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gwenith is a BSN, RN and specializes in ICU.

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  1. gwenith

    Rudd's attempt to lure nurses back

    Totally agree Grace! I might actually talk to my local member who is in the Rudd cabinet about ways to fix the nursing shortfall. One initiative is to break the universities of the january to december mindset. We need bigger intakes mid-year so we can get them graduating mid year.
  2. gwenith

    Q on NZ and Australian license

    Write ALL your experiences down. Personally judging by relatives who are accountants - she is probably just as likely to pick up a job as an accountant as a nurse (and will possibly make more money!!) The more experience you have the more likely it is that you will get visa's.
  3. gwenith

    Amazing Aussies!

    Fantastic achievement!! I am glad it turned out well but as you say they planned well.
  4. gwenith


    I know there are some people born and bred here who are very hard to understand - Gympie is developing it's own accent for example. What surprised me was that this was the EEO office's view of the comment because I had always been raised to understand that the only person in the world who spoke English without an accent was the Queen of England (hence the term "the Queen's English). EVERYONE else is deemed to speak it with some kind of accent. I apologised to the person I had offended of course - simply because I see that as a simple way to make THEM feel better while costing me almost nothing (apologies are like smiles that way) but I still think I am right about everyone having SOME kind of accent.
  5. gwenith


    I am surprised since I was informed that even asking someone to repeat what they said because you could not understand thier accent was in fact bigotry.
  6. gwenith

    Welcome to the Forum - General Aussie Chat

    Well at least we have some rain in the dams lately so the drought it not so bad. (but a long way from being broken yet) Happy and prosperous new year to you too!:)
  7. gwenith

    Your favourite place to look for nursing jobs

    Personally I would put together a good resume and approach the major nursing homes in your area directly. They might want to start you out as a casual but, if you can land a position it will have the advantage of being where YOU want it to be and not a 2 hour drive away.
  8. gwenith

    Stupidest reason to go to ER

    Don't freak but over here we actually ask people to bring the snake in with them - aids in identification (a lot of ours look similar - just don't ask me to do the actualy ID because for that you have to count the anal scales and THAT is too close for my comfort) The way to deal with a snake is to put it in the freezer - slows the beggers down so your boys actually did the right thing.
  9. gwenith

    Q on NZ and Australian license

    You stand a better chance of getting jobs if you have experience. There are a couple of good threads here about how to go about doing a challenge test. Otherwise you will have to do a bridging course and that might take 6 months and is very expensive. As for other jobs - Australia has a skills shortage - if you have any kind of skill (even something like carpentry) then your chances of getting a visa are much much better than if you come on the possiblity of doing a bridging course,
  10. gwenith

    4200 Australian nurses quit every year

    Hmmmm - thanks for this one Brian - some of the problem is that Australia has a workforce shortage and there are better jobs out there. Some too is simply the standard "leaving to raise a family" but retention, as with America is always a problem.
  11. gwenith

    requirements of a foreign nurese?

    Hmmmm - seems Queensland health is running a refresher/re-entry program and they USED to be a way to register if you were trained overseas http://www.thinknursing.com/ AIN position description and salary http://www.health.qld.gov.au/jobs/Results_Advanced.asp?Stream=Nursing&Area=%25&Salary_Range=BETWEEN+0+AND+50000&Search=Search
  12. gwenith

    Aussie Citizenship Test

    It is a total load of crock and with any luck it will be scrapped soon.
  13. gwenith

    Not asking for medical advice, but...

    You need to talk to someone. The condition is highly variable and NOT YOUR FAULT!! It's the ol' hormones dear;) BUT PLEASE - see your GP?
  14. gwenith

    Medicare won't pay!

    I know exactly what you are saying - our system is far from perfect too but there is no way I would swap it for the US (non) system. It is well known in politics here that the fastest way to lose an election would be to try and dismantle the health care system. But again I would state the best thing to do if a problem like this comes up is to prod some pollie in the buttocks until he/she gets off thier collective rumps and does something about the issue.
  15. gwenith

    Medicare won't pay!

    I see this time and again on American websites - there is a problem with medicaire and it is held up as a reason why you should NOT have universal health care. Here, where we DO have universal health care, if there is a problem like this we lobby the goverment until they give us what we want. Recently there was a big splash about one of the drugs not being available for patients with mesothelioma from asbestosis on the PBS scheme (where it is subsidized) The group lobbied and got it pushed through. I worry that the process of lobbying is sidetracked into the arguement pro and against socialised medicine
  16. gwenith

    Happy Holidays


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