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canoehead has 30 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in ER.

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  1. I really think the charge should be fired, not you. keep a written record of comments, you could have a case for a hostile work environment.
  2. canoehead

    Improved Trauma/Code Response

    This is very helpful, we are looking at not calling a code in the ER, we usually have enough staff, and we know where everything is. I expect that will make life easier.
  3. canoehead

    Improved Trauma/Code Response

    I’m looking for ways to improve our organization and efficiency in a trauma room situation. We get mix up in roles, people running for supplies, general chaos, and such a crowded room that people can’t get to the patient. How do you avoid chaos in your hospital? We call codes overhead, but every student available comes to watch. Who decides entry to the room? How do you assign duties as the doc calls out orders? I see the best way to evaluate our code process is to video tape the codes. Has anyone worked for a hospital that does that? If so, can you PM me your managers name and email ? I need to ask about legalities and procedures, a resource person would help.
  4. Buy your house knowing that you’ll HAVE to get out during Winter storms, get the best snow tires you can afford. Get 4WD in your next vehicle if possible. Pack a shovel, salt, warm clothes, snacks, a couple candles, and extra scrubs in the back. I wouldn’t do without a AAA membership and a cell phone. You need to be ready to stay overnight at work, or safely wait a few hours for a tow truck. It takes planning, but it can be done. Snow is no reason to miss work.
  5. canoehead

    Any other Nurses suspecting agency scams?

    I wouldn’t even answer inquiries with broken english, unless I was ready to move to their country. If a company has first contact with potential employees and they can’t communicate, it’s a rotten first sign.
  6. canoehead

    What to do about DNP and flu shot?

    In Canada, personal healthcare decisions are not mandated by your employer. It was litigated in BC, specifically around flu shots. Have you thought about moving? I believe in flu shots, but I’m not happy about the adjuvants that encourage your immune system to respond, and increase the efficacy of the shot. It’s a kick in your immune system yearly, and possibly twice with the COVID vaccine coming into play. I’d prefer (literally) being sneezed on yearly, and scheduling an illness to getting the shot.
  7. canoehead

    Concerns with safety after orienting a foreign graduated nurse

    Write a letter to your supervisor detailing your concerns. If they keep her on, you’ve had your say.
  8. canoehead

    Cutting myself short?..but trying to make the best

    If you are bored in any ER as a new grad, you aren’t paying attention.
  9. canoehead

    Systematic abuse of patient rights.

    If the patient challenges the hospital, saying they were under the influence when they signed, they may not have to pay. On the other hand, given the meds used to get through detox, and any other scripts the patient might be on, are they ever NOT under the influence of something? The hospital may be getting the signature on admission because if they wait a day, the patient is definitely not on the hook for the first 24h of charges, and paperwork is so easily forgotten. I don’t find this a violation of patient rights.
  10. canoehead

    Feeling terrible about a mistake I made in clinical

    Facepalm! It happens to everyone. If an IV is bad, just take it out at the time. Before you put the next one in. You or someone else could infuse into the bad IV, or you could remove the good on by mistake (it happens) if you wait. Plus there might be a juicy vein under that dressing.
  11. canoehead

    How is Patient satisfaction measured in a comatose patient?

    The family will fill out the survey.
  12. canoehead

    Reaching out to a deceased patients family

    I suggest making out a sympathy card, addressing it, and handing it to your manager, asking her to read and send it if appropriate.
  13. canoehead

    Paperwork or punches?

    THREE MINUTES???? Get out of my ER. Your administrators arshole is tied tighter than a surgeons knot. What does one say when called into the office for something like this?
  14. canoehead

    1-2 weeks pregnant

    I’m working in the ER, and get women coming in regularly claiming to be 1-2 weeks pregnant. They want a confirmation pregnancy test. Call me mean, but it just gets my goat that pregnancy test kits came up with that dating. If you’re 1-2 weeks pregnant, you haven’t had the sex that’s gonna seal the deal...my ER test will not confirm anything. What does 1-2 weeks translate to in real life? And is there an easy way to teach pregnancy dating ?
  15. canoehead

    Forced to Return to the Floor

    I recommend you look up the term "constructive dismissal" and consult a lawyer. I don't think they can change the terms of your employment so drastically without your consent. They'll definitely tell you they can though, so check with a lawyer. (Are they getting physios and dieticians to do nonskilled nursing tasks? No? Then they have more resources. Get a physicians note banning floor work, and I doubt they can touch you.)
  16. canoehead

    IV insertion practice needed

    In hospitals where I worked you could speak to your manager about doing a morning in day surgery, and spend your time just putting in IVs.