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canoehead has 30 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in ER.

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  1. Usually, they need to yell, and I'm the one in front of them. It could be anxiety, aftereffects of an adrenaline rush, the situation, conflict with someone else, nervous energy from a name it. some people are very on/off with anger, no mid...
  2. I really think four weeks is much too soon to draw any conclusions. You know where the bathroom, med room and utility rooms are. You can do an assessment head to toe? I'd be good with just that right now as a preceptor, as long as you were still aski...
  3. canoehead

    Paramedics in the ER near Portland, Maine?

    Im in Biddeford, the same hospital system as Portland, and we don't have EMS in the ER. I've worked where they are used in the ER, and they did a great job.
  4. That sounds like it would be painful postop. I have chronic Achilles tendonitis, and I'm certain it would cause problems for me.
  5. Docs I've worked with would listen if I had an idea of what might be happening, but they aren't so open to hearing they need to look further, without other ideas.
  6. canoehead

    Career Change From Adult Oncology to NICU, Nervous!

    Jump in and do it. You need a change, so try it for 6 months, and start applying elsewhere if you want to try something else. If you don't make the change, you'll be unhappy and start reapplying elsewhere, and you'll get a reputation for being flakey...
  7. canoehead

    Has anyone slept through phone calls while on-call?

    I think anyone that takes a medication that changes their level of alertness cannot plan on working until it wears off. That would mean skipping meds for OP, and it sounds like call lasts a week at a time. Missing a week of nighttime meds might be de...
  8. canoehead

    Patients Filming You

    I don't want anyone to take my photo without my permission, and I certainly don't want to be on film. If asked beforehand, probably would be fine with being filmed when I'm teaching a skill. I'd even be OK with video setup in a patients room for thei...
  9. canoehead

    CPR Renewal and Physical Limitations

    I'm with OP, I don't do well in a kneeling position for an hour, however, if someone was down and needed CPR I'd be ready to go for two minutes of compressions. In reality, since I hit my fifties there are tons of younger and stronger folk lined up t...
  10. canoehead

    Been an RN for 20 yrs, can't take anymore

    I was overwhelmed by my work and feeling unsafe/anxious about it. I ended up in another job, and amazingly, the workload here is manageable. It wasn't me, and it wasn't that every hospital is in crisis so there's nothing that can be done....nope, it ...
  11. Definitely, on the changing policies. We must work at the same place. I've looked up policies multiple times and found nothing, and had the nurse manager pull something up saying she searched a different word and found I wasn't compliant. The OR vrs ...
  12. OP, I am also a "just do it, dammit" nurse. But then I realized that the same issues that make me feel overwhelmed are what piss me off when someone asks if they can help. If I had the mental resources to think about what I need someone to do, I'd ha...
  13. canoehead

    ER downward spiral

    Since my last post my administration has reported me to the Board three times, two were dismissed without investigation, still waiting for word on the third. Locally I've been blackballed, would get a great interview, or even get the job, but once th...
  14. I want to shame you for doing that when you suspected a heart attack, but... Last Summer I tried to bring the raft in, and lifted a 100lb anchor, but couldn't get it over the side, just up to the edge. I got a sudden sharp head splitting headache, wi...
  15. canoehead

    Decapitated baby

    If anyone thought a coverup would work, they have a lower IQ than average. There's no way family wouldn't find out. I can see the nurses wanting to make the baby look as good as possible for the family, but why are they just holding up the body? Fami...

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