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  1. canoehead

    Short acting vs regular insulin

    If you are covering for a sugar that's already high... you can give it immediately. If you are giving it because they are eating...you need the food in front of them.
  2. canoehead

    Nurse Charged With Homicide

    It's not murder, but its reckless endangerment. V..E... ah, close enough...that's unforgiveable.
  3. canoehead

    LPN or EMS triage

    In our triage area we have the RN triage nurse and either an LPN or advanced EMS member to do reassessments. At times they will also do triage if the RN is busy, but the RN is expected to sign the triage sheet confirming the score. Does anyone else do this? I have confidence in most of my coworkers, but there's a big difference in actually seeing the patient, and seeing a piece of paper. If the hospital wants them to triage, I think they should accept their assessment without my signature. https://clpnns.ca/faq/can-lpns-work-in-triage/
  4. canoehead

    Calling Out for EXCEPTIONAL Snow Conditions

    I've worked in northeast USA and Canada for 30 years. We've had tons of ugly weather, and the funny thing is, I've only gotten truly stuck while still in my own driveway. If I get out, I'm good on snow or ice. But I call a tow truck if I am scheduled to work, I don't call in until it's nice out. I think we need to buy cars with winter driving in mind, have an emergency kit in the car, and live close enough to main roads that we'll be plowed enough to drive. If you live in the boonies, get your own plow, because you committed to show up for work. All my jobs, I've had my own very well prepared vehicle, and a secondary plan if mine can't make it in. Taxi services that run during the storm, or a fellow nurse with 4 wheel drive will do the trick. If you sweet talk a coworker, you might get someone that's getting off to come give you a drive in too. But get the snow tires, be ready for the storm before it happens.
  5. canoehead

    Bowel Obstruction treatment

    When is this homework due?
  6. canoehead

    First Reaction to Changes

    I just found out I have a limited number of "likes" to give per day. That's not cool.
  7. canoehead

    Old posts and Threads

    I also go back and reread old threads. I look for particular posters and read threads they started, or my own. Bummer if that isn't available now. I suggest they make a forum for threads that got too firey and had to be deleted, just so we can have the experience. I remember one on uses for breast milk I'd like to see again.
  8. canoehead

    Phlebitis management. Was this handled correctly?

    Given what you've said, I would likely start another IV. If there was ten minutes left on the infusion, and it was an outpatient, I might ask the patient if ten more minutes was ok, then remove the IV. When a patient complains of pain at an IV site I always take it seriously. Being uncomfortable with something stuck in your arm is normal, but pain is not. If its red, leaking or streaking I'll start a new one. If it looks ok, and flushes well, I let them know it looks ok, but if it bothers them I'll start a fresh one. When the patient says "yes!" to another stick, I bet the pain in the one they have is bad enough to take it out.
  9. canoehead

    Seasoned Nurses - This one is for you

    I worry that there will be no one left that remembers how to do things without a computer. How to organize all the paper, how to communicate between floors. It's a skill we should maintain, but unless we're doing it daily, its going to be lost. That's too bad. The patient satisfaction push. Yes we needed to be more responsive to patient input and keep them as part of the health team, but once they choose to endanger their own health, we shouldn't be a party to it. Yes, I want to control pain, but I want the patient to be able to do PT. Yes I want to encourage patient's making their own choices, but that fifth tub of ice cream...they need to walk to the kitchen and get it themselves. I' know my fellow nurses get this, but the suits seem oblivious.
  10. canoehead

    Woman dies from tap water netipot use

    I use town water as opposed to well water, assuming that the chlorination will kill all the little brain eating bugs.
  11. canoehead

    Suture Training for Nurses

    Is your manager going to pay you for taking on this extra skill? It's time to negotiate!
  12. canoehead

    First time in my life that I feel like a failure

    I wonder, if you met with the professor in person, if you could convince them to let you do an extra credit project, instead of retaking the whole class.
  13. She's not the lead nurse once she leaves. You have to answer for your own actions, and follow policies. If she REALLY wanted the med given early, she would have gone through the proper channels, gotten an order and notified you. Not left a message with the patient to do as she says. (facepalm!) Ask your boss if she has any authority over you, just to clarify things. Make a list of some of the things she does to undermine you, and share tem if you feel comfortable. Drug abuse clients are masters at staff splitting, and you may need a come to Jesus meeting to clear things up.
  14. canoehead

    Drowning on the floor...only 2 months in. HELP!

    I was going to say that the feeling of drowning is baseline at two months into your career, but I take it back. You are in an unsafe job. If you had ten nursing home patients...still unsafe. That give you about forty minutes of bedside time for each person. Get out of there.
  15. canoehead

    Nurse Gives Lethal Dose of Vecuronium Instead of Versed

    I am bat shame crazy, and even I am not offended. It's not that big a deal.