If we had a conservative nurses forum

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    Would anyone post in it?

    I looked forward to being a nurse for so long....my second thoughts aren't because of nurses eating their own (I have never seen that!) or hours or mean docs (haven't seen that either)... it is because the only conservatives I have met are my fellow military vets.

    The vast majority of nurses I have met (or been attacked by) have been liberals who treat me like I am insane because I am a conservative! Wow!

    So....out of curiousity, how many conservatives are on this board???

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    Here's one!
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    here's 2!
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    How do you know that? I've been working as a RN for a year, and except for maybe 2 or 3 exceptions, I don't have a clue who is a conservative or liberal?

    Here is another conservative BTW.
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    Enjoy this forum , express your opinions , expect others to give their views , they may be different from yours . It is far better to be exposed to alternate views of the world , rather than coddle ourselves only with people who agree with us , sometimes those of a different opinion say some thing to shake us out of our complacency that we are right !
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    Here's another...well couple at least...Conservative and fellow Vet..
    Welcome aboard.

    Just finished my last night of Precept last night...hitting the NCLEX prep
    hard now...Testing in Feb!
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    Libertarian here
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    It likely only seems like there are more "liberal" nurses because they may be more vocal. The majority of nurses like society in general usually fall somewhere in between the two extremes of being either a hardcore liberal, or a hardcore conservative.
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    I'm neither and am frankly tired of the rhetoric on both sides. Whatever happened to dignified conversations? Journalism that stated 'just the facts'. The only opinion I care about is mine and don't want my news delivered biased.

    And since that seems to be a thing of the past, I'm happy to be living without benefit of TV or English language radio - blissful silence as I don't have to listen to either. If I crave my native language there's always Canadian Forces and since I'm not Canadian their political bickering goes right over my head. I've got enough ugly to deal with everyday.
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    OP, you might want to venture over to AN Central and visit the political and current events forums........there are more of us than you might think.

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