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  1. HM2VikingRN

    Young female patients

    Always have a standby. I did an EKG on a female patient last week. To protect myself I: 1. Had a standby. 2. Draped her chest with a towel before I started applying electrodes. I had a female borderline this week. She needed help dressing. (I had another nurse help her.) Its not worth even the appearance of impropriety. Its far better to have a standby for your professional reputation and safety of you and the patient.
  2. HM2VikingRN

    Rasmussen College

    I would explore the ADN programs. (EG Normandale etc.) Some of the schools have 2 phase programs where you pick up your LPN after Phase I. Phase II bridges you on to RN.) Consider applying to: Ridgewater CC (Hutchinson/Willmar). They have a 2 phase model. (Full disclosure my mother is a retired nurse educator from this school.) South Central College (Mankato) If the school is a product of the mergers between the AVTI (LPN programs)/CCs (ADN programs) they generally follow a 2 phase model. Esunada is giving you a good perspective. I have never seen a Rasmussen student at the VA. I have seen numerous students from the state college/university systems as well as the private liberal arts colleges. When I interviewed at the VA I had a foot in the door with one NM because she was also a Mankato graduate. I think that in MN reputation of the school REALLY matters during the selection process for hiring. Because of the historical relationships between the schools and the area hospitals I think that your chances of placement in a really good first job are enhanced by choosing the more traditional route of a Normandale, Ridgewater etc. (Plus you will have much less debt to repay at the end.) PM me or Moogie if you want some ideas about how to successfully apply to the BSN/ADN programs.
  3. HM2VikingRN

    NHCC 2010 Applicants

    Essentially the ADN programs have become 3 year programs. (Prerequisites completed and then enter the NSG program.) Applying can't hurt you but don't be disappointed if you have to wait until everything is done. (Frankly I would apply to multiple programs. You increase your likelihood of acceptance.)
  4. HM2VikingRN

    Competitiveness of Navy NCP

    I would contact a Navy health care recruiter. They can help you plan a strategy to work your way into the system. A few hints: Be Ht/wt proportionate and in good general physical health. (Some things are waiverable but some aren't. (eg diabetes.)) You will need to take a physical. Get everything in writing. Explore the Navy Reserve. (They do have some non prior service programs.) (The Hospital Corpsman rating is an excellent gateway to professional nursing from a psychomotor skills aspect. Essentially HMs are the military equivalent of an LPN or MA.) The reserves did have a program where HMs could be in a BSN program, given drill credit for school, receive their drill pay as a monthly stipend for satisfactory school performance with the requirement of coming to their drill center twice a year for PT testing/medical readiness requirements. Ask about MGIB also. Best of luck.
  5. HM2VikingRN

    Will VA pay for my education?

    Not to my knowledge. There are a variety of student programs. Call the nursing recruiter for the VA you are interested in working at. Ask about the SNT program, Working as a nursing assistant etc. If you are already an LPN the NNEI program will help you become an RN in exchange for 3 years FT service following completion of training. There are some financial aids available for employees to advance their education. My advice is to "get your foot in the door."
  6. HM2VikingRN

    To be a NP at the VA...

    I just entered NNEI. They will fund NP. It requires a letter from your Service Line head that there will be an anticipated need for NP. I had absolutely no problem getting that for my psychiatric NP program.
  7. Fantastic! Maybe we can kill RTW in FLA from the inside....
  8. HM2VikingRN

    Need to find an accelerated BSN program that I can get into!

    Moved to prenursing forum for visibility.
  9. HM2VikingRN

    Too old to become a nurse? Need opinions

    I started my accelerated program at 45. Finished at 47. So my thoughts are no you are not too old to start a nursing career. (Prereqs are definitely achievable while homeschooling. Use them as an opportunity to teach your daughter A/P etc....)
  10. HM2VikingRN

    What hospital is good for internship?

    The SNT program at MVAMC is a fantastic opportunity. (Plus you get paid :>) Candidates tend to end up with jobs after their experiences. It is a great place to work and I encourage you to apply. SNT information at http://www.minneapolis.va.gov/careers/nursing/care_nur_nursing.asp
  11. HM2VikingRN

    HHA working as LPN?

    Personally I would say no. As a nonlicensed person this has the potential for real heartache for you. As a TMA It is my understanding that you are under the direct supervision of a licensed person. Asking you to practice practical nursing without a license is not acceptable behavior by your supervisor. I would call the BON for clarification of the rules. We cannot offer legal advice for TOS reasons. Closing thread for moderator review.
  12. HM2VikingRN

    What are the requirements to be a military nurse?

    Moved to Military Nursing forum.
  13. HM2VikingRN

    12 hour shifts and weight/exercise.

    Water, water,water I have dropped 53 pounds in the past 4 months through a combination of diet, exercise, and mental health supports. I work mental health and with my commute I work just about 60 hours a week. My trip to the gym is a priority. On PMs I go before I leave for work. On days I go just before bed.
  14. HM2VikingRN

    Advice for Applying Out-of-State

    The VA is starting to hire again....Careers: Nursing Career Center - Minneapolis VA Health Care System
  15. HM2VikingRN

    Howdy from a Texan

    HCMC is in the downtow area of MPLS. Abbott-Northwestern is probably 4 miles west....North Memorial is off HWY 100. There are 3 or 4 hospitals clustered in Downtown St Paul. Fairview Southdale is off France and 62. Fairview Ridges is in Burnsville. St Francis is in Shakopee off hwy 169. It all depends which part of the cities that you want to live in. If you want to live in Lakeville/Eagan/Burnsville the light rail is accessible. The light rail goes directly to HCMC. (There is a park and ride by the MOA that would give you free parking otherwise you would have to pay for parking at HCMC.) HCMC or ANW would be on the top of my personal list if I were a L/D nurse. (Followed by St Francis or Fairview University.)
  16. HM2VikingRN

    Why is it a crime...

    If you do what you love the money will follow. Its a aphorism but it especially applies to nursing. As a second career RN I went from one MH job to another but received a substantial pay raise by obtaining the credential. Now I am back in school for my NP/CNS in Mental Health. (Not really for the title but because I want to be at a higher level of responsibility and apply my expertise to the care of patients.) Nursing is one of the professions where you can find a niche and grow your talents. If you find your niche and keep investing in yourself there is a great deal of satisfaction to be had along with the financial rewards. I never wanted to be a peds/OB/medsurge nurse but the opportunity for growth for me as a person was in metal health. Each of us in this profession can find our niche.