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lil' girl has 4 years experience as a LPN and specializes in LTC.


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  1. lil' girl

    lovenox injections: SC, but where?

    Couple of years ago they started the recommendation that lovenox be given in the love handles. We even had to sign a statement at work that we had been educated on where to give it, and had to keep a chart with MAR that showed a picture of the love handles with sites to use and label which one we used with our initials.
  2. lil' girl

    How Many Lpn Students Made It Out Of Your Class

    We started with 30 but only 19 made it through. Ours was the largest graduating class in SEVERAL years, they usually run about 12 or 13 finishing.
  3. lil' girl


    Oh yeah commuter I hear you! Same thing goes for our facility. What a hill of beans!!
  4. lil' girl

    Disease and s/s

    I would say it mostly depends on how long the situation has been going on. Say for instance for 3-4 days, you would notice dry skin, dry mucus membranes, poor skin turgor, and of course the always increased confusion (which may or may not be hard to assess if you don't know the patient well, say someone who has just appeared in ED).
  5. lil' girl

    Please interpret this med order

    Yep! They tell us to write um so that a third grader can read and understand.
  6. lil' girl

    Long hospital orientation...

    IN the long run you will be glad for the long orientation. Most people complain that they don't get enough orientation time.
  7. lil' girl

    Just Took Nclex Pn

    Good LUCK! Sure you did just fine!
  8. lil' girl

    waiting SUCKS!!!!!!

    :w00t: Good for you!! Congrats!
  9. lil' girl

    Disease and s/s

    NOT pressure, pulling. It relieves muscle spasm, aligns bones, and maintains immobiliaztion.
  10. lil' girl

    NCLEX right after program

    Yep, it took it about 4 weeks after graduating and did not get any of those NCLEX study guides or really "study" from my "school" books because I was already working. Passed with 85 questions.
  11. lil' girl

    Where were your clinicals?

    Ours were at the local hospital and we hit every department. I even got to see an autopsy. Also a c-section. ICU, med-surg floor, emergency, and about a millon colonoscopy's (hey 15 minutes and finished) can you imagine how many you can see in an 8 hour clinical?? What fun! Oh yeah, cardic rehab, dialysis, well just everything! Acute care, radiology......... the list goes on.
  12. lil' girl

    Is it the same everywhere?

    Well I would have asked her how she knew if the patient was in pain or not. Just flat out ask her. SHE knows that we are not supposed to judge "pain". If a patient says they have pain then we are required to do something about it. If someone doesn't speak up this behavior will just continue. Sometimes all it takes is someone questioning the offender and they will back off. As long as you are following protocol and doing your job correctly she can't throw it back on you. Good Luck!
  13. lil' girl

    Geriatric nurses, can you help?

    Sounds like everyone has covered it, but we use Magic Cup too. Also ensure, promod protein powder ( I mix it with ice cream and make a "shake"). As for drugs we use megace, marinol and mirtzapine.
  14. lil' girl

    Help Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Assess pin sites for redness, swelling, increased tenderness, and drainage. Examine pins for breakage, bending, or shifting. Wearing gloves, use cotton tipped applicators and saline to cleanse pin site. Use at least one applicator per pin- do not use applicator more than once. Clean pin site from pin outward. Gently remove crusted areas. Teach client not to touch pin sites.
  15. lil' girl

    another scenerio

    We have "comfort care only" orders. The RP (responsible party) and the doctor signs it. It states EXACTLY what we can or cannot do. Like... no IV's, no hospital, etc. And yes these patients have a DNR also.
  16. lil' girl

    Interview for long term care facility...

    Congrats!:cheers: It can be very difficult, but also very rewarding. Good Luck!