250,000 allnurses.com members - Thank you!


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allnurses.com recently hit a new record, more than 250,000 registered members!

i just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to all the members and staff that make allnurses.com what it is. allnurses.com has flourished into a wonderfully diversified community of nursing professionals who are so helpful and supportive of each other.

thanks to all of you who have told and continue to tell your colleagues about allnurses.com!

i am proud to be part of our big happy family!

i want to wish you all a happy and safe holiday season and a happy new year!!!

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Wow, 250,000 members. Congrats on making such a good forum. :)

lil' girl, LPN

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And THANK YOU Brian!


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We're glad you went through all the trouble you've worked through to make the site as good as it is. Here's to the next 250,000! :balloons::balloons::balloons:

Grace Oz

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did you ever imagine, when you embarked on setting up your website, that it would become this famous?!!!! :)

congratulations! :balloons:


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That is an awesome accomplishment Brain.

Kudos to you for following your dreams and having a site for nurses that is truly a reflection on how caring and supportive nurses are.

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH. :balloons::balloons::balloons::balloons::balloons::balloons::balloons::balloons:

Merry Christmas to you Brian. May you and your family be blessed in all you do.

HM2VikingRN, RN

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Thanks Brian....

The next goal is to have more than 4000 of us online simultaneously...


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When I first started visiting this site, I told everyone I could about it; now it seems like I rarely talk to someone who hasn't heard of/visited/joined allnurses! Congrats, Brian! :yelclap:

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Yay for us!

Editorial Team / Admin

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It is such a great addictive site, you have done well Brian and all members both past and present


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i say thank you to you the founder and to all the staff for "keeping us in line" lol. you all do a wonderful job. it is making my transition into nursing an easier one.

now, hubby might not be so thankful lol, jk, as i spend a considerable amount of time "looking for answers" (lol) on the site.

bless all of you who contribute and put your time and effort into this amazing site. looking forward to the 500,000 mark.


congrats allnurses

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