Anyone else forced to get naked for supervised drug test?

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Anyone else forced to get naked for supervised drug test?

All drug tests for the monitoring program in my state are supervised. There is a list of approved testing facilities. Most just stand behind you in the bathroom, but the one I went to for my last test made me take my clothes off. Specifically, the person monitoring me brought folding chair into the bathroom and sat down 3 feet away from me. I was then told to drop my pants and underwear to my ankles and to lift my shirt up to my armpits and to spin around in a circle. When I protested, I was told that a refusal would be considered to be the same as a failed test.

Does this seam outrageous to anyone else? I feel like I am being treated like a criminal when I have never been acused of breaking the law or of working while under the influence of alcohol/drugs.

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From my understanding, they have to watch the urine come directly from you into the collection cup and that's it. 

That being said in my experience most people just stand at the door. I had one person do something similar where I had to do a 360 in front of him. It was super weird but the guy put off the vibes that he didn't to be there either and was just doing what he thought he should. It didn't seem necessary or appropriate but whatever. I'd do weirder as long as I finish this program. If it makes you uncomfortable you could speak with a supervisor before next time to see what their policy is and let them know what's happening. It could be staff needs a little more training.


This is not necessarily standard but does happen from time to time. I doubt there is much that could be done about it, as they want to see the urine stream come from your urethra to the cup. Imagine how uncomfortable this is for us women too.. literally being told to open your legs wider when trying to pee while someone bends down to see your stream. I'll do whatever it takes to never have that chapter of my life reopened. Sorry you are going through this. 


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It's a shame what private industry can do even though the constitution prevents government from doing exactly the same thing. 

I think that sounds really extreme. May I ask if this was a standard pre-employment type urine test, or are you required to test repeatedly for a previous positive urine drug test? Have you heard about people bringing in clean urine where you are? So that has made them be more 'strict'?



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forced ?
I volunteer


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this was the standard procedure outlined for my observed screens; most collectors were kind and just watched me pee, not make me do the shimmy shake and touch your toes BS.


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Can I ask which states you were all in and if these were recovery trek /affinity or employment test? 


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Were these labs affiliated with recoverytrek or on their list?  

You should ask the professional monitoring agency if this is an okay procedure for labs to follow.   This sounds completely ridiculous!   Should publicize their ridiculousness.  

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