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MrsCannibal has 9 years experience and specializes in Cath Lab/Critical Care.

My life didn't turn out quite like I planned, so I turned it into something better than I ever imagined!

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  1. How I feel about group projects...

    Ugh. One girl had numerous booty calls, and couldn't be bothered to help with the paper. Another refused to answer her phone/reply to emails. The 3rd was busy partying, and drunkenly told me to "figure it out". I typed out the 23 page report, and inc...
  2. Ridiculous medical mistakes on TV

    THIS is the main reason I fought my nurse mother over going to nursing school. I finished pre-med, because I wanted to be the one helping people, not like my (obviously) helpless mom, just looking cute in her white nurse uniform, scampering around fo...
  3. What does your username mean?

    I made the unfortunate choice to include my husband's name in many of my user names, years ago. The Internet was still fairly new then, and I was in love. Fast forward through a lot of years, a divorce, and my own last name, which is constantly mispr...
  4. You Know You're A Nurse If...

    When the only people who can make it through an entire Thanksgiving meal are yourself, your nurse mom, firefighter/paramedic sister, and nurse brother-in-law. We always lose the kids and spouses once we break out the wine and start swapping stories!
  5. amount of overtime available

    right now I'm working 5-6 days a week, at least 13 hours a day, and every weekend from August thru January...and it's not really a "choice" at this point since we are super short staffed! But wow! The paychecks are amazing!
  6. Should new grad be able to start IV at work?

    Ewwwwww. That is dedication (or crazy?)!!!!
  7. My advice to ALL nursing students!

    I think I was fortunate, my NS clinicals started 3 weeks into the first semester, and we had 12 hour clinicals. Of course we only had 2 patients at a time maximum, but by the last semester I was doing two 12 hour shifts a week, and I had a baby duri...
  8. Should new grad be able to start IV at work?

    I agree with the above posters-jump in, follow other nurses, find out what you need to do to start IV's. I was lucky; during my OB clinicals in NS, some of the nurses decided that we needed real world experience, and 3 of them offered up their own v...
  9. Am I crazy?

    I think it is completely doable, since you have hubby's support. I found that I could NOT work during nursing school, because my hubby had to move 3 States away for a new duty station, and the 3 kids and I stayed in Indiana while I finished nursing ...
  10. I am in desperate need of help, please read

    You might also try joining a study group...I did some of my best learning with at least one other study-buddy! Good luck!
  11. bachelor's degree question

    That is a really great idea...a career counselor might be able to help you see a bigger picture and narrow your focus in a way that helps you feel more comfortable with your decision. Good luck in whatever you choose!
  12. Tattoos & Nursing

    I think that many people would be shocked at how many LOL's have grandmother gave herself a gift for her 65th bday, a small bird tattood above her left breast...she said she wanted the "bluebird of happiness" over her heart! My mother w...
  13. Some parents amaze me

    :yelclap::w00t::icon_hug: I love me a survivor...good for you, lashawn (and your little sis, too)!
  14. What Was the DUMBEST Request Made By A Patient?

    I think it is more the time and place; like if you have the time, and you don't mind, go for it. If you are super busy, and the family just doesn't want to deal with poor Ol Granny that they have dragged along, and they expect you to do it "just bec...
  15. i feel like a horrible nurse

    This is a real learning experience, and I will bet you will do things differently the next nancynurse08 said, ask questions! Find someone to mentor you, someone that you feel comfortable with. I don't really believe that nurses eat thei...