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  1. redshiloh

    how to cope with humiliation

    My staff tells me they feel like they are being called to the principal's office, even when they have done nothing wrong!
  2. I have a patient that needs foam blocks for his feet. He is a spinal cord injured veteran with feet wounds. The block we need we can't find, and don't know what they are called. It looks like block of cheese with hole-It is yellow foam with cut outs. I need to know what they are called, anybody know????
  3. redshiloh

    Five Factors Can Keep Nurses On The Job

    " fewer outside job opportunities"? What does that mean? If there are no jobs outside then nurses won't leave? What kind of logic is that?
  4. redshiloh

    Funniest real orders you have seen in a chart?

    Wash wound with soup and water QD
  5. redshiloh

    Moving to San Antonio

    I don't know if CCU has openings here at Audie Murphy VA Hospital, but if you can get in here it is definitely a better deal than civilian. RNs here get good benefits and the pay is competitive. I also know the nurse manager over CCU and she is terrific :)
  6. redshiloh

    Do Nurses have to do the following??

    Are you kidding? That's the fun part :)
  7. redshiloh

    Umm, he can't breathe!

    Since your patient is a quad, could he have needed quad coughing? Or had they instructed not to do so because of the trach?
  8. redshiloh

    I missed it!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!

    I had something like that happen once. I was at bedside with a doctor that I wasn't real crazy about and this normally quiet demented elderly lady asked him to *&$# me real hard. I lost it right then and there.
  9. redshiloh

    Strange situation need input...

    I've got an ex that's the same way...lies about stuff 'only when his lips are moving'. Don't get involved, the kids will figure it out about him eventually; my daughter sure did. If you say something to the kids it will only make them defend him. If you say something to him he will just deny it "Oh, she misunderstood" or "She's lying" Really not worth your while, don't get sucked in to this. Just listen to and support the kids.
  10. redshiloh

    MRSA in the community

    OK I actually got a prescription for my MD...She states that the reason this particular form of infection is spreading and recurring is because we are not completely treating it. She says that you have to take a 15 day course of the Bactrim PLUS use bactroban in the nose. MRSA is harbored in the nasal passages and if it not eliminated there, it will recur. Makes a lot of sense actually. Also, if your bed partner has this infection, it is best that both are treated. If this really works, it will be a great relief!
  11. redshiloh

    MRSA in the community

    Hey cool it on the leftover meds. What my post is asking is does anyone know if there is a treatment for this problem. REALLY do not need a lecture right now.
  12. redshiloh

    MRSA in the community

    OK does anyone know what the treatment is? My boyfriend was treated for 'recluse bites' x2 before and has since then had these terrible lumps all over his body. And of course now I have one too, in a really bad location I might add. I also feel bad, so I figure the infection is going systemic. I am taking Bactrim(leftover med). I don't get to see my doc til Wednesday.
  13. redshiloh

    Condescending nurses

    I am so glad that you did stand up for themselves. Very often I am belittled, screamed at, made fun of by colleagues and not standing up for myself. I am trying to change that though...the last LVN who screamed at me I wrote up for insubordination. So very many people in nursing are so rude and hateful, but are excused with 'well that's the way they are' I can't except that excuse..there is NO excuse for rudeness.
  14. redshiloh

    Troubleshooting PEG tube

    When this happens I've used tape, lots of tape. But a rubber band looped around both tubes works best. Nursing=improvise improvise improvise
  15. redshiloh

    Bush Administration Proposes Cut in Veteran Benefits

    OK, am not a vet, but I work with spinal cord injury vets. Due to cuts that are coming to our home care service, we are going to have to reduce the amount of care some veterans receive that makes it POSSIBLE for them to remain at home. These folks, some very young, will HAVE to go into a nursing home as a result. The cost of care for these vets will INCREASE, and there will definitely not be any savings for the federal government. I just don't get it...does congress even really look at a situation before they make these decisions? Or is it all basically a party play. We can argue all we want on these boards, but the bottom line is vets, who have been receiving services necessary to their survival is being cut. Vets have to fight this in Washington.
  16. redshiloh

    Christopher Reeve--did decubiti kill him?

    I'm not sure why we are trying to assess blame here...There are paras and quads who DO take care of themselves i.e. pressure reliefs, turn q2h in bed, daily skin checks BID...and STILL get wounds. There are lots of reasons, our clinic RN refers to P*** poor protoplasm. Mr Reeve very likely died from sepsis RT decubs, does that mean his caregivers or himself is to blame? WE don't know, we weren't there.

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