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  1. Curious1alwys

    Drexel vs. Chamberlain RN-to-BSN

    Same here. Only had to take 10 classes. Yes, expensive per credit hour but not too far away from what I was quoted elsewhere. Arizona State University RN-BSN, for example, was going to cost around $25,000 with fees. I read many, many posts here before enrolling that talked about how at other schools it is less expensive but more classes so something to think about. That said, I spoke with a friend of mine who had researched other schools around me and I ultimately decided on Chamberlain. I am afraid of Statistics though, lol, I think I'll have to look into taking that in person somewhere! Good Luck!
  2. Curious1alwys

    Searching Forums

    Please tell me what is the quickest way to "search forums" now. I am wanting the screen where you can type in a search word and search titles or messages and ALL FORUMS. It's hard to find now from the homepage! Thanks for any help!
  3. Curious1alwys

    Help! Failed NCLEX five times, out of school for 9 years

    Hey Mwrn, Congrats on passing, what an accomplishment! I am bummed for you. This economy is hard. Even new grads with extern, pca, cna experience are having a hard time getting a job. So your gap normally wouldn't be too much of a problem but in this economy it is. I am prepping to take a refresher course after 4 years out and no experience so I am right there with you. Wishing you the best!!!:redbeathe
  4. Curious1alwys

    online rn to bsn chamberlain college

    Thank you so much Sue! I asked about the MSN bridge and my advisor acted like it was no biggie...that most people start with the BSN and if they do want to pursue the bridge they just switch over to that a few months in. I guess they want to see first if you have the committment for the BSN at least. He is saying doing it this way won't hurt me and I can easily switch. He said most get their BSN and then get a raise and then start MSN but I told him I am not working right now and don't know really when I wll be full time. That is why I really don't want to pay for extra classes. As it is, I am paying I thought % financial aid, grants, out of pocket...it would be nice to have an MSN when I emerge from taking care of kiddos all day and can actually work again. Do you think it is actually that easy? I did NOT want to start the online BSN if it meant that once I started to pursue a Masters I'd have to take more classes...One thing was cool though, I had so many credits that I only have to take classes! So they are saying one year to graduate even if I am a half time student! COOL Thanks!!:redpinkhe
  5. Curious1alwys

    online rn to bsn chamberlain college

    What classes will you guys be starting out with? I think they are starting me with a nursing class and a sociology class, I'll have to go look at the exact names. I am VERY nervous because even though I am not working right now, I have two little bitty kiddos that make it very hard for me to do anything else but take care of them! Here's hoping!
  6. Curious1alwys

    online rn to bsn chamberlain college

    I'm starting in May but that's about all the advice I have for you!
  7. Curious1alwys

    Chamberlain RN to BSN

    Thank you Sue!:redbeathe
  8. Curious1alwys

    PLEASE reply: Am I finished in nursing?

    I am at a crossroads and could really use some advice. Thank you in advance! I graduated in 2007 and landed my first job. I only worked for a few months before quitting due to what I now realize to be stupid reasons: stressed out and a new pregnancy. I returned to a part time old job outside of nursing. That pregnancy ended in miscarriage ironically and a few months later I applied for another RN job. Three weeks in I found out i was pregnant and thinking my previous miscarriage was related to new grad stress, I QUIT the new job yet again...I was just so afraid of losing the pregnancy. Worse yet, I quit by email! I was just so cowardly. I am so ashamed now of what I did and realize that my fears then were so unfounded. But I can't change the past. I am filled with regret however. Anyhow, fast forward to now. I've spent the last 3 years staying at home with my now 2 children. I am looking at ways to re-enter nursing. I know to re-enter clinically and have any chance I'll need a refresher. Even then I'll look even worse than a new grad. But because of the economy I thought about working towards a BSN or MSN slowly and then in a few years when my kids are in school get out there and get an advanced degree job. One day i could see being an NP or CRNA. Ideal situation: take refresher course, get a RN job, get tuition reimbursement and then work towards MSN. But I am not very hopeful. Call me a pessimist but as a refresher with no real RN experience, I can't imagine I'll look too terribly desireable. But at least this route I will only be out a grand or so $$ wise. Question is, really, because of my past work history, combined with the economy, do you think I am "done for"?, I don't want to pursue a Masters in Nursing of course if in the end I won't be able to get a job anyway. I am actually now considering a whole other field. Of course that is not ideal it will take so much time and I don't really know what else I would do. Also..not sure if you can get a job even with a Master's degree in Nursing and no experience? Do you think my situation is fixable? Even BSN will cost a lot of $$$ if no one will hire me anyway. I am looking to register for classes very soon. Thank you so much, I really have no one in the real world to ask, I appreciate your reply whatever it is!
  9. Curious1alwys

