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lil' girl has 4 years experience as a LPN and specializes in LTC.


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  1. Help New Grad Make a Decision

    Looks like you answered your own question in your second sentence. Good Luck!
  2. Fungal infection

    When our residents are on antibiotic we always give them yogurt to help offset this exact problem. It actually works on most of the residents (9 out of 10) and most of ours are incontinent. We too use mycolog cream. And yes AIR is the best possible a...
  3. Question about insulins

    Your patient was right. NEVER mix lantus with other insulins! Glad we have so many that know the right way!
  4. how much time for AM med pass?

    I've never heard that pre pulling meds is allowed ANYWHERE! As one of the other posters said its not the speed with which you perform, it is that you do not make mistakes. You are however lucky to have just 14 patients!
  5. Do you have dining room duty?

    Yes we have dining room "duty" also. It is for the safety of the residents though. While our CNA's can do the heimlich, they are not allowed to do CPR if it becomes a necessity.
  6. Judgemental co-worker

    Hmmm...........if she is that bad then why don't the parents complain about her? Just a thought..........
  7. CPR Question: Rescue Breaths

    I often wondered that too. Gomer is right though. Also now that we are doing more compressions that makes up for the supposed lack of the 21% oxygen that we are blowing in. Good question!
  8. lovenox injections: SC, but where?

    Couple of years ago they started the recommendation that lovenox be given in the love handles. We even had to sign a statement at work that we had been educated on where to give it, and had to keep a chart with MAR that showed a picture of the love h...
  9. Error or Not an Error???

    Doesn't your pharmacy provide you with a list of meds NOT TO BE CRUSHED/CUT??
  10. Leaving meds at bedside in LTC

    WOW! I don't know where some of you work, but good grief, we never, never leave meds bedside. Our basic rule is try three times if they don't take it then consider it a refusal and document. Yep we did have a nurse who left her meds bedside when stat...
  11. Why are nursing instructors so intimidating?

    To get you ready for the real world. Just wait till you get the patient from hell. Or have to call the MD in the middle of the night. You will think your instructor was a peach!
  12. Do you keep in touch with your old nursing instructor?

    NO, NO AND NO!!! Had enough of them in nsg. school
  13. Happy and Prosperous New Year to ALL

    yep! happy!!!
  14. Learn To Say It Correctly!!

    Ah ha! My pet peeve too! I hear ya!
  15. Question about HIV and patient confidentiality

    hmmmmmmmmmm sounds like you "told" someone else too.