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  1. Have been wanting to make a big change and so applied for the overnight on-call 7 on/7 off spot that was open at the hospice. They came with an offer of $42/hour being paid 8 hours of any overnight shift (5p-9a). I get why one is not paid for every h...
  2. Holiday Sick Calls From Self-Centered Staff

    So they schedule more staff to work the holidays but end up with even more call offs? LOL
  3. Thoughts On Eliminating Nurse Report

    Better about what? Any employee driven solution forums at our hospital were thrown out with the covid surge emergent measures. There has not been a unit based council meeting in 18 months? Maybe more? Rarely do we have unit meetings month...
  4. Thoughts On Eliminating Nurse Report

    I completely agree.
  5. Thoughts On Eliminating Nurse Report

    I have a lot of respect for ED nurses. Not a job I want to do. I am not sure what you are considering snarky from my last post. If there is to be a discussion, doesn't it include all the things that prevent nurses on inpatient units from being ...
  6. I'm Done

  7. Thoughts On Eliminating Nurse Report

    How may times has a CHF exacerbation patient gotten IV lasix and the ED nurse can't even say if the patient voided? Any follow up on treatment? Breathing better so it must have worked. No idea if they voided or if they did... where is it? So often. ...
  8. Thoughts On Eliminating Nurse Report

    I agree nurses need to work better between units. sometimes the phone isn’t answered because all our NAs have been pulled to be sitters on pts in the ED- so the nurses have to toilet all the patients themselves and there is a freak thing wh...
  9. Holiday Sick Calls From Self-Centered Staff

    There is no local agency to call in this rural area. You are lucky to have that resource. Hard to overstaff when the hospital is still short staffed and busting at the seams with patients who have delayed care due to Covid and are now in fo...
  10. Thoughts On Eliminating Nurse Report

    I agree 100%. Lately we have been getting some very frail, fall risk patients. How do I stay an arms length or less away from them while toileting them and still be available at any moment the phone rings to take report on another patient? Ther...
  11. Thoughts On Eliminating Nurse Report

    Our ED has been trying new ways of speeding up admissions and the reporting process is part of that. They did the faxed handwritten for a while. It was very hard to read, it contained very limited info, and was basically pointless as it was not well ...
  12. Holiday Sick Calls From Self-Centered Staff

    I think it is a culture problem, for sure. The kind of rules you speak of were used in the past, until the kin care law was passed. They did help with absenteeism, but obviously did not cause a permanent culture shift. The kin care law is one of tho...
  13. Holiday Sick Calls From Self-Centered Staff

    The union here does not have as much power as it would like. The last strike vote did not even get 75% turn out. The result was no strike. There are a lot of mixed emotions about what the union is standing up for in the negotiations. Union engagement...
  14. Holiday Sick Calls From Self-Centered Staff

    Thank you for the confirmation of a difference from other places. I am a midwesterner transplant to Cali. I can't believe work is optional on a shift to shift basis for some. I think California law indicates there are limited reasons why people ...
  15. Patient Abandonment

    Totally nuts. When I was an LPN I worked swingbed/acute on med-surg at a small, rural hospital. The other LPN who worked opposite me twice handed off comfort care patients as dying in morning report, sadly both had already passed. She did...