    Chamberlain RN to BSN

    Sue, Can you give me some feedback on what I should do. I am ADN educated but know one day I want my masters. So I was really interested in Chamberlain's RN-BSN-MSN bridge to try and cut down on total classes and streamline the process as Chamberlain's website describes. That said, however, I am not sure if down the road I want to be a NP or some type of Nurse Educator, etc. Do I absolutely have to decide before I begin a MSN bridge? I don't want to enroll in the BSN if it will be a waste of time and make more work for me down the road. I saw that you said Chamberlain does not have a FNP/DNP track though. Can you give me any advice on that? I would sure appreciate it. Also...any Chamberlain contact you may have. I am desperately trying to get a hold of someone but no one is answering my calls!!!! or returning them! Frustrating. Thanks!
  10. Hi! Wondering how it is going for you, I am debating starting at Chamberlain in July and I am a SAHM of two very young kiddos. I also want to do the RN-BSN-MSN program! Let me know, I'd sure appreciate it!
  11. Curious1alwys

    CouId possibly work as an CNA w/RN license?

    Hey there,:redbeathe Well, I don't really have any good advice for you. I am in the same boat. But I graduated 4 yrs ago and stayed at home to have/raise babies. Now the prospect of even a part time job has proved daunting! The economy sucks. No one will touch me as a new grad RN so, just to get your foot back in the door, you want to apply for CNA/LPN jobs, but they won't touch you in those either. It really was a death sentence for me to leave right after graduating, or at least it sure feels like it. That said, I really haven't even considered going back as an RN until I take a refresher course but would have liked to get back in to the hospital in some capacity till then. Now I am considering just going back to school and working my way through an advanced degree while I continue to stay at home. I just don't know what to do either!! Even with a refresher, we still look less appealing than a new grad! So my answer so far has been get an advanced degree and hope that in a few years, the field of nursing will have it's mojo back and we can actually GET A JOB! Have you had any progress?? I've even tried applying for NON nursing positions just for some extra $$$ but then you are overqualified and that employer wonders why a NURSE would want to work here! Jeez, you can't win! All the best to you!
  12. Hi everyone, I have enjoyed reading what I have of this thread and it is very helpful however I can't get through all 400 replies! I need advice on starting with Chamberlain. I have yet to hear back from my advisor but just wanted to ask you all. I graduated a few years back but never really worked and ended up staying at home with my kids. They are very young, 2.5 and 1 yrs. I want to go back to school, online, and really would like to do some RN-MSN bridge because I'd loved one day to be a NP, once my kids are off at school. I'd like to work through school part time. Is this possible at Chamberlain? I just want a realistic outlook of whole going back to school is going to be with kids still so little (and demanding!). If anyone is in the same boat, I'd love to hear how it is working for you. And if anyone has any helpful info, I'd appreciate it. Also... the homepage talks about an RN-MSN bridge that is actually more time efficient if you know you eventually want a masters. Is this what I would want? I know my advisor can answer some of this. Does it matter which advisor I use? I saw you all talking highly about one lady. I am waiting on a call back from Ryan. Thank you so much! Janice
  13. Curious1alwys

    Anyone taken a REFRESHER course in Az?

    How'd you get this? Are you bachelors educated?
  14. Curious1alwys

    Anyone taken a REFRESHER course in Az?

    How much practicing RN time did you guys have before the refresher? How long did it take you to get a job afterwards? I know 2006 was a whole different reality. Wonder what my chances are of really getting a job after a refresher and little practice experience in 2011!? Thank you!
  15. Curious1alwys

    Can you work as a CNA/NA/LPN as licensed RN?

    I know why would you want to right? Well, no RN jobs and just wanting to have all options. Does anyone know if you can do this? Can you apply for a job that requires a CNA license with an RN license? I didn't think so but then I do hear around here of RN's applying for CNA jobs...can it be done? Or is that a state by state thing? THX