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Curious1alwys has 9 years experience as a BSN, RN.

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  1. Curious1alwys

    New Anxiety and Depression from Work

    Honestly, I do really feel like some people just have a mental health status that is too fragile for the field of nursing. Yes you can work on it, go to therapy, try drugs...but in the end the stress of the field might still be too much. Or you have to work only PRN. I find that I can skate along OK but once something else enters in...for example marital stress, health issues, kid problems, etc...I start to have a tough time once again. It doesn't take much. I really feel for everyone in this thread, very real issues. Sometimes you do have to choose your mental health over a job. And you know what? That's OK. Maybe you are not hardwired to take it all on! Maybe your history of trauma hinders you here, who knows! I think coming to the realization of what does and does not overwhelm you is key. I understand not wanting to take drugs just to thrive in a specific career. Psych drugs suck!
  2. Curious1alwys

    How to get into CM?

    Hi all! Wondering....what kind of experience do you need to apply to CM positions? I only worked the floor for about a year before leaving for various other positions, outpatient surgery/clinic, outpatient cardiac clinic, inpatient education....Is it just total years RN experience or is it very specific? I have about 7 years experience total. Also, as a hospital CM, are you up and down? I can't be tied to a chair so this is a concern for me. How would you compare it to bedside RN? Thank you!
  3. Curious1alwys

    Pay? Same as clinical RN?

    Did you get the CM job?
  4. Curious1alwys

    Getting Bored

    I'm not sure if I am having a mid life crisis or what. Did you ever get bored in your current job? Bored isn't really the right word because I don't really think you can ever get bored in nursing, but I guess I just feel restless? Like looking for deeper meaning, what do I want to do for the rest of my life, is this it?, blah blah. I just want something else. But I have no idea what that something really is. Not necessarily out of nursing, but new niche? I've only been at this job 4.5 years! Ever feel this way? What did you do? Did you make a switch at that point? Just try something else out for a while, random job applications to different specialties? How did it work out?
  5. Curious1alwys

    Taking time off to take care of my new baby? Bad for career?

    Better advice then might be, "if you WANT to stay home with your baby....do it". If I could swing it financially, and my heart said do it, AND it was COVID times, no way is my baby going to daycare as a brand new infant. 😉 What did you decide, OP? Of course I did stay home with my babies, did make that sacrifice, and now they are pre-teens with huge attitudes. LOL!
  6. Curious1alwys

    Back pain... the abysmal side effect of nursing

    Google "Mcgill Big 3". In addition to strength training, I also do these exercises a few times per week as recommended by Dr. Stuart Mcgill.
  7. Curious1alwys

    Back pain... the abysmal side effect of nursing

    MAKE SURE you strength train!! You are 37...it is super important! This is such a forgotten component. Just a couple times a week will do. Especially with your son which is likely where a lot of that back strain is coming from. Proper lift technique, weight maintenance, healthy diet, also critical.
  8. Curious1alwys

    Are some people not meant for acute care?

    I swear working the floor gives you some weird case of PTSD and codependency. LOL. Every time you leave you want to go back. Or think you want to. No matter how miserable you were when you left. It's like having kids, I swear. You have that second and third one totally forgetting what the first one was like. Selective amnesia. 😉 If you really are not meant for acute care you will make this mistake a handful of times before you finally convince yourself NOT TO GO BACK.
  9. Curious1alwys

    Are some people not meant for acute care?

    It may very well be your bipolar anxiety, and if it is.....it is what it is. Unless you are going to medicate it down (which often sucks) you have to learn to work through it or around it. I would NOT leave PACU but you could do PRN on the floor, however it probably would increase anxiety. Think about why you are going back. Is it just because your friends want you to? Sometimes you just keep on going with the "grass is greener" logic. Which it usually is not. You are sort of selling me on PACU. I hate IV's! LOL
  10. Curious1alwys

    Don't want to save people/rusty skills

    Thank you!
  11. Curious1alwys

    Don't want to save people/rusty skills

    Hi all, Please no hate here because my heart is in the right place. Can a nurse work as a caregiver? Like odd jobs, like care.com? Unsure about the liability here. ? I don't want high acuity. I don't want to work cardiac. I love helping people but due to my work history, my clinical skills are very rusty and I have the now accompanying anxiety. I also have sciatica now (2 years) so not sure I can sit all day in a non bedside job. I also need pretty extreme scheduling flexibility due to child care/home issues and my husband's job. Just trying to figure out where I can go from here as an RN, if at all. Any ideas/insight? I've applied for substitute teacher jobs so far. Thank you!
  12. Curious1alwys

    Back pain... the abysmal side effect of nursing

    Only thing is.....how do you raise bed to appropriate height for both people assisting? I'm so short I always get screwed. LOL
  13. Curious1alwys

    Taking time off to take care of my new baby? Bad for career?

    I took nearly 5 years off. But it could apply even if you just take a year. Doesn't take very long for them to consider you "rusty".
  14. Curious1alwys

    New nurse, not eating so I can pass 20-30 patients' meds

    Unless you have zero other choice, quit. Your health is more important that anything. No choice? Make peanut butter energy bites, freeze them, take them to work, shove them in your mouth in the bathroom every couple hours, and forge on. Hope you are well!
  15. Curious1alwys

    Taking time off to take care of my new baby? Bad for career?

    I did this. I won't lie, it was a hard crawl back. Mostly though because I didn't stay per diem/PRN. Do that if you can. You will be glad you did because when I went back I had to go back to school (my choice), take a refresher course (not my choice) and just felt so, so rusty, it created more anxiety than it was worth! Staying PRN will save you all that headache because no matter what, once you are gone for 6+ months, gone completely, they start looking at you as having no "recent" experience. Congrats on your new baby, I agree it is time you will never get back. I still feel that way and my kids are 10 and 12. 🙂
  16. Curious1alwys

    Why doesn't any job seem to fit?? (AKA what is wrong with me?)

    Eh, I think you just have more options, in your mind, because like you said you are not doing this to put food on the table. Those that are probably are more likely to suck it up in any situation and perhaps become miserable human beings in the long term. Important to find your niche. Important to persevere. Also important to really look at yourself, what you like, and if nursing....no matter what grass you happen to be on right now.......is right for you. That's where I'm at. 😉 And, BTW, NOTHING is wrong with you. 🙂