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goodknight has 3 years experience and specializes in PCU, ICU, PACU.

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  1. I work PACU in Idaho. If that's close enough to Cali for you .....
  2. goodknight

    e-mar scanning in PACU

    We just found out we will be going to this soon. We are a rural hospital w/out Pharmacy on site 24hr/day, so we have these questions and a lot of others (r/t first dose pharm checks, ect) So I would also love to here how this is working out for others.
  3. goodknight

    Creative Staffing Solutions for PACU

    Exaclty. There are people who LOVE call and want to get as much as they can so our full time people rarely have to take more than 2 shifts, if that.
  4. goodknight

    Creative Staffing Solutions for PACU

    Also, forgot to add, we have several ICU/ER nurses that have oriented to PACU who take call in addition to our regular staff.
  5. goodknight

    Creative Staffing Solutions for PACU

    Our PACU splits it into 8 hour shifts and posts a calander for everyone to self schedule their shifts. It works very well for us. Everyone is required to take atleast 2 shifts, but some take as many as 15. A lot of nurses have specific shifts that they like to take, the other like to fill in the empty spots. Occasionaly those of us who prefer to avoid weekend call have to take a few shifts but its not that often. It is split 1600-2300, 2300-0800 during the week. 0700-1530, 1530-2300, 2300-0700 on weekends. Hopefully that was coherent, i'm half asleep. :)
  6. goodknight

    morbid question about post mortem care

    Morbid answer: Ive rolled up a towel and propped it closed until they stiffen up just a bit. Depends on how much time you have tho....
  7. goodknight

    question for endo, PACU, OR, OPS, and other nurses!

    We do one pre-op too.
  8. goodknight

    Anyone applied or applying to ISU BS to MSN program?

    I'm planning on applying to the AS-MSN this fall at ISU so i'd be interested in any information too!
  9. goodknight

    Adn Curriculum- No Chemistry?

    Most ADN programs here in Arkansas don't require Chem. That's a bachelor's prereq.
  10. goodknight

    Health assessment course in Arkansas(Little Rock)

    ASU offers a health assessment in the spring and summer, but it is undergraduate so I'm not sure if that would help you. It's also a weekly/daily class.
  11. goodknight

    HESI Exam Poll (Please Respond)

    Arkansas State University - AASN The HESI is our clinical final (20% of grade) in the last semester. You get 2 chances to make a 900. If you don't make it you still graduate, but you must take a NCLEX review course before your info is released to the board. Most of us are taking a review anyway so it's not that huge of a deal (other than effecting our final grade, we're still going to graduate & take the NCLEX).
  12. goodknight

    What's your holiday bonus?

    $100 + turkey/ham/fruit basket of your choice Needless to say I was very very very happy!
  13. goodknight

    22 inch Littmann?

    Thanks, I think that unanimously answers the question! One last thing, Is there a difference in the Master Cardiology and the STC other than those little grips on the head?
  14. goodknight

    22 inch Littmann?

    I am going to be getting a new stethoscope (a Littmann, either the Master Cardiology or the Cardiology STC). Right now I have a 27" Littman Master Classic II. Does anyone have a 22 inch Littmann? How do you like the length? I'm thinking that it will fit in my pocket better and be sized more appropriate for my body (5'2" here). But does the 5 inches make you have to stoop/get in the pt's face? What is your opinion/experience? Thanks, Jessica
  15. goodknight

    Help Me Find A Website

    That's it. Thanks so much!
  16. goodknight

    Help Me Find A Website

    Hello, I'm trying to find a website I found several months ago. I think it was linked in a thread, but can't find it doing a search. It has unusual xrays, cts, mris, ect. The one I remember was a NGT inserted into the cranium. If anyone knows where I can find this, I'd appreciate a link. Thanks, Jessica