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  1. DWI Texas

    Not in Texas but I always recommend getting an attorney- a nursing attorney! They can make all the difference in what happens. Best of luck and big hugs! Lady
  2. Alcohol and big trouble:(

    amazing! keep up the good work! You got this!
  3. hey girl! I did not have federal charges but I did have state felony charges and ended up with probation - just listen to your lawyer. I know how scared you are. Just keep doing the next right thing and I suspect you will be OK. Sending lots of hugs...
  4. I'm DONE! YAY!

    amazing! congrats!
  5. Job Interview

    Deep breath. You can do hard things. Be yourself and be honest. Most places are gonna appreciate your candidness and if they don't accept that- then it is their loss. HUGS!
  6. Recovery Trek Question/Board Order

    I agree with 90210! Sounds like its just "end of sentence-let's milk this out" kind of testing. You are so close! Good luck!
  7. Ipn help!

    wishing you all the best.... take care of you right now
  8. My voluntary alcohol detox was reported to the board..?

    Sending you big big big hugs! Get that attorney ASAP and keep rocking. You got this!
  9. Terminated while on probation. Scared!

    Im so sorry! I have no experience in your state but wish you the best. Hopefully your new job will be a better environment for you!
  10. Carolinas

    Interested if anyone in the group is in N-C.... I am in a contract and just looking for support. Wishing everyone well in their journey!
  11. DUI in 1988 and 2003

    Precisely what Forever said! Get your attorney and keep your head up! ((Hugs))
  12. Drinking at work? Anyone with prior experience?

    Thinking about you and hoping you are doing well. I know this is a very anxious time.
  13. Ohio BON Final Review

    No Clue on how long it could take... Good luck Buckeye! They certainly could force you into a monitoring contract but I am so happy you got an attorney to help you navigate it! Fingers crossed you get through without anything extra!
  14. Hand Sanitizer

    that is what I've heard... it would take a lot.
  15. Help

    wishing you the best... lawyer up if you can... seems like BS