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  1. Diary/Dairy

    New Joke that was sent to me

    Thanks Fran!!
  2. Diary/Dairy

    In Need Specialties For Travel Nursing?

    You will need at least a year's experience before traveling. I have heard that L&D jobs are harder to get - but that's not my specialty so I am not sure. I traveled in Telemetry and had no lack of jobs. ICU is also a needed traveling specialty... but they require at least 2 years or more for that.....
  3. Diary/Dairy

    Funny Patients

    Wow - 99.9% of the time - it's the drugs...... and Ruby got the 0.1% that actually DID know the president!!
  4. No you are not the only one who does not like it. https://allnurses.com/redesign-feedback-forum/so-what-do-356703.html
  5. Hospitals in the Winston-Salem area North Carolina Baptist Hospital High Point Regional Med Center Greensboro Moses Cone (I believe they are offering a sign on bonus right now) My sis lives out there and it is a beautiful state. I traveled to North Carolina Baptist and it's a big hospital system... Lots of nice people in NC. Best of luck to you in your relocation.
  6. Diary/Dairy

    Fill 'Er Up With Human Fat

    I second that - there is being green and there is gross - that's going too far!
  7. Diary/Dairy

    Insurance woes

    Wow - I cannot believe they are thinking of changing this close to year-end AND that they expect you to make choices without knowing costs. Talking to your HR site leader is a smart move to express your concerns.... Keep asking questions...
  8. Diary/Dairy

    Tattoos and piercings

    Every place I have been employed as a nurse has had a dress policy that tattoos must be covered while at work... for professionalism... (you never see a tattooed accountant or executive, right?) I did not have them in school though.... I would ask your instructors what they want you to do.
  9. Diary/Dairy

    so.... what do you think? First impressions?

    Cons: Hard to find things. Takes longer to get to where I want to go. I feel like this was forced on us without any input from the members... and we have yet to hear why Brian decided to do this. I also dislike how we are being treated like whiny children by some (not all) of the moderators. I and a lot of others paid to be here and we should be treated like both adults AND customers. ' A lot of my other concerns have been addressed by other members, such as not being able to see the poster's info or the thanks without clicking in another place, the hugeness of the font and of some people's signatures, etc.
  10. Diary/Dairy

    Do you sign "RN' after your name OUTSIDE of the hospital?

    I have done it before - but it was on accident - esp on checks when I was tired....
  11. Diary/Dairy

    Tips for adjusting to night shift?

    If you get tired during the 2 am lull.... GET UP AND MOVE! it helps keep you upright and alert. I stop drinking coffee and other caffienated beverages around 2 am too, so that I can sleep when I get home. It takes a while to get adjusted - give it some time. Best of luck.
  12. Diary/Dairy

    Eating/Cooking Healthier

    One gentleman on here said that he made oatmeal for the week and kept it in the fridge to reheat during the week. I have been doing this for the weeks that I work and it seems like it really does keep me from getting hungry, and it is fast and convenient.
  13. Diary/Dairy

    Women wanders away from hospital room and dies

    I have had confused patients that remembered how to turn the bed alarm off..... I found him wandering, naked, on the far other end of our sister unit!!
  14. Diary/Dairy

    Calling All Nurses!

    Best of luck to you.
  15. Diary/Dairy

    Calling All Nurses!

    Congrats on the new job!