings out before he goes because you are not supposed to take them out at all during the healing process d/t increased risk of infection. I know a lot of people have implanted joints/dental work and have no problems with MRIs. I'm just wondering what metals are safe, and which ones are not. Thoughts? Any help would be appreciated. (On a side note: I'm only asking about piercings and MRI magnets. This thread is not posted so I can hear about anyone's personal beliefs on the matter of piercings. The piercings are for myself and my guy, and really shouldn't concern anyone we work with.)
  14. Headhurt

    Dobhoff tube practices

    At my facility, the only folks permitted to insert Dobhoffs at bedside are doctors and critical care nurses. Sometimes, the patient has to go down to radiology to have one placed. I know that we are going to get to trial some sort of device that can track your placement progress at bedside, which would save the patient repeated X-rays.
  15. Headhurt

    LipoDissolve Nurses

    So they opened this new clinic, and they are hiring nurses. I work weekend option at a hospital in KC, but I get bored during the week and thought a prn job during the week wouldn't be a bad idea. I want something that is not like what I currently do (to shake things up a bit), so I thought about applying here. They require you to submit your resume with a salary request, and those who submit salary requests are given first priority. However, I have no idea how much nurses in such settings make. I don't want to give a number that is too high, or too low. Thoughts??
  16. Headhurt

    My New Nurse Wake-Up Call; Shocking Behaviors

    I work in a teaching hospital, and thankfully, I don't see a lot of that going on (at least on my floor). If a doctor is out of line, we call them on it. If a patient or family member is out of line, we call them on that too. We're there to do a job, not suck up. Interesting enough, our patient satisfaction scores are always in the 99 percentile. People, as a rule, will push you as far as they know they can get away with.

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