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  1. Conrad283

    CRNA School Advice and Info! Will I make it?

    I had an F from my undergrad nursing and I still got into CRNA school down the road. Experience goes a long way along with the GRE and then the interview.
  2. Conrad283

    Difficulty of CRNA school

    In my program, one C puts you on probation for the rest of the program and 2 C's is an automatic dismissal along with one D or one F.
  3. Conrad283

    FGCU starting January 2014

    Everyone's life is complicated, where are you looking to live? Are you moving from out of state?
  4. Conrad283

    FGCU starting January 2014

    Anyone else, or just Vincent and myself?
  5. Conrad283

    Standing Out with Competitive CRNA Application

    Find out the specifics that the schools require. The school I was accepted into heavily stressed the GRE, so I made sure I made the grade that I needed. The longer the ICU, or applicable, experience the better as well
  6. I took online chem through Oregon State University, but I found that the homework that we had was the best way to study for the exam. If I understood the homework, I understood the content on the final. We also had a practice exam which was very similar to the actual final. If you have a month to go, just study hard and grasp the concepts and you should do just fine
  7. My nurse manager had told me that if I was going to use my BSN to further my career to get it from a prestigious university. Try and avoid Walden and the University of Pheonix type places.
  8. I know a lot of people have answered already, but I'm 30 with 5 years, all ICU experience, and I just got into CRNA school. You will soon learn if you are an "action junkie" and like the fast paced world on nursing should everything pan out. But if you do take this route, you may stumble upon something that interests you more than you know right now. Like other people have said, it depends on the market. If you need a job, get a CNA certificate or try and get a job in the medical field somehow. I was a clerk for 7 years before I graduated and started nursing. Managers were aware of my work ethic and I was offered a spot in either the MICU or SICU, my choice. If you have no prior medical experience, it'll be more difficult to get a job as a graduate nurse. No 26 is not too old to start. I previously worked in NY and there were a lot of city workers that had done their 20 years and then switched to nursing to work part time in addition to their pension. It depends on the reason you're going into the field. If it's for money, then you're gonna get burnt out. If you're going in for the reasons that you explained in your most recent post then it is extremely beneficial. Catching crap from females? Probably not, if you're lazy with poor work ethic, they'll talk behind your back. Benefits? Depends. In a female dominated profession, a male usually gets the physically heavy patients, or the males acting out. I am like you but two inches shorter and I can grow a mean beard. The patients that act out, I usually get because I have an authoritative appearance. Presently, I have a patient who had a brain bleed, but has been inappropriate towards women, so I have him and I'll put him in his place if he gets out of line. Also, I tend to think of my female coworkers as my family and I will protect them from any patient that show aggression towards them. Stress plays into anything and any situation. How you handle it will make you as a nurse. Our ICU doc can be blunt when you screw up and some people take it to heart, I on the other hand let it roll of my shoulders and think nothing of it. Depends on the hospital system. I made 67k starting out on nights in NY, and that dropped to 50k after a move to CO on days. I then moved to weekend option and my pay was significantly higher. It's a realistic goal if that's what you want. CRNA school is fairly difficult to get into with class sizes being small. It's a difficult program without a doubt. Just beware, there are a ton of intelligent people that make poor nurses. Being able to think fast, look at the whole picture, and use common sense will make you a better nurse. If CRNA is what you truly want, don't just look good on paper because the interview is what gets you into school
  9. With all due respect, what was the reason that you received those grades in those classes? During my BSN completion program, I received one C+, but during that 8 week class, my daughter was born, my son had a severe illness for 2 weeks and at the end I pulled my back out at work. I had reasons, but it's not an excuse Was it for a particular reason? Yes I know that being a single parent is difficult, yet I have no idea exactly what you're going through. Getting into med school in the US is becoming more and more difficult, and with those grades I don't think you have a shot, at least here in the states. Again, I don't mean to be, or come across as rude, just being realistic. I don't believe that your adviser is 100% correct. I would talk to someone in the nursing department and hear it from them about retaking the courses.
  10. Honestly I would look at a different program. I attempted to gain entrance into a program like that and I think that system is flawed. Granted I did not get accepted, so I might be a bit bitter. However, I got into a different program (I am from Staten Island and the program I did not get into was through CSI, and I did get into St. Vincent School of Nursing which is now St. Pauls School of Nursing). One problem with that type of entrance is that they really only look at those classes and nothing else. It doesn't take into account a number of other things, and this is my personal belief that this type of program does not produce good nurses. I worked with nurses who went to that program and they just didn't see to have it, or they didn't seem prepared. Work on getting into nursing school and getting ICU experience before you think about the CRNA route. People often think they want to do something, but wind up liking something else a lot more.
  11. Conrad283

    FGCU starting January 2014

    When I met with Dr. Miller last November, I told her my interest in working a little bit to keep my skills up, and she replied that we start learning new skills right away and advised against working. I know there are some programs that prohibit you from working. I also know of someone (through someone else) that worked every weekend during their program (you gotta do, what you gotta do). We've got 18 credits the first semester which is no easy task and these are not easy classes. But I have no spoken to anyone directly about how difficult the first semester is. It sounds like you're a single guy which would make it easier to work and then study than someone with kids (myself). My advice would be only if you absolutely have to work, work. If you can get by without working, then don't work. I would like a bit more information regarding numerous things. Mainly books. I want to get my books already so I can start reading. I got the book that Dr. Miller recommended (nurse anesthesia secrets) , but it's not a narrative, just mainly short "tips" edit: sorry I didn't know that my inbox was full
  12. Conrad283

    FGCU starting January 2014

    Cool, looks like you've got it all figured out. Are you going to attempt to work during school?
  13. Conrad283

    Any applicants to Florida Gulf Coast University?

    Well that's good news
  14. Conrad283

    FGCU starting January 2014

    We have found a place to live roughly 20 minutes south of the school in Naples. My in-laws live less than 5 minutes from where we will be. Basically in a few mile radius there will be: my in-laws, a good elementary school (my 5 year old starts kindergarten this August), a hospital (my wife is a nurse as well), and the entrance to the highway. We moving down there in the next two weeks to work on establishing residency to soften the blow of the tuition starting in about 13 months. What about you? Are you planning on living right by the school? What's you name btw?
  15. Conrad283

    Any applicants to Florida Gulf Coast University?

    I got mine as well. The subsequent information that I received didn't have anything detailing the deposit that Prof. Lansden mentioned, so that makes me wonder if I'm getting this additional information in the mail