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canoehead has 30 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in ER.

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  1. canoehead

    Management Timing Nurses Pee Breaks

    If they bring it up, I wouldnt even respond. "It's not up for discussion, they were necessary breaks." If they want to discuss my productivity, or standard of care, fine. I'd love to see the policy on how many bathroom breaks, for how long, are...
  2. canoehead

    Taking a Long Leave of Absence from Work

    I think its a good idea every few years for every nurse. the treadmill can be overwhelming.
  3. canoehead

    Wide complexes not ventricular?

    His BP was fine, but given diaphoresis and labored breathing on 100% O2, I wouldn't call him stable. His rate was also averaging about 150, and how long would that be maintained? (Turns out, about two hours, but it was ugly) I had him wired for...
  4. canoehead

    Taking blood samples

    Burrito wrap, hold limb with hand as tourniquet, as a real tourniquet can be too tight easily, wait an extra second for flashback compared to an adult. I tell the parents that I look for the best site, and I'm slow, so with all the looking they ...
  5. canoehead

    Kathy Visits the Psychiatrist: Part 2

    I think this falls on the provider. If he doesnt send out the right orders the secretary has no way of knowing.
  6. canoehead


    Verbal orders need to be cosigned, or in years to come the physician won't know if they ordered it, or you made it up. It protects you AND your employer. I'd hate to peer through a progress note looking for actionable notes, they are impossible to tr...
  7. canoehead

    Wide complexes not ventricular?

    He spontaneously converted...hed been asking for water and been denied because of the chance he'd need to be defibbed. As soon as we gave him a drink, he converted. And THANK YOU everyone, now I have some reading to do.
  8. canoehead

    Wide complexes not ventricular?

    so in anyone experience, do you treat these wide complexes differently from a vtach? I would consider this an unstable vtach because of the sob and diaphoresis with high o2 need. I felt strongly that the patient should have been emergently card...
  9. canoehead

    Wide complexes not ventricular?

    I was in a touchy situation recently, and took on a patient who was in vtach to my eye with diaphoresis and sob. The docs chose to wait for labs before treating the heart rhythm, and with one thing and another there were no new orders until 2h later ...
  10. canoehead

    Another Nurse Accused of Homicide for a Mistake!

    She removed his O2 I assume, not just humidity? I wouldnt remove it unless I had a replacement in hand. But I can 100% see leaving the room and being asked to do something else and totally forgetting to go back. Thats why you keep the dirty gros...
  11. canoehead

    Incident report

    I would not have written that incident report. I'd have just ignored that fact when interacting with the nurse that wrote it, and I would have pointed out to the manager that if thats the worst thing she could find after 12 hours, I call it a pretty ...
  12. canoehead

    Arguing Over a Patient Assignment

    I suggest you take the next few difficult patients if at all possible.
  13. canoehead

    Endorsing to the next shift.

    Im an old nurse, and I don't mind if someone is overwhelmed and has to hand off undone tasks. I DO mind if they try to hand off twenty minutes before shift change instead of just doing them on their time. I arrive before shift change to organize myse...
  14. canoehead

    A nurse as a patient

    Its a strong no from me. No one knows whats going to happen in the future, and you are putting your friend in a very touchy situation if you get unexpected bad news. If everything goes fine, its still hard on her to prioritize patient needs, especial...
  15. I stalk RubyVee on allnurses. shes a COB with common sense and a heart.