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  1. What states monitor these forums?

    What states BON or their monitoring agencies read these forums that we know of? All of us here are trying to get help but you always need to be aware of everything.
  2. Alcohol etg - Saliva test

    ^ Got it! Yeah, so from everything I read and trying to find out info, Saliva etg tests are not equivalent to urine Etg tests. Urine etg tests remains the "gold standard." Seems like saliva etg tests, even when analyzed at a lab, wouldn't giv...
  3. PETH test questions

    How much is a "few drinks" exactly? Because something like the OP is talking about, 1 social drink, is not going to show up in a Peth test.
  4. Alcohol etg - Saliva test

    I emailed the manufacturer of the Orasure Intercept oral fluid testing company and asked about Etg/EtS testing in saliva. They sent me a PDF document from CRL, Clinical Reference Laboratory, stating that Etg is detectable in saliva up to 11.5 hours....
  5. Alcohol etg - Saliva test

    I still don’t have a clear answer, at least not one I’ve confident of. I contacted Orasure, the makers of the saliva Intercept test. They replied that etg is detectable in saliva for around 12 hours. That matches the 2010 study posted here. ...
  6. Alcohol etg - Saliva test

    Yep, I’ve been selected a few times on the Recoverytrek app and chose to do the Proof Intercept saliva test - they record you on the app and then you send it in. like TIMFY said, maybe they supplement with Peth every now and then if Etg i...
  7. Alcohol etg - Saliva test

    Thank you!! That’s what I thought, but I found it odd that they would give someone working in healthcare the option of a saliva drug test vs urine? Yeah you can detect many drugs in saliva but the detection time is lower, especially for alcohol. ...
  8. Alcohol etg - Saliva test

    Well, this test measures etg in saliva, not the typical breath or direct alcohol content like the typical saliva test. so wondering how long etg is in saliva compared to urine? This test came out due to covid issues, so people can just te...
  9. Alcohol etg - Saliva test

    I’m in monitoring/probation and instead of urine screens, we have the option to use oral/saliva swabs that’s recorded on an app and then you send it in to test for drugs and alcohol etg. the brand is Intercept by Orasure. how is the d...
  10. Applying for jobs while on probation

    I’m wondering about this also and would rather just write it up front. Altho many applications ask a similar question anyway, don’t they? Maybe most do
  11. Hold on to hope

    Thanks so much for your post here! I recently started a 5 year “contract” in February and wondering how I’ll get thru 5 years of this. Hopeful after your words.