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Aneroo is a LPN and specializes in Cath Lab, OR, CPHN/SN, ER.

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  1. Aneroo

    cath lab job

    It is a great team. Call depends on the staffing at your hospital. If they do non-interventional caths only, you wouldn't do call. Since you guys so cardiac surgery at your hospital, I am assuming that you have a team available 24hrs a day. We have to do call about once a week and then once every 6-8th weekend. We also had call rooms with a bed and a bathroom (with shower) for staff that live more than 30 minutes away, so they can stay the night.
  2. Aneroo

    Any cath lab RNs required to take the RCIS?

    Nurses are encouraged to get a certification, but it doesn't have to be RCIS. RT's are encouraged to obtain their RCIS.
  3. Biltmore Estate in Asheville. When we lived in the western part of the state we had a yearly pass out there. It was an hour away, and I loved to take day trips down there. My daughter loved the barnyard, and I loved the winery (haha) and the grounds. I loved finding photo areas and finding new angles to take pictures of the house. I'd love to stay in the inn there, but it is so expensive!
  4. Aneroo

    What could have caused this?

    There is always time for lube! (Name that movie!)
  5. Aneroo

    Can anyone help me find a job? :[

    What about the place you did your clinicals at?
  6. Aneroo

    Still penny pinching

    I wanted to add- We started doing a modified Total Money Makeover system (Dave Ramsey). DH and I each get our own stash of money each payday. If I want to buy coffee everyday, it comes from my stash of money, as does clothes and any extras I want. We have a food fund, gas fund, play fund, and soon, a fund for season tickets for football next year. LOL
  7. Aneroo

    What could have caused this?

    Thank you for asking me to ignore this (so I'd know you weren't speaking directly of me). I feel a little bit better since I have remember his horrible platelet count that we didn't know about (insert rolling eyes here). I know if anything comes of it I have policy to back me up, but I don't want something I did to complicate this persons recovery, know what I mean?
  8. Aneroo

    Still penny pinching

    I understand! 1- Write down everything you're spending. You'll be amazed at the small areas you're spending money that add up. 2- Figure out ways to cut back. Do you really need 247 cable channels and 1500 cell minutes/month? 3- Cook! I hate cooking, but it saves us money. Cut coupons every Sunday. It takes a while to get used to coupons, but after a few weeks, you get enough saved up in coupons and you get some great deals. http://www.grocerygame.com is a great website to help start coupons and will tell you who has what on sale (you should be able to do a few weeks for free). I cook several pounds of ground beef (bought on sale of course) and freeze it. That way if I am cooking hamburger helper, spaghetti, tacos or something like that, I just have to heat it in the microwave while I prepare the rest of the food, instead of cooking more beef. I was shocked to see we were spending over $500/month on eating out between two adults and a preschooler!
  9. Aneroo

    What could have caused this?

    I wanted to add- the foley was inserted all the way to the hub before inflating the balloon, and I was able to pull back some after blowing up the balloon (it wouldn't pull back if blown up in the urethra, would it?). We also later found out the patients platelet count was crap, so I bet a minor injury would have looked bad since he wasn't clotting well. *sigh* I just need to know he is ok and I didn't do something wrong.
  10. Aneroo

    What could have caused this?

    It was cardiac surgery- the physicians were aware, but it was not the priority at the time. I am not sure what was done post-op once the patient went to the ICU.
  11. Aneroo

    What could have caused this?

    I'm beating myself up over this, and I don't even know if I should be. I did a foley on a male patient today, after anesthesia induction, prior to surgery start. The cath went in without any problems, no resistance. I go about 25ml of clear yellow urine in return. Sometime between that point and the start of the major surgery (one minor procedure was done prior to that), there was hematuria. A decent amount too, the urine was more than just tinged. He was still draining urine well though. What could cause this? I would assume if there were an injury, I would have noticed blood when I first got urine back also. I'm scared to death I've caused harm to this man and it's going to bite me in the butt, and I did it all like I was supposed to!
  12. Aneroo

    I am allergic to...

    Yep! My fave has to be the allergy to oxygen. Um- I don't think so. Reaction? It dried out their nose.
  13. Aneroo

    So we have a Code coming in....

    I call it the thumper. However, they are an awesome machine, and in a smaller hospital where there isn't as much staff (or readily available students/residents), they can really help free up some hands. During a class, one of the ICU nurses said "I hated this thing and thought it was stupid until I saw it in a code where the patient had an arterial line. Before using it, the art line was reading 20's-30's(with compressions). While using it the arterial pressure jumped from 60-90". WOW!
  14. Aneroo


    Chloraprep contains alcohol, therefore it should be dry before using cautery, to decrease the risk of fire. I agree with bolded. If they're using betadine paint and scrub, where they are much closer to the skin and could easily touch it, then yes, they should be wearing sterile gloves and then gown and reglove after prep. ETA- There are also different sizes of chloroprep. The large containers (26ml) are to be used from the neck down (I guess not an issue for you guys unless it's a central line, but we use them in the OR a lot), b/c of the alcohol content. If it's a head or neck surgery, we use a smaller (10ml?) container.
  15. Aneroo

    Moderate hearing loss

    I agree!!!
  16. Aneroo

    How late do your surgeons do electives?

    Do you work at the same hospital as me? LOL Same here. We'll do cases so long as we have staff.