Can you work as a non-medical caregiver with an active RN license?

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With an active RN license, if I wanted an easier gig (albeit lower paying) is it possible I could work as a non-medical caregiver for a while? What is the liability of that?

Anyone know the answer to this question? 

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This is conjecture Curious, but it would seem as if one is not working under their license, they would not be liable to act under that license.

I think of @Emergent, who for a while, worked in an area outside of nursing, like a Farm & Home store. She could have rendered competent, quality assistance in the event of a medical emergency, however, probably would have been covered under Good Samaritan laws.

I'm interested in what others think.

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What kind of non-medical caregiver role are you considering? 

I'm currently taking a break from nursing & using my MBA as a supply chain manager. I may return to nursing, we'll see. What I can say is that it's hard to land non-nursing employment with a nursing heavy resume. I learned through trial & error, but you have to show potential non-nursing employers how you will bring value to their company. This means tweaking your resume & cover letter for each application so that your skills match what they need for the open position-don't give them the same resume you use to apply for nursing jobs-they don't care about a lot of things that nursing employers do, such as clinical skills. There are many nursing skills that are transferrable to other jobs, especially soft skills, but you have to get creative in showing how those skills will benefit them. 

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