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Originally posted by Edward,IL

Titles are part of our name that one uses to convey to others a status that is aquired.

In European countries, titles often times come to a person by birthright (royalty).

In the US, the title "Doctor" or "Reverend" preceding one's name sets the tone for their relationship with the rest of society by saying that this person has attained a position of status because of extended education.

There is a lot of power in titles. A Registered Nurse who earns a Masters in Nursing and a Doctorate in Nursing has earned the right to be refered to as "Dr." Fearing this, the state of Illinois included in the language of their expanded practice act that PhD. prepared nurse can not use the title "Dr." in any clinical setting.


heh heh.

Another curiosity of the use of the English language... ;)

In Europe, the word "Doctor" is equivalent to the educational title and has no reference whatsoever to a "doctor of medicine". That would be a PHYSICIAN who would ALSO be a "doctor" as in PhD.

In this country, when we say doctor, we automatically think physician. Not so in other countries... where "Doctor" refers only to educational level and title.... regardless of profession.

My highschool principal was a PhD. and he was ALWAYS addressed as "Doktor" so and so by students and professional peers alike.


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I think having your education credentials after your name, shows who you are. I think it would be odd seeing a guy with only the name Bob on his badge and he is trying to tell you he is a doctor, it just doesn't look professional. It shows to what degree of education and I'm sorry if it offends anyone but that does show some sort of least in most cases, not that everyone with RN or MD behind their names means they are the upmost knowledgeable but we're all learning our craft everyday at work. I know how hard Iworked for my RN and by gosh, I'm proud of it to be on my name badge.

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